Brand New Day- Ghost 13-14 -RX! 128


Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [98] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

13 Daring! The Man Who Lives Freely!


14 Magnificent! Dawn for Earth!

This is a sumarry of Kamen Rider Ghost in one picture Save As… to Download Episode Length 2:31:37

What, if anything, is being said about the world and our place in it in this episode? Ghost deals with the idea of Icons and Great Men, in a way that makes focusing narrowly on obtaining tangible objects relating to them important, but what makes a person great? What does that mean?

Let’s turn a discerning eye to what could be the Macro Message hidden in this episode of Ghost!

Ammit’s View Ghost 13/14

We can make it better when we work together!

Sono’s View Ghost 13/14

I watched both together, and I think they work best as a whole, so that’s where I’m gonna lean on this macro view.

The theme in the 13/14 arc seems to be along the lines of “dream big, but don’t dream alone”. It’s REALLY HARD to get things done by yourself. Especially huge things like saving the whole dang world from angry ghosts.

No protagonist in this arc did anything alone. Ryouma could have told Takeru to convince Nagamasa to pursue his dream without his father, but the whole point was to get them to work together instead. Two completely normal human beings were able to reclaim a Ganma controlled satellite through teamwork. That’s AWESOME. Even Akari, who was still injured, led our non-rider team into action by using her skills to figure out where the problem was located. Even Makoto is being drawn into that fold, relying on Kanon and having Akari and the others rely on him.

I feel like I mentioned in a past episode how our protagonists have people to rely on and our antagonists are very splintered, and this arc seems to want to cash in on that.

Sarranecinan’s View Ghost 13/14


Aleph’s View Ghost 13/14

Guys, I’m just so happy about these episodes.  I also picked up on the explicitly and tremendously pro-social and pro-community messages and loved how everyone had something to give and REALLY loved how we’re doing that thing that superhero fiction generally and even Rider doesn’t do as often as I’d like where we highlight that non-super characters have something to offer us and it’s great.

The unKamenCrew’s Top 3 (Maximum) Woments from Ghost 12



  • Yurusen telling Takeru about Ryoma AFTER he has been flipped
  • RYOMA knowing about Takeru saving Kanon
  • Onari calling out Takeru on NOT using GOEMON in the first fight


  •  Ganma soul sucking
  • Aran fighting Spectre and being a bit devious about it, with the sucker punches and the running and the GanMooks shields
  • These “second tier” Heroic Eyecons giving Takeru long coats



  • Yurusen was absolute gold this episode. Just constant absolute gold.
  • Takeru trying to listen to the eyecons while everyone is talking and the banter between him and Akari over him not paying attention.
  • Onari carrying Akari around. Look, I really love the fact that Akari is keeping this injury the full length of the recovery time and it’s not being brushed off by the plot. It’s stopping her from exactly nothing, and Onari carrying her on his back is adorable.


  • Team Ghost urging Takeru to handle the Ryouma situation while they take care of the Ganma. Ryouma says it best; Takeru has friends he can really rely on and that falls in with what this episode wants to say. It’s important that Takeru gets the Eyecon, so even of the other parts are harder or more dangerous, they’re willing to back him up no matter what.
  • Kanon is the best. I just get really excited any time Kanon shows up. I can’t wait for more from her now that we’re getting her out of the hospital.
  • Narita sensed the Ganma in the woods. I like that the spiritual characters are making some progress in their training!


  • Uchuu Kitaaaaa!  Thank you for pandering to me, Kamen Rider Ghost.
  • Is the actress playing Akari actually injured? We’ve been sort of debating/discussing over here if we’re leaning into the “realtime” aspect of things with her leg healing or if maybe she didn’t actually get hurt and they’re just rolling with it.
  • I love me some Kabuki stuff, you guys.  So much.  The fireworks when Katana popped?  Amazing.


  • Yo hey Sakamoto Ryoma is pretty cool. Fun sort of one-off character and based on already a pretty interesting and seldom talked about historical figure. Integrating history lessons in a fun way is always a good thing.
  • Really liked the way both episodes balances so many stories and developments seamlessly without feeling rushed or overcrowded. We learn simultaneously more about the Ganma and the Eyecons and dropping good number of hints as to what’s going on, while still telling a family drama of the week.
  • Have to reiterate how I like the team dynamic of the Rider and the other characters that we have. It reminds me a lot of the team dynamic the Early-Heisei and the Showa era had. While no means a new thing in superhero fiction, its still refreshing to see it come back in Kamen Rider, and having all of the cast getting involved in the story is only beneficial. That scene with Narita and Akari’s souls being taken for example would have been far less effective if they weren’t as invested in what was going on, and having that albeit small bit of tension is still better than none at all.

