Eternal Struggle- Sailor Moon Crystal Act.27 -MS-II 24


In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit discuss the debut of Sailor Moon Crystal Season III: Sailor Moon Crystal Act.27 Infinity 1 Premonition – Part 1 . The girls are back to face a new group of villains, a frenemy couple and deal with the mysterious Reversion attacks that have just started happening.

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Here at the TOH Network, we like to acknowledge the people who work on all the shows we discuss and offer thanks for their effort as we critique the finished product.

Unfortunately, Sono has yet to find a source for the information, so we’ll have to wait for her to get that.

Speaking of credits… Miss Dream has translations of the OP and ED which the official translation team did not offer up as of yet. Follow the links above to check them out.

Monster of the Week




Rough Demandes

Was there anything that rubbed you the wrong way?


  • “Reversion” felt awkward to me too, especially with how Dadkino explained it. Like we evolved from something similar to other primates, and are reverting to that, but that’s not at ALL what the monster looks like? It’s a long jump from A to B and I’m not sure how they got there.
  • I’m still having a hard time with Artemis sounding like he’s 40.
  • The monster noise is literally just a guy yelling “GAOOOOO” and it’s a little hard to feel threatened by that.


  • NO translation for the OP!!!
  • The hand waving of the monster as just an evolutionary “reversion.”
  • Usagi and Mamoru not getting that morning kiss. LET THEM HAVE IT!!! Times are going to be bad soon!


What were some lovely things you found especially catching?


  • I loved Naru getting to hang with the other girls at the arcade. It’s nice to see her not left behind.
  • The Uranus and Neptune eyecatches were really nice.
  • The scene talking about Mugen Academy was so reminiscent of the first anime. Just the way expressions were used, Minako’s over the top love of fame, Makoto just kind of amusedly tolerating it all, and the comedy beats of Rei and Ami about Usagi. It all felt very natural and like the girls I’m used to.


  • Luna watching TV with Pa Tsukino
  • Diana follows Chibi-Usa to school
  • Usagi’s resolve to soldier on even as she senses things are going to get tough again

 Quotable Quotes

What were some of the best or worst lines that stood out to you?


“The sea will be rough today.” via Michiru + “It’s a strong wind today.”

via Haruka as they get into their helicoptors to fly to school. Can you believe these two?


“Usagi is a perpetual child.”

-Said by Chibi-Usagi who was, until recently, an ACTUAL perpetual child


These are questions sparked by the episode. Sono and Ammit discuss them in the show and want to hear your thoughts too. Please comment on this post to answer or use Twitter, Tumblr or send your replies to the inbox.

How do you like the reintroduction of our main cast?

The animation style has changed and is taking much more license with expression like the 90s anime. How does that work for you?

Haruka and Michiru each share a moment with Usagi and Mamoru. How did those moments play for you?

Do the Reversion monsters remind you too much of Queen Metallia?

We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening. If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions about Sailor Moon Crystal, send your supplications to our inbox, show us your magical might by enchanting our Submission Box on Tumblr or tell us to believe in ourselves or give us any other messages on twitter @unkamenrx.

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