RX129 Preshow: Kamen Rider Ghost 15 Reactions and Questions

The deadline for submitting feedback for Ghost 15 for -RX! 129 is Thursday January 28, 20106 12:30pm PST, but we welcome feedback anytime after that as well in our comments section, in or inbox or through Twitter or on Tumblr.

Hello everyone, this is Ammit here. I have some thoughts and feelings about mortality and postmortem legacy sparked by the last two episodes of Ghost.

I’m not sure this was such a good episode. There were separate parts I liked a lot and a few low points that just didn’t work for me. Prince Aran coming to Makoto again to offer him a chance to correct the mistakes he has made is a fantastic humanizing touch that adds a layer of complexity to Aran and gives an ominous vibe to Makoto, who says he will live as a human. What could that mean? Is Makoto still human, is he removing himself from the royal family’s protection in favor of siding with the Humans who the Imperialist Ganma intend to exploit? Was Makoto previously in alignment with those plans? There is so much going on here that draws me into the show and keeps it ringing in my head long after I’ve turned it off. My mind drifts to other ideas in this epiosde that I liked, but pulling at my mind’s eye is the sight of Kanon captured, bound and carried by her big brother. Kanon has been tough and while Javert did this before with Shibuya, it felt so much nastier this time. More personal for Javert and Makoto, but Kanon seemed denigrated to the level of an object this two guys were fighting over. Onari and Akari, heck maybe even Narita were there to free Shibuya while Takeru faced Javert previously and he was free from danger as soon as his purpose as a lure had been served. Javert wanted to use Kanon and threats to her safety to motivate Makoto and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Especially when Kanon isn’t given the time to sass or be outraged that Aran has betrayed her and is trying to use her to get to Makoto. There is more, but time is short and this will do for now.

Anyway, enough from me. We want to hear from you, so we have some questions for you to ponder so you can share your robust thoughts with us.

Bonus question: did you have any issues with Kanon’s abduction?

Let’s make this official:

The unKamenCrew wants to hear your thoughts, comments and questions on:

15 Anguish! The Hard-Headed Escape King!

Bones To Pick

What issues did you have with Ghost 15?

Greatest Woah-ments

What were some of your favorite thing in these episodes? Please keep it to no more than 3 Woah-ments for each episode.

On Eyecons


How do you like the Spectre Houdini aesthetics?

Was the arc of Houdini bequeathing his power to Makoto satisfying?

How did you like Takeru’s interaction with Musashi overall and in respect to the way it was shot, how Musashi looked and their conversation?

Forcing Perspective


How did Kanon come off? Was Kanon used properly?

Is Javert really gone this time?


Do you have questions for us? Do you have any comments for us regarding Ghost?


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