In keeping with Ms. Akari’s love of the empirical, the following contains observable information from the events of the day Akari received a set of injuries and Takeru and Onari set up the Daitenkuu temple as a headquarters for staging paranormal investigations.

13 Daring! The Man Who Lives Freely!

TV-N’s Wiki on Ghost 13

Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro

Diector: Suzumaru Nobuhiro

Action Diector: Miyazaki Takeshi

Ganma: Sword/Katana & Planet

New Heroic Eyecon Summoned: GOEMON

Miscellaneous: SAKAMOTO RYOMA possessed a guy and hung out a bunch, giving people life advice and chiding Takeru a bunch.

-98 day left… again

-At Ryu’s grave Takeru thanks his father for helping him and promises to unite the 15 Heroes. Makoto comes along and pays his respects to Ryu as well as lament his own actions next to Takeru’s. Makoto lets Takeru know that Kanon is doing well and gives Takeru a limited answer as to what happened with him and Kanon 10 years ago. Makoto says they were pulled into the monolith and lived in the Ganma world, but he’ll explain more once he settles some thing.

-Prince Aran saunters through the Ganma World in search of his Majesty, his brother. He can’t find him at first within one of a few skyscraper like towers and deploys the Katana and Space Helmet Ganma to do some devious work while he finds his brother. Before leaving the scene Prince Aran remarks that he is now able to infuse the Ganma with power without Saionji who turned out to be useful in the end.

-The Ganma descend and the Space/PLANET Ganma emits an energy wave of some sort that messes with telecom devices and causes a particular fellow to stop yapping on his phone long enough to become possessed by an Eyecon. The spirit possessing the man remarks that this fellow has a big dream and that it is excited to reconnoiter modern Japan.

-Onari and Akari are with Takeru going over the Eyecon situation again, but he is trying to hear MUSASHI and clarifies to them that his dad said he had to unite the 15 Heroes, but that he doesn’t know how, although he did hear MUSAHSI’S voice in the battle with Javert. Takeru decides to see if SAGE will tell him anything.

-Takeru asks Sage if he knew his father. Sage tells him that Ryu is gone forever, unless Takeru can save them both by gathering the 15 Heroic Eyecons within 99 days. He dodges further inquiry by giving Takeru a clue about the next Heroic Eyecon to appear and vanishes himself.

-SAKAMOTO RYOMA who united forces around the country after the fall of the Shogunate and dedicated his life to improving Japan should be the next HEROIC EYECON to be found and may have infact been the one to posses the man on the phone from earlier.

-Takeru worries about safeguarding his father’s soul, but Onari comes screaming into the lab about a Ganma attack.

-Takeru along with Onari carrying Akari on his back, run near the epicenter of the trouble where the Space/PLANET Ganma is using people’s phones to knock them out and drain something from them to absorb it into itself. The trio sees a man with a sign and a line of people seeking his counsel and figure that he must be the source of the trouble.

-Yurusen tells Takeru that the man is in fact infused with an Eyecon, and the group disperses the crowd and Takeru transforms to confront the Ganma. The man tosses Ghost and Yurusen clarifies that the EYECON he is infused with the the RYOMA HEROIC EYECON.

-Takeru apologizes and asks RYOMA to let him link his soul with him. RYOMA brushes him off and asks what his dream is. Takeru says they don’t have time for that and says he just wants to defeat the Ganma and protect people. RYOMA suggests that he form an alliance like the Sat-Cho alliance he had formed to quell unrest. Takeru says he has no clue how to do that in modern times and the PLANET Ganma hits them all up on their mobiles.

-Takeru calls Yurusen and asks them where the Ganma is. Yurusen plays coy, but leads Takeru to the Ganma. Ryoma watches the odd group as Takeru struggles with Yurusen and Onari runs off carrying Akari on his back. Ryoma remarks that Takeru acts quickly when there is trouble despite some indecisiveness.

