Keep Hailing- Ghost 18 -RX! 132


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [72] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 18 Comeback! Fantastical Science!

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Before we start Sono is going to give credit where it is due:

Writer: Hasegawa Keiichi

Director: Morota Satoshi

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi

I gave some background on Hasegawa and Morota last episode, so I’m not going to repeat myself, but I need to say man THIS is the kind of work I love and want to see out of Hasegawa and I hope he keeps this up in any future episodes he does.

Let’s turn a discerning eye to what could be the Macro Message hidden in this episode of Ghost!

Ammit’s View Ghost 18

Overcoming our difference through mutual respect and by working towards a common goal makes us better people and if everyone had that attitude the world would be perfect.

Sono’s View Ghost 18

I feel like 18 is really an extension of what I was saying in 17. Just because your ideals are different than someone else doesn’t make either of you wrong and doesn’t make you mortal enemies just because. As long as you can respect why the other person sees things the way they do (And neither of you is outright hurting anyone), there’s still a lot that can be accomplished. Again, if everyone is the same not fighting or questioning ideas ever, there’s no way anything will ever progress and nothing new will happen.

This is also definitely running parallel to Takeru and Alain’s conflict of ideals, where Takeru is trying to understand Alain’s side, and Alain wants no part of it. Also the fact that Alain is definitely hurting people and doesn’t care, shows where this  idea of founding mutual respect can go pretty wrong, but I think it’s good to really drive home the concept of making a strong effort to find compromise (Especially if one side isn’t hurting people.) and then work from there.

Sarranecinan’s View Ghost 18


Aleph’s View Ghost 18

I’m on pretty much the same hook: making a counterpoint to the fact that some ways of doing things are just fundamentally incompatible by showing that the nature of the incompatibility isn’t just that two things are different, but that they really want things that are in opposition.  Our Heroes and the Eyecons all want the same thing, they just go about it differently.  Igor, Alan, Alan’s brother, and the rest of the Ganma seem to want outcomes that are just plain bad and their use of methods similar to those of Our Heroes (for example: science and friendship) don’t make what they want good.

The unKamenCrew’s Top 3 (Maximum) Woments from Ghost 18


  • There is an Imperial Princess too! She’s even a nice person it would seem. Interesting
  • Alain is over 150 years old!
  • Takoyaki lady is so boss!
  • Kanon had some effect on Makoto despite the mind control
  • Onari’s care for Akari and calling her on her self-doubt
  • Akari’s pronouncement of faith in herself
  • Kanon making an effort to work with Prince Alain to find Makoto
  • How well Kanon took the news that Alain is not who she thought he was
  • Igor’s scaled down Mega Urourder


  • KANON IS THE MOST PURE AND PRECIOUS BEING ON THIS PLANET. Her scenes with Alain were the sort of thing I’ve really been wanting from her and I’m so thrilled. The whole exchange of “You were scary when we met.” “Am I scary now?” “Lol no.” was great and the scene where Alain has to grasp the concept of food and eating for the first time was hysterical to the point where I can let pass Fumi asking if Kanon and Alain were dating. (Also Fumi is an old woman and I expect this of her. It doesn’t give me uncomfy vibes about KAnon getting shoved into a love-interest role.)
  • ONCE AGAIN, AKARI AND ONARI!!! They really turned things around this episode to give Akari and Onari a chance to have been in the place the other was in 17 and drive home that their respect goes both ways. Igor called Onari garbage and Akari just LOST IT. The whole scene was so beautifully acted on her part. I also really love how they reflected this in Newton and Himiko, and it’s because of Akari and Onari’s feelings or respect and admiration for each other that Takeru was able to win.
  • Big Sister Ganma has really caught my attention, as did everything surrounding her. She’s the one who took in Makoto and Kanon. Kanon was not immediately an eyecon. Alain wanted nothing to do with them but his sister kind of laughed it off, not perceiving Alain as a threat to her new humans. We’re learning a lot more about not only Makoto and Kanon’s ordeal, but Alain’s relationship to his siblings. Digging the heck out of this exposition.


  • Just gonna +1 a few other points real quick: Kanon as exposition vector is nice, Igor having his own eye-reader, and the return of Fumi.
  • I’m really happy that we’re getting some power of (familial) love to be a thing that is this close to saving Makoto.  That sort of thing is exciting for me.
  • I’m weirdly loving the Sanzo suit.  The implication that it’s got if not all the powers and abilities of the protagonists from Journey to the West, at least some of them could be really neat but on the other hand, there just wasn’t much of it?  I just lost my sugar a bit when I saw Sanzo’s companions built into the suit.
  • Akari throwing down with the even-more-upgraded Shiranui AND getting the great “Well, Takeru’s not here and if we don’t do this, more people will get hurt. Here we go.”
  • Okay, apparently you can just GO to Ganma-world.  Yikes.  That’s gonna be intense later on.



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