Let’s Make A Show Of It – Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 27-28 -Laser Knees 24

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we continue on our wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! There are pirates this time and that’s probably going to be like 99% of what we’re talking about:

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger: Episode 28 – The Space Pirates Return& 29 – Champion of Champions

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Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks



  • How does Navi know what the Link Cube is? It’s a giant cube in the woods and no one on Earth seems to know knows what it’s for. Why are you only trying to find it NOW if it’s been here for hundreds of years? How does Marvelous know what a Champion Symbol is? Why does this dude know all of these terms specific to another dimension?
  • PLEASE DON’T BE SETTING UP AN ALIEN LOVE TRIANGLE. Oh my god please don’t let me have been right about that. Please, Zyuohger. Grant me this one wish.
  • Misao falling into his depression over Marvelous being able to change more times than him was… ehhh…. Especially given that he should recognize Marvelous and know what he’s doing. I feel like this show is bordering on treating Misao’s depression the way that Leo does, and it’s leaving me with a weird, uncomfortable feeling. That coupled with Leo being a jerk to Misao and more re-enforcement of Amu’s “I am a girl and if you do the thing I might like you.”. Why do we have to keep going back to that?!


  • Misao walking into the fight and being depressed there’s no one for him to go up against just further makes his problem into a joke. Like there are some people flat out trying to kill his friends and he just… sits down… because it’s already 4 against 4. What the heck?
  • I’m real bothered by Joe asking “Well why do you want the Grand Champion symbol so badly?” and Luka being like “You didn’t even know about it.” It’s a HUGE missing piece of their culture and heritage. It’s literally the core of how they’re able to be a Sentai. This would be like finding something from Ahim’s planet and saying “But you didn’t know this was here. Why do you want it?” Why do you THINK they want it?!
  • “People on this planet really love dealing with annoying baggage.” Shut up Luka. Just don’t. Just go home. I’m not in the mood for you.


  • I sure wasn’t into 28 being the mostly-Marvelous show. It honestly felt to me like he was the only one they bothered to get back until the rest of the crew made their entrance IN 29!!!
  • I give this extra negative points because I didn’t even miss Gai. I know that’s more my problem but it felt less like a shocking revelation that there is one more Gokaiger and more like a failing of the show. Was it meant to be a reveal? I think I would have liked to see the whole Gokaiger team together in 28 for a brief moment before things got going.
  • The Gokaigers lacking the respect for the Zyumen’s culture was very off-putting. Luka, Ahim and Doc, I clearly recall are from conquered worlds and remember what Joe’s job was before and I figure he got drafted, so… how could they NOT see that this artifact belongs to these Zyumen and naturally feel that leaving it to their care was the best thing to do. I mean look, i don’t want to get into the ethics of grave robbing… err… I mean Archeology, but MAYBE if the Zyumen were all dead, it would be fine, but they’re all there; they’re on the other side of the Link Cube and some are hanging with the Gokaigers.


  • As I mentioned in my overall thoughts, Marvelous’ jerk-into-aggro-sempai turn just didn’t quite work for me.  Can see what they were going for, but it just didn’t work.  The implication that he’s down with not stealing this treasure of another dimension only because it’s another Super Sentai guarding it and not because it’s the key to send these lovely furries home is just… I mean, I know dude’s got a rep to keep up but eesh.
  • Slamming together of this really big revelation that’s been sorta teased since birb Kusaka showed up with the appearance of Gokaiger just feels like it takes, to use a pirate-themed idiom, the wind out of the episode’s sails.  Gokaiger feels clunky because their motives feel mercurial and the ZyuohWhale reveal and the attendant reframing of Bunglay as an Ahab as opposed to a Blackbeard feels thinner.
  • I wish the show could decide if it likes Misao or not.  I really feel for the guy, but the show really feels like it’s Flanderizing him into “sad boy”, which I can handle, if the show would not also do “he is pathetic because he has emotions, therefore let us laugh at him”.

Tide Turners – Some Enjoyable bits from this stretch of Zyuohger



  • The opening Marvelous vs. Bunglay fight was great. Great action, a nice joke with the curry — It was the most Marvelous felt like himself to me the whole arc.
  • The game of keep-away with the grand champion symbol was really well choreographed. I’ll give it that. And Amu tickling Marvelous to get him to let go was just a perfect Amu move.
  • ZyuohWhale is easily the best suit in this show. Just the draping bits and the way the graphic works into it, and just the little accents on the suit give it just that little bit more that I wanted on the regular suits.


  • Gai is the only reasonable person in this arc. Did Komura primarily write Gai epiosdes? Because he’s the only one Komura seems to know how to properly write.
  • Sela looks so put off by Luka on the bench swing, which amuses me only because that’s where Amu sleeps.
  • Luka, I will give you this one. Leo deserved that. And it looked like Luka was trying to restrain herself. I actually didn’t notice until the second time I watched, but Sela hits him too. But I can accept Luka driving her elbow up under Leo’s ribs because he deserves it for just TOUCHING THEM and also because he’s a STRANGER and not her FAMILY.


  • Enter and Escape were THERE and they got a lot of RESPECTFUL love from the camera.
  • Did the Zyuoh-Gear Voice speak in WHALE? I think it did and I think I like that more than it deserves.
  • In the moments before using Zyuoh Final, I really dug on the suit acting and the line delivery. Something about the awe of this new power was really impressed upon me by that little bit. It WAS subtle and low key… and then he  blew a chunk out of the Moon.


  • Holy dang it’s nice to see the Gokaigers again.  And all the ways they’ve changed and had to try and get back into character.  Luka’s longer hair was weirdly shocking, as was Marvelous somehow getting more attractive (who knew that was possible?), but mostly I just kept wondering if Joe’s hair was a wig.  It just looked this little bit different from the Gokaiger years, or even from Super Hero Taisen 1.
  • Seeing all the transformations Marvelous pulls that sorta correspond to or counteract the Zyuohgers’ powers?  That’s real good.  Real, real good.  The Red Hawk vs. ZyuohEagle thing?  I got my issues with this arc, but that was gold.
  • Look, the reframing of Bunglay as an Ahab chasing after CubeWhale?  I like that.  That’s clever and fun and I adore it.

Quick Reflexes – Questions left by this bit of Zyuohger

Yamato gained ZyuohWhale as an upgrade, giving him two upgrades (Gorilla and Whale), on top of him gaining Eagle’s powers, and Misao has gained 3 Zyuman powers, while everyone else has the default powers to their species. Does it feel like maybe we’re neglecting the rest of the team to only power up our Red?

Fun Facts

Episode Writer: Komura Junko – 15 episodes of Gokaiger

Episode Director: Katou Hiroyuki – 10 episodes of Gokaiger

Dethgalien Team and Player featured: Nobody, really.


Not this time.

NEXT WEEK —EPISODE 30:  The Legendary Giant Beast

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