Spectre of the Past- Ghost 07-08 -RX! 124

Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [27] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Spook Report Ghost 07 Bullseye! The Legendary Gunman!


Spook Report Ghost 08 Activating the Other Monolith!

2-Spectre-Not Half Bad

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What, if anything, is being said about the world and our place in it in this episode? Ghost deals with the idea of Icons and Great Men, in a way that makes focusing narrowly on obtaining tangible objects relating to them important, but what makes a person great? What does that mean?

Let’s turn a discerning eye to what could be the Macro Message hidden in this episode of Ghost!

Ghost 07-08’s Macro Message According to Ammit:

I think these episodes were about the dealing with loss and finding the resolve to keep going afterwards, but in a different way than Takeru had to grapple with in the first episode. I guess we’re getting to the texturing part of the show, where the themes will be reiterated and re-examined from different angles to draw different thoughts from it. If I am correct about this, then this is a good starting point to make Takeru’s struggle more relatable to the viewers, the kids and us.

Ghost 07-08’s Macro Message According to Sono:

I only noticed this as I was writing my notes, but there’s also an interesting loop… 07 begins with Saionji telling Takeru’s dad to enjoy watching all of this as he rots in hell, and 08 ends with Tsuneo and Tomonori saying that their friendship is so strong that even if they die they’ll hang out in hell together, and I think that’s a REALLY interesting parallel.

    We have three paralleling relationships (possibly four, if you count Akari and Kanon, but that hasn’t been explored at all, so I’m sticking to three) over this arc; Tsuneo and Tomonori (the friendship that can be fixed), Takeru and Makoto (the friendship that may become fixed), and Ryu and Saionji (the friendship that cannot be fixed). /i feel like we’re setting up for a lesson in friendship and I’m really hoping this is a thing that they keep exploring, since having this as a key element and exploring it from this early on could lead to some really richly developed characters and I am ALL IN for that business.

Ghost 07-08’s Macro Message According to Aleph:

Look, I was just being a structure nerd again because the setup/payoff for this stuff was excellent.  All the friendship stuff being seeded throughout, building around not only the effects of Saionji and Ryu’s research–where I’m guessing Saionji’s dropping some half-truths and I love him for it–but on all these strong relationships that are twisted or injured as a result?  Beautiful.  Just gorgeous and subtle and, guys?  It’s only EPISODE EIGHT.  EXCITE.

But to the question at hand, I’m very much in the camp where this is a bit about just plain coping and finding a way to push forward when things are, y’know, freaking awful and hopeless and terrible.  I really like this whole thing where–like you were saying, Sono–we’ve established and explored all these friendships but now the question becomes what people will do when they go south (or seem to) and these are such great reveals and setups and I love it so much.

Ghost 07-08’s Macro Message According to Cannibal Sarracenian:

One particular motif of note in these episode is memories and the menace of “forgetting”. Tomonori “forgets” Tsuneo straining their bond, while Spectre feels Takeru has “forgotten” him and his sister, pitting them against each other because of it, while Saionji challenges and modifies Makoto’s own memories of what happened at the monolith, absolving Saionji’s own potential involvement with the incident. Might be looking too deep, but it is interesting since the series thus far has been built very much about the power of remembering, valuing and re-evaluating the past to build the now. Seems natural that forgetting the past would be the malicious omnipresent force within the narrative.

The unKamenCrew’s Top 3 Woments from Ghost 07-08


  • Aran working on some weird counter-monolith and being at some kind of possible cross-purposes with Saionji is great.
  • I don’t know if they’re toning Onari down or the rest of the show is just covering for him, but I liked him a lot more here.
  • I like all the repetition with “99 days” being a thing.


  •  Tenkuuji Ryu coming back in that dream sequence
  • Those kids acting JUST LIKE Makoto and Takeru
  • Seeing Takeru training


  • OH MAN Saionji’s 100% casual “HAVE FUN ROTTING IN HELL” at Takeru’s dad’s grave. Like Jesus CHRIST dude. Saionji reminds me a lot of Matsu from Movie War Core, just in kind of the ties to Takeru’s dad, and how BRUTAL this guy is.
  • Akari and Onari working together! They’re actually a pretty good team, even if they like to bicker at each other, which I find really charming honestly. They have a really good chemistry together and I really love how lively their interactions are without having that unnecessary over-the-top gag thing that Drive did with all of SCU.


