Something Old, Something New – Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 26 -Laser Knees 22

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we start on a wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! Can Yamato lead his Zyuman friends through an adventure to save the human world from the Deathgalien? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Episode 25 – Protecting an Important Day

Zyuohger26-Sela-Punch-Leo |Save As… to Download|Episode Length 0:54:23

Full notes will return soon.

Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks

  • I’m a little confused as to why Misao was so upset over Daichi… existing? Is he upset because Yamato had friends outside the group? Did he forget that Yamato had a life before all of this started? I mean, I can see that maybe he’s worried that Yamato will want to hang out with his old friend and just forget about him, especially since Misao is the one he’s closest to, but they don’t really explain what Misao’s reaction really is, so it ended up feeling kind of off?
  • This is nitpick as heck, but because they never pulled her veil back and her face behind it was always so stoic, I expected the bride to somehow have been a copy made by Bunglay to attack Daichi. Instead it was nothing? I’m totally happy with the way things went, but they used a specific visual cue and then ever did anything with it.
  • Leo continues to be a jerk to Misao
  • Yamato went into ZyuohGorilla to handle Bunglay on his own. I really dislike that suit and Yamato wipes the floor with Bunglay as ZyuohEagle right after that
  • Too much Genis, not enough Naria or Bunglay.
  • Leo is still in the show and gets speaking lines.

Tide Turners – Some Enjoyable bits from this stretch of Zyuohger

  • It was nice starting this episode with everyone out having fun and enjoying themselves for once and also Yamato literally babysitting Leo and smacking him every time he tried to take someone else’s food.
  • Is Yamato our first college educated red since Gaoranger? Timeranger is the only one I’m missing since then, so I’m not sure on that, but I think Kakeru is the last one I can think of where we can say for certain (since he is a practicing veterinarian) went to college.
  • Holy heck Genis had something resembling a personality this week. He’s not threatened by Bunglay or Kubar, which make me think he knows what he’s done to Kubar, and maybe also that he knows Kubar knows. Genis is actually slightly at risk now, and seeing him kind of revel in that is finally making him more interesting to watch.
  • Yamato did sort of chide Leo for giving Misao a hard time.
  • I love Yamato and Daichi’s relationship, it’s framed so nicely.
  • The Zyuogher formal wear was fantastic
  • Wait, are they gonna bond over a game of basketball?  Y’know, cuz Larry Bird?  Eh?  Eh?  That’d be great.
  • Also: LARRI’S BACK.
  • Let’s return to Sela punching Leo in the stomach for a sec.  Just… Let’s remember that moment.

Quick Reflexes – Questions left by this bit of Zyuohger

Yamato is caring and generous and he can trounce Bunglay on his own, is the show diminishing the rest of the cast for the sake of making our Red better?

Fun Facts

Episode Writer: Tanaka Jin

Episode Director: Shibasaki Takayuki

Dethgalien Team and Player featured: Nobody, it was all Bunglay all the time.



Yamato told Leo “No.” which needs to happen more.


Death from above!

NEXT WEEK — EPISODE 27: Who’s the Real One?

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