Talkin’ Bout Pluto- Sailor Moon Crystal Season III Trailer -Moon Speak Phase II-0

In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit discuss the Sailor Moon Crystal Season III trailer.

[SMC] Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Trailer.mkv_snapshot_00.28_[2016.03.16_06.53.45]

The girls who are back for an all new adventures with new powers, new enemies and would-be allies to further complicate things. It looks like Pluto is back too, somehow. Sailor Moon Crystal Season III debuts in April. Stay tuned for weekly episodes of Moon Speak!

If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions, you may send correspondence to  our inbox or we can be reached individually@MammaFriesMeal and @trialofheroes on Twitter. We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening.

The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

Check out text reviews every Monday after Crystal airs and hear new Moon Speak the Monday after that. That’s four Sailor Monday every MONTH!

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