Adel Vies- Ghost 22 -RX! 135


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [69] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 22 Treachery! Adel’s Trap!

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Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Writer: Hasegawa Keiichi

Director: Kyohei Yamaguchi

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi

Let’s turn a discerning eye to what could be the Macro Message hidden in this episode of Ghost!

Ammit’s View Ghost 22

I really enjoyed this episode so much. Adel’s turn was sudden and sharp. It fits that he had appeared to be the Emperor from his first appearance and we had known Javert to be loyal to him. All this was seeded long ago, quite economically, which I feel was key to there being so many big reveals and shifts here.

Was there a central message here? I’m not sure. There may be something about persistence and striving for what you want or need to do. Adel spent a lot of time to form his coup. Akari and Onari’s hard work and training paid off in them being able to hold off Knight Ganma.

Sono’s View Ghost 22

Again, since this is a climax point, I’m not sure about an overall message, but I’ve been stewing on it a few days and I’m leaning toward “Not everything is what it seems.” Ganma World is not the utopia that Takeru tried to comprehend. Alain’s brother is not the man Alain thought he was, and the power he held was reduced to literally nothing on another’s word. Lying is easy. Living and accepting truth isn’t. I’m not sure how much more I can give it than that because this episode was really dense with world building and character development instead of a real moral narrative.

Aleph’s View Ghost 22

Mmm, sweet sweet character stuff.  Just wanna bathe in it.

I think the thing I took, though, was that viciousness doesn’t have a target when it’s your ideology.  The… well, are they the Ganma or are they something else?  Anyway, the Imperial family are people who perpetuate and talk a lot of stuff about how their nonsense is logical and right and just and good and all that mess, but when you deal with vicious folks, you gotta remember that if even one of ‘em actually takes it to heart instead of just having it be the post facto rationalization for the things they wanna do?  They’re only going to wreck things.  There is no loyalty, there is no love, there is no family, there’s just winning.  And, look, if “win” is the only moral goal, eventually it’s gonna come down to “murder your family” because there’s only so many folks you can win over before you’re eatin’ your own.

Sarracenian’s View Ghost 22


The unKamenCrew’s Top 3 (Maximum) Woments from Ghost 22


  • Ganma world is a let down
  • Takeru killed Knight and that was a moral failing, but I don’t think Ghost’s creatives recognize that


  • Literally my only problem will be of Sword-Mom Ganma doesn’t come back. I need her living in the basement and being exasperated with Cubi and wanting to fight all the time and learning what fun is. I need this like I need air to breathe. I talked about this with someone over the week and I’d love to see Aria bring her back and have Sword-Mom helping Aria run both side of the con. If I can’t have her back on Takeru’s side, I’d love to see her working with Aria.


  • Glad to see we’re all a bit ambivalent about Sword Ganma because while I LOVE that fight with Sword Ganma.  I really, really did.  Having her get explodo’d because she wants that fight where your life is on the line and he gives it to her, but the more I think about it, our boy, at least implicitly, can’t die.  Or the rules around that feel a bit fuzzy when it comes to ghost weapons.  And, sure, Sword Ganma can’t die because she’s not alive and hopefully they took her sword with them, but… I dunno.  I would at least have liked a thing where he pulls back and she’s all “No, I want a FIGHT.  This is the first time I’ve ever had an opponent I could respect, don’t you hold out on me.”  Because… yeah, it hit me weird.



Rundown for Ghost 22… not really 🙂

22 Treachery! Adel’s Trap!

Information from TV-N’s Wiki on Ghost 22

Writer: Hasegawa Keiichi

Director: Kyohei Yamaguchi

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi

Ganma: Adel using an Ultima Eyecon


New Heroic Eyecon Summoned: None

Miscellaneous: Takeru kills Knight in a duel to the death.

-69 days still…

-Adel turns on PapAdonis and kills him as well as Alain. He also awakens Javert and tries to kill Makoto.

NEXT| 23 Heart and Soul! The Big Eyecon!

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