  • Also Takeru explains shit to the other characters and doesn’t hide info from Akari or anyone. Good. No matter what this show is gonna end up later on, based on this alone it already is better than the last two Rider shows by far.
  • Hey ho its the Bee Woman episode from 1971! Got the hypnotic jewelry and everything!

In keeping with Ms. Akari’s love of the empirical, the following contains observable information from the events of the day Akari received a set of injuries and Takeru and Onari set up the Daitenkuu temple as a headquarters for staging paranormal investigations.

Spook Report Ghost 07 Bullseye! The Legendary Gunman!


Spook Report Ghost 08 Activating the Other Monolith!

Writer: Fukuda Takurou

Diector: Shibasaki Takayuki

Ganma: A Queen Bee somehow made from a Black Eyecon and a magnifying glass

New Heroic Eyecon Summoned: Billy the Kid

Miscellaneous: The man in the Black Hat is Saionji and he has a faceless Ghost Driver in the bottom of a bag that enable him to get Heroic Eyecons from people without killing them. Sweater the Kid is actually called Aran. Spider-Lantern can reveal Ganma to anyone AND shoot webs somehow. Bat-Clock apparently works as a gun and a surveillance drone, which records a lot of video and plays it back after being wound back.

 Bellow is a fairly thorough rundown of the episode

Episode 07

-30 Days Left! A 15 day jump?!?!?!?!?

-Apparently Hat new Ryu Tenkuuji as the episode opens on him mocking the man at his grave as he promises to do what he set out to do

-Hat passes Makoto who is also at Daitenkuu to visit the former Master’s grave. Hat doubletakes Makoto and wonders who he is

-Takeru awakens wistfully from a dream about seeing his dad and telling him about how he is going to do great

-Akari comes to Takeru while he is had at work training and reminisces about how it reminds her of the old days when he would spar with Makoto. She wonders what he is up to since they haven’t seen him since he disappeared ten years ago.

-Takeru goes down to the lab in search of Sage, but instead finds two more animal widgets of unknown function and dubious form as well as a note from Sage tipping him off to the fact that Billy the Kid will be the next Eyecon he’ll be shooting for

-Akai takes the note from Takeu and puts it up on a magnetic board with the adorable Kamen Rider Ghost character magnet (Bandai) she made

-Onari comes into the lab and informs Takeru that TANAKA TSUNEO a new client is waiting to see him upstairs

TANAKA TSUNEO is concerned about his friend MIKURA TOMONORI who he hadn’t seen for a year and is now acting rather strangely.  TANAKA TSUNEO was tipped off that something was wrong when MIKURA TOMONORI forgot their secret greeting. Additionally the people in  MIKURA TOMONORI’s neighborhood are all acting strangely, gathering together at night and going to a place where he can’t follow because some strange incident always stops him every time he tries to follow them.

-Onari excitedly and absentmindedly mentions Ganma in front of TANAKA TSUNEO who seems curious about it, but fortunately Shibuya and Narita rush in with news that Hat was spotted at a Western store recently. Akari asks them if they are talking about the man who tricked Sonoda (the Scientist from the Edison episode) and Mari (the Reporter from the Robin Hood episode) and gets an affirmative answer.

-The group is perplexed at what to do as they must investigate both matters, so Takeru says he will go with TSUNEO while Onari and Akari take the Lamp Widget and Clock Widget with them when they go investigate Hat’s activities at the store.

-Akari and Onari seem less than thrilled to be paired off

-Takeru and TSUNEO go to the neighborhood and Takeru shares that he had a friend like TOMONORI who suddenly vanished one day. We see a flashback of kid Makoto and Takeru tells TSUNEO he is sure his friend is doing fine wherever he is. TSUNEO is shocked and seems a bit uncomfortable about the situation, but Takeru urges him on to continue their observation of the neighborhood.

-People are silently watching the two as the walk through the neighborhood. TSUNEO spots TOMONORI and approaches him, but TOMONORI acts as if he doesn’t know him and calmly excuses himself and walks away.

