Memory Lane- Ghost 32-RX! 143


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [39] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 32 Reminiscence! The Hidden Heart!

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Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Writer: Hasegawa Keiichi

Director: Watanabe Katsuya

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi


What are your thoughts on this episode and what if any messages came into focus for you?


Overall, I’m disappointed in how this arc handled Shibuya and his mom. The whole thing is lazy with how much it’s been done and frankly it’s irresponsible. At its core, the whole “Manly” thing is a giant issue and obviously the root of the problem, but look I understand that Japan is still kind of culturally struggling with that and for a woman who appears to have walked out of Cromartie High and into Kamen Rider, I can sort of sigh and let it go because that’s a fight I no longer have the energy to have.


Emotional abuse is horrible. It can and will irreparably screw people up. But the greater public is not yet at a place of acknowledging and properly dealing with that and it’s too much of a headache for me to rail against for too long. If I do that, I end up sick and I don’t want to relive my experience with doing it for 6 months with Gaim. But how did this go through all layers of the creative process with this woman PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING HER SON and no one stopped to think “Maybe we shouldn’t do that?”

Then Shibuya goes to fight and his mom (who doesn’t even know who he is) calls him manly and the whole problem is ~*~*~MAGICALLY~*~*~ solved and Shibuya forgives his mother who physically and emotionally tormented him for not meeting some arbitrary standard to the point that he RAN AWAY and hasn’t gone home in THREE YEARS. She is displaying the exact trait — Picking on someone weaker than her. — that her “prince” said he hated people for.

And I’m disappointed in Takeru. Look, I know he was coming off this high of his father believing so much in his 8-year-old self that he wanted him to help save the world and he is viewing the situation through that lens. But no matter what he’s seen in Shibuya or his mom’s memories, he should acknowledge how attacked and hurt Shibuya feels instead of “Oh every parent loves their kids” because I don’t care if she does love him. She ATTACKED him.

So I barely even care what the overall message in this episode was because even though I knew this was coming, I’m just so frustrated by how Shibuya’s plotline was handled and I wish there was some room for me to believe that he’d just still be keeping his distance from his mom after this. Again, lazy and irresponsible.


Yeah, I’m really with you there on “lazy and irresponsible”.  Like, I can see where they’re going, trying to give the kids some kinda framework into which they can understand how a single parent might be especially stressed and if they come from a place where violence was The Thing, that’s why they do it and all that, but…

Y’all, not for nothing, that’s not a thing a kid should have to think about.  Cool people don’t wreck other peoples’ lives while screaming “Stop being so selfish and think about what I need”.  And when they do, we shouldn’t consider it the job of the person whose life they wrecked to understand them and further wreck themselves in pursuit of trying to help them get better, which they don’t really seem to want to do that much.

Only thing I can think is that while, again, I get what they were trying to say, like how you should forgive people and be kind and understand, but for real, the amount of stuff this show is okaying parents laying on kids is unreal.  And all I can think about are the many, many times I’ve had someone offer me a supposedly-inspirational phrase and all I could hear was the absurdly-negative corollary and then just get mad depressed for a long time because everyone agreed that this is how the world was and, well, I guess that was it for me, then.

So, yeah, all I can think is that this chunk needed another thematic go-over?  A little “what are we putting on some kids?” or “what would healthy coping and communication skills look like?” or “Shibuya, your mom didn’t ask your permission before dragging you into her drama. It’s nice that you wanna fix it, but it’s also not your job.”

It’s just really disappointing to see this team, who have been pretty good overall, faceplant this bad on something this important.


For so many reasons, I’m not entirely sure what to think about this episode of Ghost. Igarashi’s past explanations were inevitable and fairly unsurprising. I enjoyed seeing the past with Sage and the the others together. I even liked the glimpses into Miho and Shibuya’s past, but it all felt kind of disconnected.

There is no clear moral other than, perhaps always forgive your parents because… they’re trying their best? While I feel it is laudable to be charitable, and that forgiveness can have healing properties for the offended, it was not handled well her and almost felt like it was more in the service of something coming down the line for Takeru.


The unKamenCrew’s Top 3 moments that made them say “Woah” from this bit of Ghost


  • Narita’s constant concern for Shibuya. At least someone cares if this poor kid is okay.
  • Every scientist, good or bad, has so much respect for Akari and treats them as, at minimum, their equal if not better and smarter than them. I appreciate this. She deserves it.
  • Kanon being the one to kind of summon up strength to hear about just what led to she and Makoto. I like that it was acknowledged as being hard for her, since she suffered a lot more physically than Makoto did, and that she didn’t pass out again or something. The girl’s got strength and I’m glad to see it for once.


  • I am ALSO here for Akari basically being science boss. And, okay, I know we aren’t to be talking about the next-episode preview here, but all I’ll say is that for all there are a TON of probs in these couple episodes, Akari was none of them.
  • For all I am skeptical about entrusting your 8 year-old kid to clean up the messes you made, hot dang if the guy playing Ryu doesn’t sell it really, really well.
  • I really dug on Igarashi and the way they made this whole thematic thing about people of different disciplines (Science, Spirituality, and Saionji) teaming up to save the world and also having to deal with parents.  I may not love all the execution, but the contrasts they set up here were a lot of fun on a pure structure level.


  • I am such a sucker for seeing Alain’s holo-projector in action, it gets em every time.
  • That moment when the Ganmeisers were sounding off an alarm was really interesting
  • Akari getting that plasma sample was boss


On Eyecons

Were any of the revelations made from Igarashi’s past surprising? Did anything seem out of place?

How do you receive Funky Tut and the other Eyecons having all the vague and convenient powers they seem to have?

Forcing Perspective

Can you define what you think Takeru’s perception of manliness is and how it compares to Miho’s and Shibuya’s?

Did Miho’s turn at the end make sense to you?

Who was the lady who said “Thank you” to Takeru at the end?

Spook Report

Here’s some critical information about the Ghost episode we talked about this time.

Information from TV-N’s Wiki on Ghost 32

Writer: Hasegawa Keiichi

Director: Watanabe Katsuya

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi

Ganma: Takaiwa Ultima came back


New Heroic Eyecon Summoned: N/A

Miscellaneous: Tut and Takeru combined their pyramids into just enough time dilation capsule to undo the Ganmeisers time-warp. Oh, and Makoto used this enraged Specter thing, which seems to be new, to take out Gyro.


NEXT EPISODE| 33 Miraculous! Infinite feelings!

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