Enduring Souls- Ghost 30 -RX! 141


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [54] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 30 Eternity! A Soul’s Cry!

RX141-Ghost30-1-Fumi-Funeral-Takeru-Alain Save As… to Download |Episode Length 0:41:19

Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro

Director: Sakamoto Koichi

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi


What are your thoughts on this episode and what if any messages came into focus for you?


This reminds me of a funeral in Kuuga. It was in the first few episodes and Godai gained resolve to keep fighting because he wanted to see a young person smiling again and wanted to protect others’ smiles as well.

That’s been done and it was fascinating to see a character resolve to move on and be happy for their own sake. Yes Alain resolves to fight to make Ganma world like the human world, but that’s because that is what he wants. He can appreciate how beautiful life and the world can be even with the less savory bits included in the estimation and he wants to take that home.


Grieving suuuucks. It’s painful and confusing and it’s just the worst. Especially if you’ve never done it before. Watching other people grieve can be deeply confusing, because everyone grieves differently and if you don’t know what you’re doing you feel like you’re doing it wrong.

Death, especially when you’re unfamiliar with it, is confusing and scary. To confront it is hard whether it’s the first time or whether you’ve faced it before. The parallels between Yuki and Alain over this episode were heartbreaking and touching, and they both just wanted a chance to say goodbye. It was really very, very well handled.

Sarracenian’s Focus

This episode def also follows up on the main theme of this show in general. Death and grieving is a natural process but the best way to honour the dead is also by finding one’s footing an live one’s life as best as they can and without regrets. Life may seem complicated but you can always trust yourself and those around to help you go through it.


The unKamenCrew’s Top 3 moments that made them say “Woah” from this bit of Ghost


  • Alain breaking Necrom’s limitation.
  • Saionji carrying Takoyaki in his briefcase.
  • President Bills getting popped in the mouth, especially after we learned that he and Igor are spinning some elaborate web.


  • Getting to see our whole cast grieve though, getting to see the whole city come together to remember Fumi… That was a really beautiful moment.
  • Alain’s entrance in his ugly as sin outfit eating Takoyaki to his completely badass music was way more powerful and emotional than it had any right to be with him wearing those clothes.
  • It was nice to see the Ghost and Specter base suits. I missed them. They’re good looking suits.


  • “And you guys call yourselves heroes!?
  • Alain’s sweater fight is one of the most satisfying things in this show. I will concede and say def praises for the directing here. Alain fighting while eating takoyaki is so great because it’s the perfect tokusatsu moment. Making what would on paper seem silly and turn it into this great dramatic scene and culmination of this character.
  • The scene with Yuki and her dad itself is excellent.


On Eyecons

  1.  Were you OK with Takeru using his eye seal spell to get Yuki access to her dad’s soul?2. What set Alain free from Necrom’s limitations?

Forcing Perspective

  1. Did the passage of 3 days feel off at the start of this episode?
  2. Was Fukushima Fumi’s death handled well?
  3. Did you like Fumi visiting Alain at the end of the episode?

Spook Report

Here’s some critical information about the Ghost episode we talked about this time.

Information from TV-N’s Wiki on Ghost 30

Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro

Director: Sakamoto Koichi

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi

Ganma: The Big Red Ganmeiser is back… again. It starts off as purple and then turns red. what’s the deal with that?!


New Heroic Eyecon Summoned: N/A

Miscellaneous: The Ganmeiser is destroyed for now with a triple Rider Kick!

Alain is now resolved to live on and strive for happiness, even with a broken heart.


NEXT EPISODE| 31 Bizarre! The Power of the Ganmeisers!

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