Do Ghosts Dream of Mutton Chops?- Ghost 34 -RX! 145


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [still 37/36] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 34 Wandering! The World of Dreams!

Sarracenian-Ghost-Mugen-Hakaider-1Sarracenian-Ghost-Mugen-Hakaider-2 Save As… to Download |Episode Length 1:16:07

Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Writer: Hasegawa Keiichi

Director: Watanabe Katsuya

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi


Nothing to add.


What are your thoughts on this episode and what if any messages came into focus for you?


I guess they’re kind of going for this “You need to balance responsibility and relaxation properly and not do too much of one or the other”, which is good, I guess. I know my time management skills need some help. And the Brothers Grimm is a neat choice to use, I think, since one person needs to balance these two ideas, just like Takeru needs to find a balance between these two souls to commune with the one eyecon.

It’s an interesting set up, and I think it’s nice to tell kids that “Hey everyone needs time to just step back and relax and that is normal and healthy, but also your responsibilities are important and you can’t just shrug them off.”


That’s a lot of what I was picking up, too.  But, hey, it’s a good thing to talk about.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and all that.  And it also lets us play with how the Brothers Grimm are often referred to as a single entity but are, in fact, two people and all that.  I mean, this doesn’t read much like a perfect representation buuuut these are often pop-cultural takes, so I get it.  Not to mention, it keeps up this thing where we’re playing with familial harmony, which… is an interesting theme for them to take up.  I know we’re all about Saint Dad and all, but it does feel like it’s got associations to that last bout of family drama in the show and I am annoyed at that.  Always feel like I’m about to get slammed upside the head with “harmony at all costs” when “harmony looks like a lot of things and there’s compromises to be made but make sure you’ve got the right goal in mind when you go after ‘em”.  I wouldn’t mind if we did more than “You guys need to balance one another out” with this, I guess.


Your origin is less important than who and what you choose to defend and what it is that guides you. The Ganmeisers act as machines with no compassion and no frivolous things to distract them from their mission and goals. That sort of thing works well for machines, but for people it will lead to failure and suffering. Alain once chose to act as a machine, as did Makoto.Their initial Heroic Eyecons reflected their lack of more clarity while Takeru, who is guided by a desire to help others and who has formed a connection with some of the less savory Heroic Eyecons helping him stands in contrast to some of them. Takeru morally grounds the darker historical figures he has as Heroic Eyecons and puts their energies and efforts towards truly good causes which is something everyone of us can choose to do for ourselves, metaphorically.


[Not in notes]


The unKamenCrew’s Top 3 moments that made them say “Woah” from this bit of Ghost


  • Yurusen was gold this week, and Onari and Yurusen messing with each other is probably one of my favorite things.
  • And we’ve discussed the lore a little more! The eye is god, which explains why it’s on everything. The Ganmeiser are really grumpy lesser deities who are maybe ticked that no one is actually praying to the Great Eye anymore (Because Adel sure isn’t) and that this kid is after a second wish?
  • All of the eyecons getting fired up when Takeru said he believed in them was super cute. These 14 Dads + 1 Mom love their dumb ghost son.


  • Really enjoyed Takeru getting sucked into the Grimm Eyecon just to see them fight and then getting kicked out.  I don’t know why, that sequence really tickled me.
  • Loved seeing Book Ganma again.
  • And also, this is a really neat/weird plan and I’m going to use it as a thing that backs up my belief that the Ganmeisers are stealing human potential.  First by harvesting it by taking away everything people had done since they were kids, now by erasing everything that’s going to come after here and now by trapping people in a dream world that is in no way an analog for drugs.


  • That weird dream garden reminds me of the surreal episodes of Kamen Rider Black, only far less gothic horror. Still, reminding me of Black is always nice.
  • Whoa hey that new form sure looks nice
  • Digging that scene where Igor goes “IT’S MY NEMESIS” when she sees Akari. Starting to see how his cool is slowly chipping away and getting more obsessed over her.


  • Big bro and the Octopus Baller immediately recognize Sage as Magistrate Eadith. They go  talk to him about it and while he deflects them, I was so glad to see that they actually brought into focus that these two guys should know who he is.
  • I am thrilled with how explicit Sage is being about everything at this point.
  • Knowing the original plan would have kept Takeru safe was really interesting and says a lot about Ryu’s intentions and it is really sweet.


On Eyecons

1. How exactly does Takeru communing with the Heroic Eyecons function? This episode sure makes it seem like the creative don’t know how it works. What are your thoughts on this?

2. How did you enjoy the debut of Infinite Form?

Forcing Perspective

3. When Sage is asked if he knows what is going on with Takeru’s 99 day counter, he says he doesn’t know. The uncanny Yurusen confirms that Takeru still only has 37 days left. Does that seem strange to you?

4. Do you buy Sage’s defection of the question of his identity?

5. What are your thoughts on Sage swinging between somber and silly while answering all these big questions?

Spook Report

Here’s some critical information about the Ghost episode we talked about this time.

Information from TV-N’s Wiki on Ghost 34

Writer: Hasegawa Keiichi

Director: Watanabe Katsuya

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi

Ganma: The Alice in Wonderland Book Ganma came back as well as that… Radio/Antennae one from the Edison debut. A new Ganmeiser showed up and apparently it is Liquid.


New Heroic Eyecon Summoned: Mugen/infinite


Miscellaneous: Two of the Ganmeisers are apparently GONE.

NEXT EPISODE| 35 Evolution! the Power of Fun!

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