RX128 Preshow: Kamen Rider Ghost 13-14 Reactions and Questions

The deadline for submitting feedback for Ghost 13-14 for -RX! 128 is Wednesday January 20, 20106 12:30pm PST, but we welcome feedback anytime after that as well in our comments section, in or inbox or through Twitter or on Tumblr.

Hello everyone, this is Ammit here. I have some thoughts and feelings about mortality and postmortem legacy sparked by the last two episodes of Ghost.

Carrying on someone else’s dream is featured in Kamen Rider Ghost 13-14. This seems like it will explicitly be the set up for this leg of the show and in a way looking back, was a massive undercurrent in the first 12 episodes. Ryu did tell Takeru he was sorry for leaving this mess behind and in a flashback we saw him tell Dr. Igarashi they were working at something to preserve a future for Humanity. Ryu died and it seems he failed to accomplish his mission which has fallen to Takeru.

A dead someone’s dream or the wish of a dear one departed can be a burden or a blessing. Death changes people. Obviously the dead are gone and whether they are asleep in the earth or compost, depending on your worldview, their part here is done except for the ripple of their life reverberating through and past those close to them. It’s interesting to think about a person’s life in terms of a ripple upon the surface of placid waters because there are so many different types of people and so many different ways to orient one’s life that the simple analogy fails to plumb the depths and express the granularity of the truth. One could argue that because we live in an increasingly connected world that the shockwaves of our actions should all cancel out and distort each other, but I would say that it is more like we are all connected in an even more fantastical way than the wonders of modernity might lead us to believe. People are squishy and set in their ways and set in our connections. Each of us has an impressive ability to distance ourselves from things happening around us as well as connect to things far away and even the nonexistent. It is like we all form webs of different sizes shapes and orientations that connect to few or many points and that each of these points affixes to the structure of the world everyone builds around them from whatever they have in hand. When we lose someone, when they are ripped away or fall from the scaffolding attached to this tangled, sticky mess – everything shifts. The central tether holding their microcosm is severed and the slack causes it to collapse in on itself. Lines tear away from tension while other slump and others hold fast, each according to their mettle and circumstance.

Yoshiyuki’s death tore his father and brother apart because both were trying to honor his memory. The father who had lost his son, a very real part of himself made manifest and given a separate will from his own, who fled from him because of a conflict was lost forever. Satsunoshin clung to the memory of his son and was terrified to pull at the threads connected to the ruins of his life for fear that even the rubble and debris might be lost to him. The son who lost his older brother wanted to hold on to the dream that they shared and the dear one with whom they shared it, their father. The rubble of his Yoshiyuki’s tragic end would never be disturbed, and nothing could bring him back, but Nagamasa didn’t want to also let their dream die and strove toward even without their father.

Takeru was able to help the Tamuras connect the tattered web of their life back together and has patched his own to a large extent, but will he be able to live out his father’s dream of preserving a future full of potential? Will Takeru find his own dream?

Anyway, enough from me. We want to hear from you, so we have some questions for you to ponder so you can share your robust thoughts with us.

Let’s make this official:

The unKamenCrew wants to hear your thoughts, comments and questions on:

13 Daring! The Man Who Lives Freely!


14 Magnificent! Dawn for Earth!

Bones To Pick

What issues did you have with Ghost 13 and 14?

Greatest Woah-ments

What were some of your favorite thing in these episodes? Please keep it to no more than 3 Woah-ments for each episode.

On Eyecons

Kamen Rider Ghost 14-Boost is the New Base-OE-1

How do you like Boost as the base form for the newer Heroic Eyecons?

Kamen Rider Ghost 13-Takeru meets RYOMA-OE-2

What do you think about the Ryoma Heroic Eyecon possessing Nagamasa? Would you like to see more of this in the future?

Takeru talks to the Sakamoto Ryoma Heroic Eyecon

What are your thoughts in the shift in how the Heroic Eyecons are expressing themselves that started in Ghost 12 with Musashi? Do you but that they have just being silent all this time when they have the capacity to interact with Takeru?

Forcing Perspective

Cathcing up from last episode, which felt a bit like recapping the first 12... maybe, with Ryoma eating in the corner

How did this continuation of the series work for you? Did it seem like a reset?

Prince Aran asks his brother the Ganma Emperor why the truth about the Heroic Eyecon's capabilities was kept from him

Why would the Emperor hide the Heroic Eyecon’s ability to give someone a body?

Prince Aran's brother, the Ganma Emperor dismisses the value of a living body

Are the Ganma including Aran and his brother actually dead or not living?


Do you have questions for us? Do you have any comments for us regarding Ghost?


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