Family Ties- Ghost 48 -RX! 155


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [2] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 48 Assemble! The Cycle of Sorrow!


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  • Takeru still didn’t really acknowledge Kanon at all in the beginning of the episode.
  • Adel dying. It reminded me of how V3 “saved” a certain someone in Masked Rider: The Next. That’s not a healthy way to do things.
  • Freya shouldn’t have been the one to be the face when the Great Eye was assimilated by the Ganmeisers. We’ve seen too much of that.
  • Okay so uh… Both Makotos were in the human world. One went to Ganma World with Takeru. How did the other one get there?
  • “Concern is a form of love”, no  please don’t even go there. Look I’m glad this is a thing that only existed for all of like 30 seconds because any actual time and merit for this would have me breaking a window but… No this is a dude who wanted to murder this woman for not submitting to him. He’s gross and awful. Don’t tell young girls “He’s bullying you because he likes you.” Please. Especially after you’ve done so well for an entire year with “He’s bullying you? Destroy him.” I mean at least the end of it is Igor mocking the idea and no more attention is drawn to it. But man that gets my back up.
  • As it should for any good and righteous person.  Especially since, look: sure.  Concern is definitely a kind of love.  Lots of things are.  But love takes many forms and I wouldn’t have minded something akin to “No, but look, it’s a humanistic love, not a romantic one.  Take one step closer and you’re gonna have a real bad time.”
  • Still wish I could figure out what the two Makotos are trying to say.  Like, there’s some really sweet stuff in there about familiarity and understanding breeding empathy (maybe?) and I’m sure it’ll all turn out to be key to the big solution at the end (I don’t know, I’ve not yet seen 49) or maybe a weird bit of extra exploring of one of Drive’s big motifs where the robots imitated people and then wanted to be them and then we learned they were capable of kindness and growth and all that stuff and then wiped them all out anyway?
  • And I’m kinda with Ammit on this’n: the way they did in Adel hits a little weird.  I get the WHY of it, but the execution was less than perfect.


  • That Onari + Kanon COMBO was AMAZING!
  • The reaction of all those GanMoonks when the Uncanny Yurusen pulled Sage away from the fight
  • Akari’s Double Slap
  • Kanon is, bare-fisted, stronger than at least the base form suits and can take out a mook in one punch with no weapon. Aria is at minimum on par with Mugen and can just walk in on and influence a redemption hug. Akari is stronger than God. Akari’s fury can just destroy the WILL OF GOD and it’s hold on a person. She is the most powerful being in this universe and all of the women in this show are stronger than the Kamen Riders. Amazing.
  • FAMILY ROAD TRIP TO GANMA WORLD! Everyone’s conviction in going with Takeru and Makoto really drives home that this is about everyone and their potential, not just the heroes. It feels so very much like the tail end of Fourze where the whole club is involved in stopping and saving Gamou, instead of just putting everything on the riders and forgetting the people who support them. Even Shibuya and Narita, who are asked to stay back, stay there to protect the way home. Love it.
  • I love the Alain and Adel fight. I really really do. Isomura can really put on emotions. He’s so hurt by what Adel has done to their family, but you can see in his face the whole time that he just wants to bring Adel back to his senses, even if he’s committed to destroying him. And his breakdown over not being able to do it, and how much he still loves and wants to help his brother in spite of everything just really got me right in the heart.
  • Akari slapping the bullcrap right out of Igor.
  • Kanon showing that she must’ve learned some next-level martial arts stuff in the Ganma World, too.  Just exploding those evil hoodies like it weren’t nothin’.
  • I might not love how it fits (or, more accurately, doesn’t fit at all) in the story, but holy dang did I like the way they wrapped up the Makotos.  Both the heroic sacrifice and the


On Eyecons

Did the Heroic Eyecons just become even more marketable?

Forcing Perspective

Should Adel have died?

Had Adel lived, what should have become of him?


Akari slapped slapped the DIVINE mind control out of Igor!


This show does ALL the Eyecons fighting for Takeru SOOOO WELL!


Kamen Rider Ghost 49 Infinite! The Power of People!

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