-The Ganma knocks out TSUNEO and knocks back Takeru. The pink cowboy hat and boot wearing bee or wasp themed Ganma tells Takeru that she is guarding her little community and people need her permission to enter it. They start to tussle but Spectre comes in and challenges Takeru for getting distracted and asks him what he is going to do. Takeru answers that he will help people and get his life back, enough said!

-Ghost equips Musashi, Spectre uses Nobunaga. They fight and Takeru proves himself to be stronger, he tells Spectre that he has thrown away his doubt and won’t back down. They have a Rider Kick duel and Spectre tells him it isn’t half bad, but that he won’t let Takeru get in his way.

TSUNEO calls Takeru. He returns to his client and learns that TOMONORI and everyone in the neighborhood is gone. Takeru tells him to stay put and runs off to find them.

-Makoto is hanging out by the river wondering what it all means. Hat walks up on him and introduces himself as Saionji and says that he has been helping Mr. Aran (Sweater the kid). SAIONJI asks Makoto if he and ARAN were sent to the Game’s world ten years ago.

-Makoto looks surprised and listens to SAIONJI tell of how he and Ryu Tenkuuji had been studying the Ganma together ten years ago. SAIONJI says he thinks the two of them were victims of that experiment. Makoto says it was an “accident” not an “experiment” and his sister starts to say something.

SAIONJI asks if Makoto’s sister is in the Eyecon and expresses pity but Makoto gets defensive so SAIONJI leaves with a touch to his hat.

-Makoto has a flashback to him and Kanon being in the Daitenkuu lab and getting sucked into the Game world though a portal manifested in front of the monolith and being surrounded by dust or ash and Eyecons in the Ganma world.

-Akari and Onari see SAIONJI at the Western themed store speaking with someone inside dressed as a cowboy. The man is elated to see the hat that allegedly belonged to Billy the Kid and it glows with a golden light. SAIONJI draws the Eye Seal over it and the Billy the Kid Hoodie Ghost pops out. He opens his black bag and it is drawn in. SAIONJI reaches in and retrieves the Eyecon from the modified, metal faced (uncovered) Ghost Driver which is set in the bottom of the bag with a tangle of wires.

-Makoto visits Aran and asks him about SAIONJI and if Aran know about what happened ten years ago. Aran says that Saionji helps him, that he doesn’t know what happened and then he thanks Makoto for loaning him Edison, saying it helped him do some good research. We see a flash of a Ganma Hole type Eye Seal floating above the figure of a person, possibly Edison in a room.

-Akari and Onari follow SAIONJI to an abandoned building where he has an office of sorts set up. Onari sees the Eyecon and Jar Jars his way to getting it from SAIONJI who activates two blank Eyecons to get it back. Akari uses the Lantern to make the two visible and when they have Akari and Onari cornered, the Clock chimes and she brings it out. The clock unfolds into a bat like robot that attacks the GanMooks and SAIONJI with sound waves. They ask it to take them to Takeru and follow it out.

-Takeru finds the group from the neighborhood and sees that they have Lil’ Baby Ganma Bees on them. He summons his Belt and from it the GanGan Sabre destroying the Lil’  Baby Ganma Bees as they attack him. TOMONORI flees and Takeu fights the Ganma demanding to know its intentions.

-The Ganma avoids a finisher by splitting into a swarm of bees and when they find him Akari uses the Spider-Lantern to show her and Onari the Ganma and Takeru. She throws him the new Eyecon and the Bat-Clock turns itself into its gun mode and flies into Takeru’s hand so that he can dual wield and shoot the swarm until the Ganma pulls itself together.

-Takeru is about to finish the Ganma when Yurusen pops up and tells him to combine the GanGan Sabre’s gun configuration with the Bat-Clock gun mode to make a “rifle” that looks more like a double-barreled shotgun to me.

-Takeru hits the Ganma with an Omega impact which almost destroys it, but it just caused the Ganma to turn into a Queen-Beedozer which he has to take care of while Onari and Akari are carried off by GanMooks!


End of 07

Episode 08

-Apparently the events of episode 07 took place over a few days, so Takeru now has 27 days left!

-I didn’t initially catch that the Bee Ganma swarmed into and merged with a bulldozer supposedly under a tarp in a little construction zone. I just thought it was random, but it is becoming more clear that the Ganma can only turn into a CGI beast by possessing some big machine or object.

