Lion to Us All – Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 15 -Laser Knees 12

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we start on a wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! Can Yamato lead his Zyuman friends through an adventure to save the human world from the Deathgalien? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Episode 15 – The Terrifying Sniper

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Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Episode 15 – The Terrifying Sniper

Episode Writer: Arakawa Naruhisa

Episode Director: Katou Hiroyuki


Nothing to add here.

 Zyuohger 15’s Monster of the Week: Huntelder who is vying to become a Team Leader in Jag’d’s place


Animal Instincts – Overall Thoughts about the episode & it’s message


I enjoyed this episode a lot, even though my feelings on Leo kind of fluctuated the whole time, but I feel like this is a lot closer to the Leo we’re supposed to see and be learning to love and relate to than the Leo from two episodes ago who can’t be within 6 feet of a woman at any time without becoming the grossest dude on Earth.

There’s some nice stuff in here about the values of planning ahead and not running into a situation blindly, but also not being so caught up in failure that you can’t be flexible with your plans. Neither Tusk nor Leo are totally right or totally wrong in their approach, and it’s a bit of both that gets things solved. Knowing the problem and how to face it is good, but being flexible enough to think on your feet and come up with something that might work better instead of losing once and giving up is pretty important.


But hot dang does it really butt up against those previous episodes…  I mean, I enjoyed it a bit, if only ‘cuz it’s nice to see the good parts of Leo where he’s a creature of short-term extremes and how Tusk is chill and long-term, but also exposing how there’s a weakness there, too. Overall, it’s a great message, though, because I really dig on a moral that is basically “We all have something to contribute and if we all work together, we can become better than we would be alone,” which I think seems to go to the heart of Sentai.


I guess this episode is talking about the importance of building bridges or better still understanding one’s limitations. Leo and Tusk had their faces shoved in the fact that neither of them had senses keen enough to combat Huntelder’s strategic sniping and Yamato and Sela were even put out of play, showing that their enhanced senses weren’t even enough to counter him. Tusk and Leo had to really think on their feet and to do that they had to own their shortcomings and really on each other’s strengths.

Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks

  • As always, not nearly enough Naria.
  • Not really a bad thing but it feels more appropriate here, but I just felt really bad for Amu the whole time Tusk and Leo are fighting. Again, Amu can’t really handle conflict, and with Yamato and Sela, who are the ones she generally gets on best with, both out of the picture she really had no one to hide behind and Haruka did a really good job portraying Amu’s constant distress over the situation.
  • Onore Zyuoh Gorilla! I am really getting sick of seeing this guy!
  • Leo is really making me uncomfortable. It really feels like the show is trying to make me like him and put him up as #2 next to Yamato and I don’t like it. Just to Persona this, this is how I feel about Hanamura Yosuke in P4, he is way problematic and I want to like him and the cretivess want me to like him but the narrative insists on him being problematic as well.
  • I would like to have seen Sela and Yamato paired to deal with Huntelder, but clearly the Zyuohger Creatives didn’t want that.
  • I mean, we could probably just say there’s never enough Sela and leave it there as the show’s major failing… but that wouldn’t be fair.
  • Overall, I think having another thing that’s all about Leo was a bad idea after this last chunk of episodes?  Give us a little to forget that he’s creepy before trying to make us like him.
  • Yo, whatever happened to Bird Kusaka?
  • I had fun while watching this episode, but… I mean, it was just kinda there overall.  I like how Tusk and Leo bounce off one another but it’s just nowhere near as good as Tusk’s focus ep.
  • Really wish Amu’d get another focus ep.

Tide Turners – Stuff you enjoyed.

  • I thought Amu sulking due to the rain, but Sela kind of peacefully enjoying it in the very beginning was really cute. It’s a nice bit of personality on display.
  • It was some neat writing to take out Sela and Yamato, whose senses could find the enemy, right off the bat so we’d have to come up with a more nuanced plan.
  • I thought Leo and Tusk’s plan with the mannequin was actually very very clever. Simple and obvious if you’re used to the beats sentai hits, but I know if I had been a little kid, I would have been REALLY impressed by it.
  • Plus Leo looked really good in that tux. I’m willing to say it.
  • The actual fight action in this episode was really nice.
  • Tusk walking up to this dude, holding a gun to his head, and saying “Let’s see how you like being shot at” and then firing at him as he tried to crawl away was incredibly brutal, and I sure didn’t expect it from Tusk of all people. My emotions on it are kind of mixed (from the perspective of “You are showing this to children.”) but apparently I liked it enough to put it here and not in the last section. (Aleph:  Look, elephants are stone-cold killers.  They will tear EVERYTHING up if they decide you deserve it.  Sneak up and murder you in your home.) [Ammit: ICYMI, an elephant slapped a guy with a Selfie Stick LINK]
  • I’m glad the show addressed the fact that there were like 50 people in Mario’s house at the end of the episode. I was a little afraid they might have forgotten.
  • Finally having a thing with a guy coded like a 19th century Big Game Hunter.  I am honestly surprised it took this long.
  • Fight choreography is improving.  Really, really like it.
  • Gotta plus-one that the plan was pretty good.  Bravery, self-sacrifice, redirection, playing on the bad guy’s bloodlust?  Yeah, I was down with that.
  • Again, I just sorta dig on Sentai being all about the combination of disparate elements making for a stronger whole, and this episode really leaned into that and I dig on it. “Act with wisdom, but act” to get a bit video-gamey m’self.
  • Huntelder didn’t kill hundreds of people for his plan.  (Aleph:  That WAS nice) I like the villains being bad, but I really hate the idea of masses being murdered for me to enjoy this show. (Sono: Look we can kill hundreds of people, but not on screen with a gun.)
  • The plushies were amazingly adorable!
  • I loved the Leo dummy, because I quipped to myself mentally something about Leo being replaced by a dummy and that tickled me. I’m really sour on this guy.
  • Tusk’s first plan was cool and I was impressed by his recall of their first Huntelder encounter.

Evolutions – What do you think this show has in store for the future?


Next week is a Mario episode???? Finally????????? AND it looks like Naria is going to get involved? I’m pretty excited about this. I’d love to see Mario kind of plant some seed of there being more to humans or life on Earth in general (since we’re dealing with much more than just humans) than she and the Dethgalien think, and have that lead to Naria considering new plans or ways to double-cross or get rid of the jerks she’s stuck with. (Between this and the Shibuya arc over in Ghost, I am being spoiled. Someone is catering directly to my wants.)

  • OH MAN, NARIA.  I mean wev Mario, but NARIA’S GONNA DO SOME STUFF.  Kick folks around!  YEAH!
  • Amu and Leo gonna eventually have a team-up episode all about how friggin’ weird and wild cats are.

We have to get a new team leader to push around Naria because I am remaining pessimistic about how they’ll handle her next week.

Quick Reflexes – Questions in reaction to this bit of Zyuohger.

  1. Leo and Tusk both have very different day-to-day problem solving methods, that affect the way they approach larger problems in battle. Which do you relate to more? Do you think one way is better than the other?

NEXT WEEK — EPISODE 16: Find the Zyuman

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