Yamato’s Bizarre Adventure – Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 16-17 -Laser Knees 13

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we start on a wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! Can Yamato lead his Zyuman friends through an adventure to save the human world from the Deathgalien? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Episode 16 – Find The Zyuman!

Episode 17 – Here Comes An Extra Player!

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Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Episode 16 – Find The Zyuman!

Episode 17 – Here Comes An Extra Player!

Episode Writer: Tanaka Jin (16) & Komura Junko (17)

Episode Director: Takemoto Noboru


Nothing to add here.

 Zyuohger 16’s Monster of the Week: Mantaur


 Zyuohger 17’s Monster of the Week: Trumpus from Team Kubard


Zyuoh The World was made by Master Genis forcibly infusing an abducted human with the Zyuman Power of a Rhino, Crocodile and Wolf Zyumen.


Animal Instincts – Overall Thoughts about the episode & it’s message


Episode 16 an episode that sets up for ZyuohTheWorld, which is a freakin’ mouthful by the way, but it gives us a lot of insight into Yamato. A lot of his beliefs and ideals come from Mario, and the time they’ve spent together really did a lot to shape him even before whatever happened to his parents.

Episode 17 gave us a lot more background on Sela and her family life and followed through on the introduction of ZyuohTheWorld, and I think overall it really hit on its two main goals. The MotW plot was actually decently frightening, even if it had a sort of boring conclusion.

It did give kids a kind of nice message that you need to tell the truth, even if you’re afraid of what may happen, and it did it in a way that is different from how that message is normally presented. I do sort of dislike that Sela never actually explained to the kid why she was stalling for time, as if she HAD explained it would send a nice sort of double message. One to kids that sometimes adults make mistakes and don’t explain things when they should because they want to protect kids, but also a nice note to parents who are maybe watching with their kids that children aren’t stupid. You can explain why plans change, or why something is dangerous and needs to be avoided, and they’ll get it. Trust your kids.


All I can really say for 16 is that it made me like Mario, which was welcome.  I may not know a lot of concrete details about Mario or his deal, but I know who he is and that’s amazing.  It’s a nice counterpoint to the Ghost stuff that aired that week ‘cause it seemed to be saying that if your own parents are crap, a found family sort of relationship can be invaluable for helping you figure out what’s going on with you.  And having Mario be, implicitly, where Yamato got his “don’t eff with this planet” tagline?  Golden.
17, though?  I mean, I definitely get the ‘be honest’ angle but the bigger thing really was The World (makes me wish the Zoolanders were an eagle, a bull, and a lion, but two of them are on the main team, so…) for me.  Kinda glad, though, that the moral seemed to be more for the adults watching the show?  Not just that you should be honest, but that there’s certain things you maybe shouldn’t keep from your kids as they need the information if they’re gonna make a good decision.

Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks



  • Please stop making Tusk smell things and track like a dog. I’m not sure if it skeeves me (It always upsets him so much and then he has to crawl around on the ground?) or I just feel bad for Tusk but like… Please don’t make him keep doing this.


  • To be totally honest, I can’t believe Mario’s plan worked. I cannot believe that’s all it took. I mean I’m mildly annoyed by defacing playing cards, but they weren’t actual playing cards so fine, but man just drawing on them seems a little too easy?
  • Don’t get me wrong. I love Sela. But with how much background they’re dumping into her, I’m a little disappointed we haven’t seen much for Leo and Tusk and literally none for Amu.
  • Genis just named him “The World”? Why? Please I need an actual explanation for this beyond my immediate thought of “Genis watched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and wants to be Dio”.



  • I don’t really have a whole lot to say one way or another on 16.  It’s fine, I guess.  Mostly, I just wanted it to be a sign that Naria was up to more but instead it was a monster who’s in lurve with her ‘cuz I guess even when she’s got her own stuff going on, we still gotta make it about a dude?