-The GIANT BEE leaves the bulldozer behind after that pesky kid and his Hoodie Iguana wont let up, but Captain Ghost refuses to let it go and uses its long prehensile tongue to grab the Queen BeeGanma which gives Takeru the chance to destroy it with an Omega Drive Rider KICK!!!

-Takeru dehenshins and looks for Akari and Onari, but only sees the former Drones wandering around after being freed from the BeeGanma’s control.

-Bat-Clock chimes. Takeru turns towards it and the Uncanny Yurusen pops into frame and suggests Takeru turn back time on the Bat-Clock which causes the helper robot to show a projected recording of the monk and physicist fleeing the abandoned building. Takeru asks Bat-Clock to take him there.

SAIONJI ties up Onari and Akari and instructs GanMooks to possess them, but Takeru saves them just before they can be possessed. They have a little banter trying to prove they aren’t possessed after which they leave satisfied that neither of them is. SAIONJI had wanted to possess them to pilfer Takeru’s Eyecons.

-Back at Daitenkuu, SAIONJI sees Makoto speaking to Kanon who asks him not to do anything dangerous. Makoto says he won’t and reaffirms his promise to bring her back. As he is leaving he sees SAIONJI. Kanon tells Makoto not to trust him and SAIONJI asks to be heard.

SAIONJI tells Makoto that he and RYU Tenkuuji were studying the Monolith and its connection to the Ganma world. As lead on the work, Ryu decided to see if a human could enter the Ganma world. SAIONJI states that he and others objected because scientific practice generally frowns upon experimenting on humans and he thought that Ryu had been convinced that it was not right to do, but that the only way Makoto and Kanon could have passed through the portal is if someone had purposely activated the Monolith.

-Makoto is shocked to hear that Ryu Tenkuuji would have made that choice. SAIONJI asks incredulously if Makoto had respected Ryu and laments Kanon’s current state as a vexed Makoto walks away.

-Makoto keeps warning SAIONJI to not talk about Kanon, but he just keeps laying into him and warns Makoto that Takeru has already gathered 5 Eyecons. SAIONJI questions whether Makoto is going easy on Takeru because he is a Tenkuuji and calls him naive suggesting that only one of them can gain the 15 Eyecons and make a miracle happen. Makoto assure SAIONJI that he will do whatever needs to be done and storms off.

SAIONJI opens his briefcase and gazes upon the 5 eyecons he has and recounts that with his 5, Ghost’s 5 and Spectre’s 4, they only need to discover 1 more Eyecon to have the 15 required.

-Akari, Onari and Takeru are having a good time going over the day’s events. They tell Takeru that Hat obtained the Billy the kid Eyecon and intends to steal the others from Takeru and he talks about how happy he is that the neighborhood was saved and how TSUNEO and TOMONORI must be having a great time together when Narita and Shibuya bring in a distressed TSUNEO.

TSUNEO tells Takeru that everything is fine in the neighborhood but TOMONORI is missing! They asks TSUNEO for a photo of TOMONORI and the he joins 5 of them in going around asking people if they have seen TOMONORI.

TSUNEO tells Takeru of a nearby and now abandoned factory he and TOMONORI played at as children. Takeru lets Akari and onari know about it before he and TSUNEO go there, but Makoto comes along to interrupt them. Takeru tells TSUNEO to stay back and tells Spectre he doesn’t have time to fight him just now. TSUNEO runs off to find his friend while they bicker.

-Makoto scoffs at Takeru continuing to help others and asks if he knows what Ryu Tenkuuji had been working on 10 years ago. Takeru puts things together and asks Spectre if he is Makoto. He refuses to answer and drops NOBUNAGA into his belt.

-Takeru dodges a few attacks and then henshins. Takeru asks where Makoto has been for 10 years and switches to MUSASHI. He tells Makoto they were all worried about him and asks about Kanon. Makoto responds that they had all forgotten him and trounces him for talking about Kanon, saying that Takeru has no right to talk about her.

-Makoto tells Takeru that he and Kanon were living in hell while everyone else lived their lives. Takeru demands to no more because he won’t fight a friend without knowing why. Makoto declares he has no friends and uses TUTANKHAMUN to and the COBRA-CELL with the GanGanGunt to form a SCYTHE.

