RX132 Preshow: Kamen Rider Ghost 18 Reactions and Questions

The deadline for submitting feedback for Ghost 18 for -RX! 132 is Today, WEDNESDAY, February 17, 2016 12:30pm PST, but we welcome feedback anytime after that as well in our comments section, in or inbox or through Twitter or on Tumblr.

Hello everyone, this is Ammit here. I have some thoughts about Ghost 18.

This show is officially holding to much back. Takeru went to Ganma World, but encountered no one and saw nothing of significance beyond the Monolith of Monoliths surrounded by smaller Monoliths… perhaps. The tease has gone on long enough that I’m starting to chafe and as it stands I’m about ready to feign elation and just be done with all the fancy movements the production is making. I wish Ghost’s Creatives could hear my frustration and give me more faster because that’s what I need. I do enjoy the bits reaching in to Prince Alain’s past and how the Fukami siblings met him and his here-to-fore-unmentioned SISTER. She seems interesting. We also finally learn that Prince Adel is his brother and the preview for the next episode got me thinking about how murky things are in the Ganma royal family. Who is the current Emperor? Where is their father? What about their mother?

Enough from me. We want to hear from you, so we have some questions for you to ponder so you can share your robust thoughts with us.

Bonus question: Are you frustrated with the pacing on the Ganma side of the show?

Let’s make this official:

The unKamenCrew wants to hear your thoughts, comments and questions on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 18 Comeback! Fantastical Science!

What are your bones to pick in Ghost 18?

What were the top 3 Woah-ments for you in Ghost 18?

On Eyecons

Do you think we’ll see the Knife Ganma Eyecon again?

In the preview we saw that Mob Ganma again, would it bother you if all the previous Ganma came back by way of Igor’s ability to load them into his Urourder?

Are you pleased with how the Heroic Eyecons are being united? Did it work with Himiko and Newton this episode?

Forcing Perspective

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 18SD [69C70969].mp4_snapshot_06.10_[2016.02.17_05.29.25]

Takeru was hardly in Ganma World. Was that a cop out from the show?

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 18SD [69C70969].mp4_snapshot_09.16_[2016.02.17_05.53.51]

Is Akari lacking any more development? Is she in a good place?

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 18SD [69C70969].mp4_snapshot_16.25_[2016.02.17_08.00.29][Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 18SD [69C70969].mp4_snapshot_16.34_[2016.02.17_08.00.38][Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 18SD [69C70969].mp4_snapshot_16.52_[2016.02.17_08.00.54][Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 18SD [69C70969].mp4_snapshot_16.57_[2016.02.17_08.01.02]

Do we need to see any more focus placed on Onari, like the treatment Akari got over these two episodes?


Do you have questions for us? Do you have any comments for us regarding Ghost?



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