Kamen Rider W Case Files 2 of 5-Riderology-unKamenCast-RX! 013


Claire, Grimmhelm, Mewzard and Ammit once again count up W’s sins and some of the show’s good deeds as well! We get deep into discussing Kirihiko, Wakana, Saeko and Terui, as well as where the mystery could be going. Do you have the courage to hear our judgments of Kamen Rider W 13-26?

RX 013-W-Q2 Save As… To Download|Episode Length: 1:34:03

Check out: Claire’s work and Tumblr! Claire’s notes on W 13-26

Ammit’s viewing notes.

Princess Wakana’s Healing Princess Show! There are 34 episodes, subbed by TV-N!

And these episodes Specifically cross over with the W show, being “in Universe”

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