-Takeru finds the PLANET Ganma and is attacked by KATANA Ganma, who he is shocked to see because that Ganma killed him and he had destroyed it after becoming Kamen Rider Ghost.

-Onari and Akari use Spider-Lantern to see that the Ganma are double-teaming Takeru so Onari tries to toss GOEMON to Takeru, but Makoto shows up and transforms to help his friend.

-Takeru almost defeats KATANA Ganma, but PLANET Ganma creates a barrier for them saying they have a more important concern at present. The Ganma get away and Takeru thanks Makoto for helping him.

-Makoto leaves and RYOMA steps in chiding Takeru for saying his life will burn bright even though he is dead. RYOMA “back in my days…” a bit and Takeru doesn’t know how to reason with the old man.

-RYOMA ignores his concerns and says that the guy he is possessing needs help with a problem to fulfill his big dream and says Takeru will help him create a Sat-Cho Alliance. Takeru agrees though he doesn’t know what to do. RYOMA recedes and lets the man return to consciousness.

-Akari tells Takeru that she and Onari will try to figure out what is going on with the cellphones and people collapsing and notices him wavering but chooses not to say anything to him when Takeru notices her change in expression.

-Takeru explains the situation to TAMURA NAGAMASA who is an admirer of Sakamoto Ryoma and has a dream involving Space. TAMURA works with KAMEYAMA HEAVY INDUSTRIES, designing satellites. He is having trouble with his current project because he needs the help of an older engineer who is resistant to helping him. It’s his father.

-Prince Aran tells PLANET Ganma tha the has a plan to rapidly expand the scope of their agenda and tells KATANA Ganma to deal with Takeru so he doesn’t further meddle with their plans.

-Akari explains to Onari, Narita and Shibuya that the Ganma’s attacks have all happened within a one kilometer radius and she’ll be monitoring the area from the lab and asks them to go there so they can report first hand to her anything that happens there.

-TAMURA NAGAMASA and Takeru visit Tamura Techology Works, Incorporated to see TAMURA SATSUNOSHIN, NAGAMASA’s father. NAGAMASA pleads with his father to help him complete this satellite which will greatly advance Japan’s space development. NAGMASA says they dreamt of working together, a father and his two sons, for a long time. SATSUNOSHIN isn’t interested and pushes NAGAMASA away. Takeru comes between them and SATSUNOSHIN asks who he is.

-Takeru fails miserably to untie father and son. SATSUNOSHIN tells NAGAMASA to never come back and NAGAMASA says he wouldn’t want to anyway. RYOMA takes over and chides Takeru for not taking care of the issue and says a man needs to follow through on his word. KATANA Ganma cuts their conversation short and Takeru learns that someone wants him dead! Deader, anyway.

-Takeru uses Boost, but is unable to keep up with the … swallow themed KATANA Ganma. Onari insists that Takeru use GOEMON because some tell of him being a NINJA, so he ought to have some speed in his HEROIC EYECON.

-Takeru uses GOEMON and defeats KATANA Ganma with the Sunglass Slasher’s OMEGA Shine! And we get fireworks!

-Prince Aran leads PLANET Ganma into a facility that has something to do with satellites the Ganma uses its power to project a Ganma Eye onto a satellite in orbit. Akari sees on her screen in the lab that around the one kilometer center cluster of the incidents there is a vaguely eye-shaped pattern of incidents emerging.

-Sage looks concerned. Prince Aran looks excited.

14 Magnificent! Dawn for Earth!

TV-N’s Wiki on Ghost 14

Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro

Diector: Suzumaru Nobuhiro

Action Diector: Miyazaki Takeshi

Ganma: Planet

New Heroic Eyecon Summoned: RYOMA

Miscellaneous: No Hug of Redemption this episode, but we got a hand shake of resolution

-Akari assures Takeru that she and the others will take care of monitoring the situation with the Ganma’s growing power while he works on the modern Sat-Cho alliance with the TAMURAS. RYOMA appreciates the quality friendship he sees between Takeru and the others.

-NAGAMASA tells Takeru what happened to cause a rift between him and his father. They worked passionately together towards furthering space-travelling capabilities, as far as satellites are concerned anyway, until NAGAMASA’s older brother died.

-SATSUNOSHIN was as passionate and fiery back then as he is now and he and his first son were arguing about differences in a design. When his son ran from the conflict, he was hit by a car and died. SATSUNOSHIN couldn’t go back to working on the thing that was so tangled in his son’s death, despite the fact the NAGAMASA was able to continue the dream the three shared.

