Tiny Legs & A Long Barrel- Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 3 -Laser Knees 03

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we start on a wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! Can Yamato lead his Zyuman friends through an adventure to save the human world from the Deathgalien? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger; Episode  3- Can’t Go Home, Even Though I Want To

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Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger; Episode 3 – Can’t Go Home, Even Though I Want To

Episode Writer: Komura Junko

Episode Director: Katou Hiroyuki.

Komura is our lead, so there’s no need to address him again, but this is the first time we’re seeing Katou as an episode director for Zyuohger. He’s done some directing through a lot of Heisei Sentai, from Gekiranger all the way to Kyoryuger, specifically doing a lot of work on Goseiger and Gokaiger, with 13 and 10 episodes respectively,though he wasn’t lead on either. HE also was assistant to the director on Super Hero Taisen, and directed a lot of DVD specials and the Super Hero Taihen net movies. He also directed that Go-Busters V-Cinema where they fought an alt. Go-Busters team? I haven’t seen that but I heard people enjoyed it. So he’s got a lot of good work under his belt and I hope he brings it to the table here in Zyuohger.

Zyuohger 03’s Monster of the Week: Bohwgan


Animal Instincts – Overall Thoughts about the episode & it’s message

SONO- I’m kind of going in a couple directions on Amu this episode. I don’t like the fact that she was supposed to be searching and was just doing whatever she wanted. Clearly everyone agreed to search and split of where they would do it. By all indications, Amu agreed to help and then didn’t, and that’s pretty uncool.

But I do like Amu’s more realistic approach to her situation. She’s stuck on Earth for who knows how long, she has no indication that she even WILL get home, so she wants to try and be happy here. She isn’t getting her hopes up at every little thing only to be let down when it doesn’t work out, and I think that’s really important because things in life are rarely ever going to go exactly as you want them to. I think that’s really what the core of this episode was trying to do, but I wish there had been something to indicate that Amu had tried to voice this to the group and was ignored instead of having her just completely disregard her responsibilities.

AMMIT- I really like what this episode did with the plot and the mechanics of how the characters are going to work. The Zyumen need to learn to adapt the the human world and it is being hinted that Yamato needs to adapt to having them in his world.

ALEPH- I’m with Sono on this’n.  The, for lack of a better word, moral of the story being that things don’t go how you want and that it isn’t pessimistic or bad to plan for things going bad.  Sure, maybe you don’t just toss out your hope for the good stuff, but you at least make sure you’re ready for things going bad because sometimes, they really bloody will.

Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks


  • Amu just going around spending Yamato’s money. Amu knows what money is and I know she doesn’t have Earth money, but c’mon… Like… Is it the high-maintenance girlfriend joke? Because it feels like that and ehhhh…..
  • Gonna try not to beat this Naria thing into the ground but man I’d love to see her do something other than pass out drinks and power up the monster of the week. I could even settle for her just showing an emotion. Any emotion. Literally any kind of feeling. Please.
  • I wish that “Do you not want to go back to Zyuland” had amounted to a little more. Like you cut off the upbeat music and the silly gag to ask this question and Amu kind of shrugs it off. She never actually answers that question. She just says the search and how they’re going about it is dumb. I feel like this is a missed opportunity to address Amu maybe being a little homesick and trying to cover it up with trying to enjoy her new surroundings. Overall, I feel the writing in this episode was pretty weak, which is kind of disappointing because I love Amu. It just didn’t feel like all that much really… happened?


  • Naria serving drinks! BARF!!!
  • Bohwgan’s laping/dodging effect was quite middle of the road. Why not more like a warping effect instead?
  • Amu’s tail really bothers me


  • Right with you guys on Naria serving drinks. I mean, for serious guys, dubya tee eff, mate?  I’ll forgive it if later on she poisons the lot of them and becomes a new, like, Bandora, but until then…
  • I’m mostly mad that Amu seemed to have had to share her focus ep with the giraffe gun.  Sure, I’m glad they’re not taking their time on the infinite little upgrade toys you can get but eeeesh.
  • Still wish the Blood Gamers had just plain been hunters or had some kind of thematic connection to the Zyulanders.  I’m always a stickler for it. But if you’re gonna have a lack of interesting villain politics, I should at least be seeing them used to develop the world.

Tide Turners – Stuff you enjoyed.


  • I love Cube Giraffe oh my god. I got pretty bothered by the cube showing up and then them writing it off as just “Oops just another weird cube” and for some reason it didn’t clock to me that they’d come back to it like this. I don’t know why, because that’s not unusual for a sentai, but I guess I was so caught up in everything that I didn’t think of it.
  • Amu’s not all sunshine and butterflies and fruity drinks. She’s got a very realistic mindset, and she’s interested in learning. We’ve established that the girls are very multifaceted early on and I like that a lot. Sela seems more serious, but she can open up and have fun. Amu seems more excitable, but she’s down to earth about what matters. I’d love to see them build on these traits in everyone, but especially in these two. As much as my concerns about Naria are still in play, this could be a good season for Sentai Women.
  • I do like that Yamato is able to openly get frustrated with how BS his situation can be sometimes. I feel like that’s pretty rare with a Sentai Red and I enjoyed him just being like “AMU YOU ARE SCREWING AROUND STOP IT.”
  • Leo is an actual 5 year old and I love him. I love all of them honestly but Leo is so dang endearing.


  • I really adore how earnestly Yamato wants to help the Zyumen
  • Amu tricking Yamato into treating her to all kinds of goodies was played really well.
  • Yamato’s PAINFUL Eagle-Vision was interesting and fills
  • Sela’s “Don’t be a baby.” to Leo.
  • Amu’s adaptability is really interesting


  • Amu is SUCH a cat and I love it.  Her attitude of “I’ll do what I wanna and let the rest of them do their thing and if they need me, they’ll call” really does make her feel like a cat to me in that respect.  Those are the sorts of character things I appreciate if you’re selling me a furry character and it’s supposed to matter in some way?
  • Also digging on “suddenly eagle senses”, if only because I hope it becomes a plot point later on.
  • Just noticed that when they all get their “animal instinct” powerset-things, there’s this little juddering/shivering effect before, like, the shark fin pops out of the costume and it’s so creepy and body horror and I’m glad to see that Sentai is getting into the body horror game.
  • Also kinda like that, as my partner pointed out, a possible theme here on top of interconnectedness and the importance of found family is also a thing where the adult world can take something as relatively honest as a game (like Minecraft) and make it a bloodsport and that there’s certain bits of “immaturity” worth hanging onto.
  • And, hey!  Bohwgun looked a lot better than he did in those little flashes last week.  Also, target reticle eyes! I’m a sucker for those.

Evolutions – What do you think this show has in store for the future?

Sono- I’d like to see Amu get kind of attached to the human world and have to come to terms with the fact that she’s not staying here forever and kind of has to deal with that. I think it would be interesting.

Ammit- I think Yamato might become a birdman

Aleph- I’m at least hoping that him becoming one will be a plot point, even if he doesn’t actually become one?  Little body horror stuff? I dunno, I wouldn’t mind Sentai getting into the game.  Like a thing where he has to step down from being Red for a little, let Eagle/6 take over for a little before coming to a well-pondered decision.

Quick Reflexes

How does Zyuoh King’s modular flexibility work for you?

What would you like to see develop from the Zyuland-Earth connection that was highlighted this episode?

NEXT WEEK — EPISODE 4: Roar in the Ring!

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