Get Yourself Connected- Ghost 43-44 -RX! 151


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [4] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 43 Linked! The Boy Genius!

Kamen Rider Ghost 44 Activation! The Terror of Demia! Ghost44-Takeru-Hiroki |Save As… to Download|Episode Length 1:29:56

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  • Wow did we really just run out of things to do with Aria or something? Finally a moment where she tries to talk Adel down and she gets knocked out???
  • Man I would love for things to not just have creepy children with glowing eyes wandering around humming creepy songs and staring into the distance. That sure is a thing I don’t want at all ever.
  • Wow Sage and Yurusen were rude as HECK to Onari. I kind of expect it from Yurusen, but Sage telling him to just leave when he wants to help was kind of awful. Like sure he can’t really do anything on the science end, but he can at least get everyone some food and hand Akari books she needs or something.
  • Who let this 6 year old use magic internet contact lenses????
  • 13 days have past and it doesn’t really feel like it with the way people were talking.
  • Just getting into his human body allowed Adel to access Infinite Potential? I don’t think I buy that.
  • Weird bad invisibility CG.
  • IT’S A GIANT CONTACT LENS GOING ONTO A GIANT EYE. That’s bananas. That’s a level of bananas this show didn’t need. It’s just a little too over the top for me.
  • Please shove Adel in a ditch. Like I’m totally unphased by his whole “consume the living world and use humans as food” plan. Fascist megalomaniac super villain yeah yeah. But his treatment of his sister is really getting my hackles up. I want Aria to pull a Sela and just walk over and punch him right in the guts.
  • I actually don’t have much bad to say here other than definitely agreeing that they were clowning on Onari a lot more than I’d like, even if I can see where they were coming from with it.
  • I’m similarly getting annoyed with Aria being the proverbial duck that Adel talks to.  I get that she’s locked up and that’s showing his weird relationship with his own soul and whatnot, but still: let her do some stuff already, geez.
  • I am so angry that the opening hasn’t been adapted to include EVERYONE properly unless they are waiting to include Adel and Aria, I don’t get it.
  • TFW Kanon massaging Sage? Fool is getting her brother killed or taken over or whatever by his apparent inaction.
  • Alia didn’t get to do enough!


  • Wow —damn this was a surprisingly creepy episode with all the kids and the singing. Now I wish we had more of this ‘cause oh man.
  • I like the opening shot for episode 44. The overhead view. Dunno why
  • Everyone at Ryu’s grave was a sweet scene. Takeru believes so much in everyone and how much they’ve helped him. It’s nice to see a hero that’s not all about himself.
  • Onari’s a good dude and he’s trying so hard. He just wants to help and be useful.
  • I love the return of cutting out all of the audio with the Conductor Ganma.
  • Igor’s meat puppets towards the end were creepy
  • Takeru assures Alain they will get through to Adel
  • Akari wants to protect Bill’s dream. I know he’s being possessed and used, but I’m still so mad at him, that I don’t really feel the same as her. She’s too good.
  • The whole “inside Demia” thing was so reminiscent of the third Sailor Moon movie, which I always thought had kind of a weird neat villain plot. In a way a lot of Ghost is like that. Stick people in a box so they never age and never die and can be happy for all eternity.
  • Beethoven’s whole “Music isn’t meant to trap the soul, it’s meant to set it free.” That’s some good stuff.
  • The whole “The real server is somewhere else” trap was actually pretty great, and caught me off-guard. I feel like I should have seen it coming but with how fast Ghost moves, I really didn’t expect it and it really raised the tension.
  • See, I know you said the giant contact lens was too bananas, but it was actually one of my favorite things because it’s just such a perfect symbol for what’s going on.  If the Ganma’s kingdom is symbolized by that giant flaming eye, then of COURSE when it turns all of humanity into a silent tool for its own purposes it’s a giant contact lens.  I love it so much.  Just this lovely, weird kind of visual poetry that just makes my heart sing.
  • And I’m definitely gonna take a sec to +1 how well Alain’s actor did Onari.  I have to imagine a lot of the stuff going on here is just because he was goofing around on-set doing impressions and they realized they could actually have a way to let him do the Onari impression on-screen.
  • I love it more ‘cuz he was so smug and riding so high on being the big man who is soooooo important and then WHACK.  Like, it’s awful to enjoy someone being pained and traumatized, but it’s really cut by how much he has tried to literally murder billions of people.
  • That Wind/Air Ganmeiser had some moves!
  • I love Alain’s theme song so MUCH!
  • Hundreds or thousands of people coalesced into a GIANT contact lens which Takeru undid with the power of music


On Eyecons

What has Deep Specter been doing to Makoto this whole time?

Forcing Perspective

Do you think we should rush to watch the rest of the Divinity Twins specials because they showed up at the end of 44?

The Ganma’s Monolith, Project Demia, Bills’ betrayal and Shadow Makoto have all been long-played plot threads. Did the payoff for all of them in 44 work for you?



They turned 50,000 people into a GIANT contact lens!


March of the Meat Puppets!


A Slash Fic is born!


Adel just can’t admit that he’s lonely can he?


Onari + Alain = Onain… Olain… Alon…

Kamen Rider Ghost 45 Terror! The Vanishing World!
Kamen Rider Ghost 46 Duel! Words From the Swordsman!

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