-Akari sends Onari and Shibuya to go investigate an area where abnormal radio signals were recorded shortly before PLANET Ganma’s attack. Narita stays behind with her to help with whatever he can.

-Akari calls Makoto but he doesn’t answer. He speaks with Kanon at the hospital and she encourages him to go help Takeru and the others.

-NAGAMASA and Takeru go to visit SATSUNOSHIN at work, but NAGAMASA is too apprehensive about seeing his father, so Takeru goes to speak with him alone.

-Takeru hears SATSUNOSHIN speaking to a photo of himself with NAGAMASA and YOSHIYUKI and how there time working together was the happiest time in his life. When Tkaeru asks him why he won’t work with NAGAMASA anymore, he says he can’t stop thinking of YOSHIYUKI.

-Takeru gives SATSUNOSHIN his own line he heard from NAGAMASA about Space being Humanity’s dream that can only be achieved by people working together, but SATSUNOSHIN pushes him out of his office.

-Takeru returns to NAGAMASA and encourages him to keep working on his dream, but NAGAMASA just walks away.

-RYOMA talks control again and compliments Takeru, Ryu actually, on Takeru finally getting “it.” But just then Shibuya calls and interrupts the moment with a call that he and Onari are under attack. Takeru runs off, but RYOMA stops him saying that panic will just make things worse. Makoto shows up the protect them and calls Takeru to say he will handle things there so that Takeru can do what he must. RYOMA remarks that it is good to have friends and Takeru decides to go talk to SATSUNOSHIN again and drags NAGAMASA along.

-Takeru tells the TARUMAS that he wants to see them work together on designing their satellite and launching it into space for him. If they can do this, YOSHIYUKI’s memory will live on. SATSUNOSHIN asks if YOSHIYUKI would really want him to do that and NAGAMASA says he would be elated as the brothers always strove to follow in their father’s footsteps. They agree to work together and Takeru is relieved to have helped forge the second Sat-Cho Alliance!

-Makoto defeats the GanMooks gathered in the woods where Akari had sent Shibuya and Onari, but Prince Aran and PLANET Ganma are still able to proceed with their plan.

-Prince Aran speaks with his brother about the power of the Heroic Eyecons as more than weapons, but the Emperor dismisses the notion of gaining a living body with the Heroic Eyecons and says they are only weapons to them. The Emperor gave Javert order which were meant to keep Aran in the dark about the alternate use for the Heroic Eyecons while still making it possible to gather them.

-The Emperor also mentions that the Ganma need humans for something…

-Akari calls Takeru to tell him that the Ganma has taken control of a satellite in order to amplify its power. She and Narita both pass out from the interference on the phone and something comes from them and heads towards the Ganma.

-NAGAMASA receives a call and tell his father that one of the satellites he built has been taken over. Takeru realizes that people’s souls are being gathered by the Ganma. The TARUMAS decide to help Takeru because they refuse to see their dream used to hurt people.

-Takeru and the TARUMAS join Makoto Onari and Shibuya at the station where the satellite is being used to absorb to absorb human souls en masse. PLANET Ganma shows up and says that they need human souls for their world. Takeru responds that though he may not know what his own dream is he wants to protect others so they can pursue theirs. RYOMA is pleased to hear this and exorcizes himself from NAGAMASA and Takeru obtains the RYOMA EYECON.

-Makoto and Takeru transform and fight. Aran attacks Spectre. He jacks his shotgun and tosses it aside. One of Makoto’s Heroic Eyecons won’t work.

-The TAMURAS work together to shut down the satellite and PLANET Ganma rockets into space to mount and operate the satellite personally. Takeru uses the RYOMA EYECON to dispatch GanMooks then Yurusen calls Captain Ghost to fly Takeru into orbit.

-Takeru destroys the Ganma and all the souls descend and return to their bodies. Aran fumes. Takeru and RYOMA take in the beautiful view of our blue planet.

-Happy denouement: TAMURAS are working together. Onari and Akari are bickering. RYOMA’s Heroic Eyecon talks to Takeru and Takeru resolves to make the Eyecon’s dreams come true, starting with MUSASHI.

NEXT| 15 Anguish! The Hard-Headed Escape King!

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