Hiroshi Fujioka: International Treasure – Rider Jump 11

4-Rider Jump -B

Hiroshi Fuijoka is a treasure. Thanks in part to his charisma and athleticism, we have Kamen Rider as an on-going money making endeavor for Toei and Bandai. I don’t know if Ishimori Productions gets a cut, but fans of the Kamen Rider franchise have been benefiting from his work for decades. Even in the Western Toei Tokusatsu fandom, where there is a fair amount of turn over as the years go on, every modern era Rider owes a lot to what Hiroshi Fujioka helped start 45 years ago. And viewers have benifited from the continuation of Kamen Rider even if they only get to enjoy a year or two of shows that work for them.

In honor of the legacy of Riders to come after him and in anticipation for the Kamen Rider 1 movie coming out in the spring and staring Hiroshi Fujioka as Takeshi Hongo we decided to watch the Rider 1 trailer and have a little talk about it

RJ11-Hongo's Smile  Save As… To Download Episode Length: 40:51

If you have yet to see it, treat yourself to the trailer RAW and subbed.

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