Going Ape – Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 6 -Laser Knees 06

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we start on a wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! Can Yamato lead his Zyuman friends through an adventure to save the human world from the Deathgalien? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger; Episode 6 – Wild Present!

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Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger; Episode 6 – Wild Present!

Episode Writer: Komura Junko

Episode Director: Nakazawa Shoujirou

This is our same duo from last week.

Zyuohger 06’s Monster of the Week: Gaburio LaserKnees06-Zyuohger06-GaburioAnimal Instincts – Overall Thoughts about the episode & it’s message

SONO- This episode was pretty weak for me overall. Not bad, just weak. Which is fine. Every show is going to have weaker episodes. I just feel like things that should have been much more impactful, like the life-energy transfer and it’s effects on Larri, orAzald’s return, didn’t have the punch that they should have had and it took me out of the episode a lot.

AMMIT- Honestly I dozed off during a couple scenes and had to rewind to catch everything. It wasn’t gripping and engaging, but it had some strong bits. Yamato’s struggle over what happened to Larri was really sweet and earnest, even though he blew things out of proportion. I thought a lot about thematics and a few key highlights mostly watching this episode. The idea of Zyumen/animals giving up part or all of themselves for human benefit and how grateful we should be for that was something that struck me and I hope some kids thought about that watching this as well. Larri pointing out the reciprocity between him and Yamato was a really solid message to me.

ALEPH- I just really, really like Larri and I’m gonna miss him ‘til he comes back.

But, yeah, I really think the message of reciprocity and being thankful when you get an important gift is so important.  It’s great to get a gift, but if it’s causing someone hurt to give it?  Yeah, that’s not on.  You thank them or risk doing some Gift of the Magi biz to try and make it better for ‘em.

Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks


  • The scene with Mario was a little weak. Or a lot weak. Like he is in the next room. How does he not hear everyone shouting? I still like Mario, but he’s being really poorly utilized and I think it’s making the house scenes drag a bit.
  • This episode wasn’t bad, but I don’t feel it was all that great? It’s hard to pin down specific things, but It feels like they sort of phones in bits of this episode just to move things along. Azald put himself back together and then was just like “Lol later suckers”. Like, from what we’ve seen of Azald, wouldn’t he want to even the score with Yamato, so to speak? And the other Zyumans didn’t really get to do much, aside from the little bit where Sela heard the child. For a second I thought Tusk was going to sniff out Larri, but that didn’t happen. Even the revelation about the life-force transfer and connecting it to the Eagle Man felt a little weak. It didn’t feel like as big of a deal as it should be.
  • I still can’t deal with ZyuohGorilla please make it go away.
  • Aside from her canned line to grow the monsters, Naria had a noise this episode. Not even a word. She had an affirmative noise, and no other lines. Please save this poor alien woman she deserves better.


  • My biggest problem is-a him, Mario.
  • Larri went away.  That’s not on, you guys.  0/10.
  • Zyuoh Wild’s weird plastic arms.  I’m cool with the gorilla and whatever, but the big horkin’ gorilla arms on the robot were just on the borderland of “hilariously awful” but just did not make it there.
  • This show needs to step up it’s music game.  There are, he admitted grudgingly, a few good tracks here and there, but they should be trying to match ToQGer.


  •  Gorilla mech with inexplicable canon and other accouterments was odd. It was really disappointing.
  • Knowing now that Azald doesn’t need a Continue, sure saps the potency from what seemed to be a moment for Genis in the last episode.
  • Naria should be freaking out over Azald being back, or else she shouldn’t have asked about to giving him a Continue last episode

Tide Turners – Stuff you enjoyed.


  • The little girl not being scare of Larri warmed my heart.
  • Gaburio really drew me back to Telephone-Crocodile from Abaranger, and I hope that’s what they were trying to evoke because he was a delight. I wasn’t as into Gaburio, but he brought back some fond memories. (As an aside, his voice actor, Takagi Wataru has been four past Sentai monsters, as well as an Imagin in Den-O, but what surprised me most was that he was the original voice for Rubius in Sailor Moon!)


  • Sela is still bothered by Leo’s shouting and the show isn’t forgetting about it
  • Sela heard the little girl in danger. We need more of this.
  • Yamato tried to give back Larri’s life force/Zyuman power
  • Yamato couldn’t give back Larri’s Zyuman power
  • Larri’s grey fur looks so fantastic!


  • Larri.  Let’s all just agree that Larri is the greatest.  Can we do that?  I’m gonna do that.  He’d be a great mentor.  More Larri.
  • Yamato trying to give Larri back his life force.  In an episode of stuff that fell kinda flat for me (not in any big way, just in general), that bit felt good.  The kid playing Yamato?  He’s got a future.
  • Zyuoh Gorilla’s gloves having limited articulation actually really made me warm to it.  Seeing those big ol’ sausage fingers move just put a smile on my face.
  • More rescuing, plz.  There’s this thing where the show’s juuuust this side of a traditional superhero narrative that’s being so interesting to me.  All the rescuing of civilians and whatnot.  It’s not a thing I’ve noticed in a lot of sentai, at least not without the civilians being directly related to the plot and I like it.

Evolutions – What do you think this show has in store for the future?

Sono- Still leaning on more animal powers. At that, I’m hoping there’s a non-unleashed form for Gorilla because I cannot deal with it.

Ammit- Larri will come back late in the show. Also,We’ll see old man Eagle

Aleph- I confess, at this point, I want Eagle’s brother to have broken out to look for him and that’s what’s caused all this and then when we meet him, he wants revenge on the filthy human who stole his brother’s life.

Quick Reflexes

How do you feel about Larri’s life being permanently shortened, and how do you think it was handled by the show?

Azald is back! Given that we talked about what we thought might be coming with him gone, how are you rethinking that now?

 NEXT WEEK — EPISODE 6: Wild Present!

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