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In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit discuss Sailor Moon Crystal 31. Topics to look forward to: Small Lady’s parent trap, the heart of the cards, researching mythologies behind our nerdy interests, Mamoru dad-shaming Ammit and My Neighbor P-Luna

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Here at the TOH Network, we like to acknowledge the people who work on all the shows we discuss and offer thanks for their effort as we critique the finished product.


The new ED, “Maiden’s Advice”, is sung by Misato Fukuen, Chibiusa’s voice actress. There will also apparently be a third ED sung by Mamoru’s voice actor, Kenji Nojima.

While I can’t find anything that indicates a different recording of the OP, it definitely sounded different this time, didn’t it?

I still don’t have any specifics per episode, but after poking around a bit, I managed to at least find lead names for SMC Infinity.

  • Our lead director is Chiaki Kon, who seems to be a fairly prolific director and storyboard artist who did work on Bleach, Hetalia: The Beautiful World, and Nodame Cantabile,
  • Our lead producers are Junichiro Tsuchiya, who notably was a producer on the first 4 pokemon movies, a few Detective Conan movies, Fairy Tale, and seems to have directed most if not all of the Monogatari anime series, as well as Ruka Tanaka. This seems to be Tanaka’s first producing job that I can find.
  • Our lead writer is Yuji Kobayashi, who was wrote on Smile and Suite Precure! And Saint Seiya Omega. Mutsumi Ito also wrote episodes onon the first two seasons of SMC, but I’m not sure if she is also writing on Infinity, but I want to acknowledge her either way. She wrote on Fresh, Heartcatch, and Suite Precure! As well as Digimon Xros Wars.

Monster of the Week (Basically)

Viluy level 202 Death Buster of the (formerly) Witches 5 is defeated in this episode. Uranus uses her Talisman to destroy her with the Space Sword Blaster.


Rough Demandes

Was there anything that rubbed you the wrong way?


  • Haruka was edging into that uncomfortable territory for me in the park with Usagi.
  • In the Lunar Base, there is a discussion of Haruka and Michiru having been reincarnated. Pluto is named in a similar way to them and they seem to have a long history, so couldn’t they be as long-lived as she is? I feel like they should be and that would work really well, but the narrative is kind of dismissing that as a possibility. Luna calls them Legendary Guardians, but Artemis talks about them being “incarnated” because of an urgent matter.


  • The wording describing Uranus and Neptune felt a little off to me, and I had to go watch it a second time to really make sense of it, but that’s more of a subbing issue, than anything else, so I can’t blame the show much for it. I think Luna mentioned Pluto, just to remind them that there are Guardians outside of the core five, and that they have different jobs. But Pluto exists outside of time, and that’s why she’s separate from the reincarnation cycle.
  • The first scene where they’re confronting Haruka and Michiru, and Michiru brings up the violin and starts playing, the way the music hits just really felt awkward. It’s this really heavy sort of rock music juxtaposed to Michiru, and it actually felt really comical and kind of knocked me out of the moment.


What were some lovely things you found especially catching?


  • Chibi-Usa’s desire to make the Legendary Holy Grail brings Usagi and Mamoru together when they had just been not-distant, shortly before.
  • I love Mamoru. This kid humbles me all the time. He is so sensitive and understanding. His ability to generously interpret things is so laudable and inspirational.
  • I was really touched by Usagi’s kindness when she said she could feel Haruka’s anguish.


  • Chibiusa was being super cute this episode, and looking out for her parents. She was also really close with Usagi this episode, and I love that when she saw there was some tension between her parents she set to work trying to close that gap so they could work it out.
  • And Usagi and Mamoru finally talking it out WAS really great. They’d had a rough couple of days, and needed to get out of their own heads a bit before being able to really work it out with each other and that felt so true to life.
  • I really loved the scene of the whole Moon Family in bed, and Mamoru reaching over to touch Usagi’s hand. It was just such a sweet moment.
  • Agreed on how much of a boss Ami was this episode. From the start, she’s charging into a dangerous situation to investigate (but makes sure the others know what she’s doing!!!) and she was able to be light-hearted about it to the team so they wouldn’t worry, even though she kept them on-call just in case, but was able to charge in so fiercely and bring the fight when she knew it was coming.
  • The out-the-window dive henshin was SO good. It was really cool to see them break away from the stock footage and use the time more efficiently for the moment.
  • I like Viluy’s little hat. She has a really neat design.

 Quotable Quotes

What were some of the best or worst lines that stood out to you?


“It looks like they’ve made up.”

-Chibiusa to Diana after they pretended to be asleep while Usagi and Mamoru talked out the issues they’ve been having.


“If they attack us again, we will have no choice but to fight against those two.”

-Minako to Usagi regarding how seriousness of a threat that Haruka and Michiru may be to them.


These are questions sparked by the episode. Sono and Ammit discuss them in the show and want to hear your thoughts too. Please comment on this post to answer or use Twitter, Tumblr or send your replies to the inbox.

  1. What is the significance of the ABC-oh naming convention of the 3 outer Senshi?
  2. What do you think about Haruka’s visit with Usagi at the fountain in the park?
  3. What do you make of Usagi’s lack of resolve to see Haruka and Michiru as enemies and her reticence to fight them?
  4. Do you research and look into the deeper meaning within most of the stuff you watch?

Getting Schooled By Takeuchi

I was a bit bothered by the erasure of what the Holy Grail is actually supposed to be, not because we need to keep Christ in manga or anime or anything like that, but why use “Holy Grail” and not just have it be a magic cup? So I looked into this a bit. I’ve played Persona 3, I know that the Cup of Cards heals your HP and that it is from the Tarot card deck. What’s more the Tarot deck was originally a set of playing cards which has been organised and assigned its more mystical aspects. I looked into the 52 deck of playing cards and their suits and found that the suit of Hearts was originally the Chalice or Cups. The Holy Grail is a chalice. Because playing cards received a lot of development and texturing by the european feudal system and the Clergy played a major part in that, I think it is quite reasonable to conclude that Takeuchi assigned the Holy Grail here to Usagi because she represents this spiritual, loving figure who is possessed of gentleness, wisdom and that all links back to the playing card’s Chalice or Cups being connected to an assumedly righteous religious order.

There are also these jewels from the Suit of cups wiki:

Queen of Cups: A queen on her throne at the seaside holds a cup she looks into. She sees visions within. It indicates a woman who has the gift of intuition and is able to offer good advice. She also may harbour a secret she is willing to share with you.

King of Cups: A king holding a scepter floats upon the water. It indicates someone who is kind, even tempered, balanced and wise. He may be a member of the clergy, or a counselor, professor or psychologist, doctor. He is a symbol of quiet strength and is calming and reassuring.

Doesn’t that sound like Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion?

We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening. If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions about Sailor Moon Crystal, send your supplications to our inbox, show us your magical might by enchanting our Submission Box on Tumblr or tell us to believe in ourselves or give us any other messages on twitter @unkamenrx.

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