  • Just on a structure level, this one annoys me a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, I dig on trying to draw out the thing about GokaiOhz there to build some suspense but eeeeesh.  Trying to fit the monster of the week in with it was just… meh.
  • Seriously, I am being stupidly annoyed that he’s called “The World” and the animal combo is all wrong for that.  Also, the spear mode of his multi-weapon takes juuuuust a little too much squinting to get you there.  I appreciate what it’s going for, but it’s not as good as it could be.

Tide Turners – Stuff you enjoyed.



  • Everyone loves Mario so much I’m so happy for him. Leo and Mario in the beginning were cute, and I’m glad Amu acknowledges how sketchy the four of them are and appreciates that Mario takes care of them anyway.
  • It’s absolutely hilarious that the Deathgalien can’t tell the difference between a human in a costume and a Zyuman. I can almost understand the mascot costumes, but there was just a maid with cat paw gloves.
  • Naria is ruthless and I love when she gets to show that. I wish there had been more, but there was some really great suit acting for her that made it feel like she honestly didn’t want to be dealing with any of this, and the confrontation with Mario was really great. I’m hoping that Mario also saying “Don’t mess with this planet” is a connection she noticed and plans to exploit later.


  • A playing card themed MotW? You spoil me, Zyuohger. His design was so good too. I love it. This was wonderful.
  • Even if I’m bothered that no one else is getting this much story treatment, I love Sela’s “Big sister” nature and how she just defaults to that with everyone regardless of their age. Sela’s a big sweetheart.
  • Amu did get some good moments in this episode though, pointing out who had the same cards, and finding out about destroying the card case. I’m on constant Amu-watch so it was nice to see her get to do a bit.


  • Mario!  Finally a reason to like this dude!  Hooray!  He’s brave as all get out and I really appreciate that.  And him being Yamato’s found family?  Wonderful!
  • Naria talking crap to all the filthy humans who aren’t actually Zyulanders but trying to pretend they are.  Who do they think they are?  Naria’s so great.
  • I really like the creation of The World, if only because it sets up the guy as a Kamen Rider, which got me so excited.


  • And to disagree with Sono, I actually thought the “deface the card” solution was a fairly clever one.  Even if I would have also appreciated that it might have needed something a little more than just a crayon.
  • Having a playing card baddie as a way to introduce a guy who shares his name with a tarot card?  Clever.  Nicely done, production team.
  • I love so many things about The World.  Maybe not the name (which is weird and is juuuuust this side of being great in an esoteric way), but I really dig on it.  I’ll agree that the suit might have needed a second go-over but I might say that about all the suits in this show.  Mostly I just dug on how his weapon–imperfectly-implemented as it was–was all of these classic “collect animals so as to eat them” weapons.

Evolutions – What do you think this show has in store for the future?

  • The set up for ZyuohTheWorld makes me think he might be a callback to either GaoSilver — Especially given that he has two out of three of the same animals –, which would be amazing, or maybe AbareKiller, which would be awful please don’t. Even though his suit is ugly as sin, I’d love to complete the holy trinity of possessed nerd 6ths that GaoSilver and KyoRyuGold started.
  • Zyuohger is doing what Kyoryuger did with it’s ending dance, so I’m super hype to see little kids having fun and doing the Zyuohger Dance..
  • Okay, so they’re gonna show the kids dancing?  I was wondering if it was that or if they were gonna judge the kids’ performance and feature the kid on the show. Either way, that’s really cool.
  • The World is 100% a Kamen Rider so I guess it’s not even a real guess that he’s gonna flip at some point, but still.  Putting that out.  But what the heck are they doing with Bird Kusaka, then?

Quick Reflexes – Questions in reaction to this bit of Zyuohger.

  1. 16 – So Mario met ZyuohEagle. Even though at the end of the episode, he claims not to know of any other identity for ZyuohEagle, do you think he might know?
  2. 17 – Now that we’ve met ZyuohTheWorld, what are our reactions?

NEXT WEEK — EPISODE 18: The Scars of Terror!

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