-Spectre hacks away at Ghost as Takeru continues to plead with Makoto, telling him of their happy memories. Spectre uses Omega Fang but Ghost blocks it with some cars in the junkyard by using NEWTON to pile them up between the two of them. Makoto screams furiously about Takeru’s cowardice as he can’t see Ghost in the aftermath of the attack.

-Aran watches from a distance and remarks that he has never seen Makoto so emotional and smirks.

-Shibuya and Narita are in the abandoned factory where they tells Onari and Akari who have just arrived that TOMONORI and the others are building some strange thing in the factory. Onari wonders what it is and Akari says that it is obviously a monolith.

TSUNEO finds TOMONORI and pleads with him to remember their friendship, but TOMONORI won’t hear him and sicks the BeeGanma on his former friend. Takeru rides in and shoots the Ganma from the height of a bike jump.

-No longer being strangled, TSUNEO ceases TOMONORI who says he will kill him, but TSUNEO keeps struggling, saying that he will save his friend if it kills him.

-Ghost exorcises the GanMook from TOMONORI and the friends share a sudden and awkward reunion. Takeru is happy for TSUNEO, who gets to know a joy that he can’t just yet.

-The Daitenkuu crew sees the effects of Takeru at work and Akari pulls the Spider-Lantern from her bag illuminating the ephemeral for them all, so they can see the fight between Ghost and the Ganma.

-Shibuya freaks out. Akari tries to calm him down, assuring him that somehow this is all real. Onari says they both need more training and Narita just can’t look away.

-The BeeGanma flies around and brings out the big guns with BILLY THE KID. the Ganma says it won’t work, but Takeru notices that one Bee is not like the others and calls upon the Spider-Lantern to help him. it traps the Ganma in a web and he explodes it. The Ganma breaks apart into a Black Eyecon and a Magnifying Glass.

-Takeru and the others are happy about the victory but an explosion goes off elsewhere in the factory and they run to it. Akari laments that they won’t be able to study the monolith there as the group looks at its scattered debris.

-Charming. TSUNEO and TOMONORI’s special greeting is “You and I are friends for life. Even if we die… We’ll still hang out in hell.”

The friends thank Takeru for saving TOMONORI and Yurusen pops up to tell him it is a good thing he saved TOMONORI because someone possessed by a GanMook for 99 days becomes that GanMook and can not be saved anymore.

TSUNEO thanks Takeru again and tells him that he hopes he will find his missing friend some day soon.

-ARAN is perched high up at the factory and remarks that it is too bad the monolith had to go as it had been operating for a good deal of time so far, but it is better to lose it than have it examined by his enemies. It’s no big deal.

-In the lab, Onari and Akari look at the Monolith and wonder why the Ganma were constructing one. She says that if she can gain access to the database that should help them learn a lot about the one in the lab. Takeru interrupts her to tell her that Spectre is Makoto. Akari is shocked.

-Makoto holds Kanon’s Eyecon and asks her to be patient because he will soon take all of Takeru’s Eyecons. She remains silent and he acts what is wrong. She speaks, but the episode ends, so we don’t get to hear it.

Just wondering about “Makoto-nii-chan” is that like Makoto-bro or Brokoto? or Makobro?
NEXT| 09 Towering! The Man of Devotion!

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One thought on “Spectre of the Past- Ghost 07-08 -RX! 124

  1. The new machines were from his dad, yes. Takeru says as much which is why Onari was surprised about them belonging to Ryu.

    Good point about Makoto hesitating to hurt Akari. I completely forgot about that aspect of episode six.

    I’m assuming Aran has memories because of his relationship with Makoto, yes.

    Is Kanon a Gamma Eyecon? I just checked both episode 8 and episode 1 and the Self Eyecon that Takeru get’s in the mail looks a lot like the Eyecon that Kanon is in. Granted Takeru’s Self Eyecon changed after he died but if Makoto is still alive maybe his own Self Eyecon wouldn’t have changed even with Kanon inhabiting it.

    Nice story behind your username, Sono. You should still give Precure a chance though. Listen to Cannibal on this one.

    “The OOO dad thing.” ? I thought we knew about Eiji’s dad/family. Am I missing something?

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