Dying In Ghost’s Arms Tonight -RX! 153


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [3] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 45 Terror! The Vanishing World!
Kamen Rider Ghost 46 Duel! Words From the Swordsman!


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  • Having Aria’s actress also playing the siblings’ mother feels like a bad choice to me… Like it just makes things a little weird somehow. Creepy? I get that she’d look like her mom, but… I mean it could open up the implication of Adel, in his madness, conflating the two and lashing out at his mother for “leaving” him instead of lashing out at his sister, but it seems like the opportunity for that to be the thing that’s going on has come and gone. It just feels like a weird choice for me. At least do her hair a little differently or something so it doesn’t just look like Aria. Make her visually different. For a show that’s so visual, they kind of dropped the ball here.
  • Said it before and I’ll say it again, and this goes for 46 too. We’re cutting it too close with this Makoto plotline. The plotline, and how it’s playing out, aren’t even the problem. It’s just that there are too many other things going on and it just kind of falls to the background. Everything else is way more important than Makoto’s inner turmoil, so every time they switch over to him it feels like “Hey get back to the point, you’re wasting time.”
  • Adel is grounded for life. He’s never allowed near his siblings again. I swear I get angrier over him hurting Aria than I do him trying to assimilate two entire worlds. He hurt her and made her CRY. I’m just fed up with him attacking his sister.
  • I disliked the very effective horror of Shadow Makoto creeping on Kanon to, what, kill her?
  • It felt a tad lazy that Makoto and Alain just showed up to help Takeru.
  • Putting this up here because I went back and forth on this a lot because it SHOULD bother me, even though it doesn’t. Takeru does recognize the God Twins, which is bad because the only place he’s met them face to face was the Eyecon specials. However, it’s a very quick minor acknowledgement merely that he recognizes them, but not from where. Again, we did hear them the first time he connected to the great eye (Meaning they were already characters before the specials), and immediately we’re given visual (Vanishing into the same mandala that Adel and the Ganmiser use) and spoken (As soon as they’re gone, Adel recognizes someone other than him connected to the Great Eye), indicators of who they are. For someone who hasn’t watched the Rider Eyecon specials, the jump to “Oh they were the one who spoke to him when he brought back Kanon” is probably pretty easy and immediate.
  • Alain would not and could not know a dang thing about working a sound board and switching between cameras. Put him behind a camera. That’s impossible to screw up. But like heck he knows anything about television production. Don’t you try and pull that nonsense on me Ghost.
  • I’m just gonna plus-one the weirdness/nonsense of Aria playing Ganmom.  There’s some weeeeeeeeird levels going on there that just has some hard-to-name ugly going on and I don’t appreciate it.
  • I mostly just want more of why it’s worth noting or an inherent bad thing that the Ganmeisers are gaining sentience.  Are they, like, chained demons who needed to be half-sealed lest they wreak havoc or something?  Why is 15 more sapient beings an inherent bad thing?
  • It’s too bad they closed off the Ganmeisers self-awareness so neatly. Adel just undoes their sentience and there is no side effect thus far? I don’t like that.
  • Why is Makoto suddenly also the key? That seems off to me.


  • Eadith encouraging Akari was actually really sweet. It’s nice just how much he believes in her, and everyone’s, potential, instead of just Takeru or the Riders.
  • I really love how much Onari and Alain have sort of bonded? Onari was really against Alain at first and now they look out for each other and respect each other.
  • The brief flash of Edison when Takeru realizes that he’s trying too hard was nice. I’m glad this universe’s Edison isn’t as much of a butt as ours. He’s so helpful.
  • Igor’s persistent slap-mark makes me smile
  • The Ganmeiser weapons came back in such a fun way.
  • Seeing the great Adel in the sky as all the Demia-connected people had their selves pulled towards him was really impressive. It’s an old hat trick done in a fresh new way.


  • I love Akari making Yurusen help her set up to try to connect to the monolith. Not even asking Yurusen how it could possibly work or for tips. Just help me carry my stuff, tiny ghost blob with no actual hands who is smaller than most of the equipment. No time to rest. There’s stuff to do.
  • I love Takeru reconnecting with people he helped. I would love to see more, but I’m sure these were just the three they were able to get back the easiest. Still, it was so incredibly sweet, and a perfect way to encourage Takeru.
  • The Ganmiser going after the people Takeru has connected with was really interesting, and a neat way to really draw that moment, and the emotions it evoked in Takeru, back into the plot.
  • I just adore how deep we’re getting into Adel and his nonsense.  He’s all massive and full of himself to Cold War-era Saturday morning cartoon levels, but the show seems intent on exploring the effect that has on the world around him and how he is not, as he claims, this one single island of a being.  I just adore it so much.
  • I really dug on the whole “We got stuff to do, let’s get to it” sequence.  It’s a good springboard for so many things and also, in its way, a great way to start throwing up ending flags.  The audience knows what all these people can do, now it’s time to let ‘em do it.
  • Building on that, having us go through and have Takeru get back in touch with the people he’s helped along the way?  Y’all don’t even know how much that sort of thing gets to me.
  • Kanon and Alain knew instantly that Faux-koto was not Makoto
  • Makoto being able to find and see Takeru
  • I wept each time Takeru had a visitation and connected with someone despite being on another plane. It was so beautiful


On Eyecons

Do you think the twin Deep Specter Eyecons could be used to merge the two Makotos together?

How is it that Adel can call all the Ganmeisers before him if Shadow Makoto’s Deep Specter is made of 11 or 12 of the 15 Ganmeisers?

Forcing Perspective

At the beginning of 45, Adel told Takeru he wanted him to continue protecting the world within him. What are the implications of that?


Nothing this time.

Kamen Rider Ghost 47 Agreement! Each Person’s Resolve!

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