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Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [2] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 47 Agreement! Each Person’s Resolve!

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  • TAKERU. KANON EXISTS. He connects to Adel and is relating to memories of family, and we see these flashbacks he’s had before and he says he remembers his father, himself, Makoto, and Akari. And Kanon is RIGHT THERE. There is a CLOSE UP of her and Akari. She is in EVERY SHOT. No mention of her at all. Is Kanon real? Is she a figment of Makoto’s imagination? ACKNOWLEDGE HER, TAKERU. You brought this girl back from the dead.
  • I’m kind of just shrugging at Adel having killed Ryu? It feels kind of convoluted. It just feels like “Okay here’s the final nail in the coffin to make him the big bad for our hero.” except it’s after he’s already assimilated almost the entire country. It makes more conflict for Takeru, but I don’t feel like that conflict is really necessary. I mean it’s kind of cool to see Takeru have this one weak point that he can’t quite get past and it plays out fine, but I don’t know… The whole conceit doesn’t really work for me somehow. It’s a weird reversal of Zyuohger, where I actually like the execution, but the concept feels forced.
  • Guess how not okay I am with Adel assimilating Aria. Just hazard a guess. I cannot wait until she is free of all of this forever. Also I don’t quite get how Adel can do that to her? I can understand him being able to just do that with Igor and Gyro. Ganma rules are weird. But Aria is human now. She would need the contacts wouldn’t she? If he could do this to any human at any time, why not go after Akari and Onari? Why not go after Makoto? Especially since he wants to break down Takeru’s support structure.
  • No, yeah, Makoto trying to deal with this evil twin nonsense on his lonesome has never quite made sense in the context of the show to me, except maybe to show how not working with your friends never leads to anything good?  Self-sacrifice is noble and stuff, but maybe just tell your friends so it’s not needed?
  • Eadith, I love you, but we could have calmed down with the shenaniganitude the guy brings to the table sometimes.
  • Adel crossed ANOTHER line in attacking Alia
  • Alain should have spoken with Harumi
  • Alia’s actress back in the Gan-mom role was still weird


  • I still love how just outright offended Adel gets about Takeru trying to connect to him and help him. It’s gone beyond “You’re weak for wanting to help people.” and jumped right to “I’m the best how dare you defile my greatness with your existence.” It’s kind of hilarious.
  • As much as I’m not into this whole “Adel killed Ryu” thing, on a narrative level for Onari I think it’s actually kind of great? “Dude killed the guy I respect most time to murder him.” Parts of Onari’s past are showing in how angry and scared he is. “Should a Monk really say that?” “I’m not fully trained because DUDE KILLED MY MENTOR.” It’s rare we really get to see him act selfish and it says a lot about him with what we already know.
  • And I do actually like how this becomes a conflict not only for Takeru, but for Alain and to an extent even for Makoto. It’s something they all have to deal with together. And Takeru knows the right thing to do is save him, but he’s still struggling with it because his father is a big deal for him.
  • Man, I got my beef with how the two Makotos have been paced and how they haven’t really been doing enough with it for my tastes… but wow do I enjoy that thing.
  • The bit where Takeru and Adel merge consciousnesses and they’re back in their people-forms underneath their Rider forms?  Again, feels like a Kuuga callback and I’m all about it.
  • Yo, Onari’s deep, burning love for Ryu and his memory.  I keep hoping the origin of that love will pop up at some point but Onari getting aggro about how, no, this dude needs to get wrecked?  Gorgeous.  Honestly, for all I’ve still had my moments of frustration at his flailing screaminess, that moment there makes it all worth it.
  • Akari calling out Onari on his inflexibility and how he is holding onto the grudge against Adel
  • Sage: The Great White Ninja
  • The Uncanny Yurusen: Shadow Teaser


On Eyecons

What did you take away from Musashi NOT answering Takeru and affirming that the Heroic Eyecons “walk with” him?

Forcing Perspective

Does anyone have a problem with Harumi and Alain getting together if he survives his encounter with Adel? Does the age difference matter? Does the power differential being in her favor make it ok?

I, Ammit, read the situation as Faux-koto being the one who saved Kanon and OG Makoto is hanging back to betray Takeru and kill Adel while he lets the other him handle things like he would. Do you agree that both Makoto’s are the “real” Makoto? Would you like them to both stick around?


Nothing this time.

Kamen Rider Ghost 48 Assemble! The Cycle of Sorrow!

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