Ode to Living- Ghost 06 -RX! 123

Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [45] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 06 Destiny! The comeback Melody!

True Legacy-5

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What, if anything, is being said about the world and our place in it in this episode? Ghost deals with the idea of Icons and Great Men, in a way that makes focusing narrowly on obtaining tangible objects relating to them important, but what makes a person great? What does that mean?

Let’s turn a discerning eye to what could be the Macro Message hidden in this episode of Ghost!

Ghost 06’s Macro Message According to Ammit:

Life isn’t about exerting yourself on the world and leaving your mark on it and history, but about connecting with people. If you connect to people, that is what matters and makes your life meaningful, but just being alive is important in and of itself. You’re here, so you are important and may as well make the connections to add meaning to your life, to enrich it. Part of the point of life is enjoying it even though.

Ghost 06’s Macro Message According to Aleph:

First, I have GOT to agree with Ammit here cuz… I mean, it’s all right there, but I think the other thing that jumped out for me was how ardently community-minded the episode was.  Beyond the need for the Elder Brother character to get that nonsense shaken out of him, Takeru spends the whole episode trying to get his confidence back after getting his butt handed to him and basically disappearing from his own life but it’s only by allowing himself to lean on the people who care about him that he’s able to push past himself to be a part of the bigger picture and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Ghost 06’s Macro Message According to Cannibal Sarracenian:

Ghost 06’s Macro Message According to Nejireon:

I’m also in agreement. Life is about what you do and the people you connect with. It’s those people that inspire you to do those great things. After all, when Mozart listened to Beethoven, Mozart told him to never give up on music. The people who inspire and encourage us are the reason we do great things.

The unKamenCrew’s Top 3 Woments from Ghost 06


  • Not even gonna fight anything about Akari cuz I was just fist-in-the-air the whole dang time with her.
  • Maybe I was the only one noticing it, but Sage was looking dapper as heck this episode
  • Onari seemed to have toned down a bit this ep as well and I like him a lot more when all that energy feels more focused.


  • Akari’s speech, well both of her speeches, they were both so good. I now know how Sono felt about Kiriko, she doesn’t need to be a Rider because she is so great as she is now.
  • Akari standing up to Spectre
  • Akari saying no to Legacy as humanity’s prime directive


  • When everything was silent except for piano music. That moment reminded me of the Fritz Lang films I like so much.


  • Akari by far got the best moments in the episode, this episode thoroughly centering around her importance and how she affects the characters of the story. Very nice very good.

In keeping with Ms. Akari’s love of the empirical, the following contains observable information from the events of the day Akari received a set of injuries and Takeru and Onari set up the Daitenkuu temple as a headquarters for staging paranormal investigations.

Spook Report 06

Writer: Nobuhiro Mouri

Director: Morota Satoshi

Ganma: A Fancy Scarf…?+ Black Eyecon

New Heroic Eyecon Summoned: Beethoven by Ghost

Miscellaneous: The Double Redemption HUG debut! Makoto talks to his younger sibling who is in his Eyecon!

Bellow is a fairly thorough rundown of the episode

-45 days left

-Sage tips Takeru that the next Eyecon will be Beethoven and scribbles in a little book

-Sage and Yurusen prod him to find out it is a schedule for finding the Eyecons.

-Sage throws it away saying that Takeru won’t need it. Takeru grumbles that he spent a lot of effort making the schedule, but is interrupted by Akari’s entrance

-Akari can’t see Takeru. He pouts a bit as she continues looking for him. Yurusen mentions that it may be because he is feeling so down.

-Akari uses the Shiranui Blaster and sees Sage, Yurusen and Takeru, but Takeru quickly vanishes again.

-Sage tells her that it is because of Takeru’s outlook and warns that if things continue as they are now, he may never be seen by anyone again. Takeru cries out that that is the same as being dead and snatches a piece of paper from Akari as she takes in the information.

-Yurusen tells Akari that Takeru ran off and she splits.

-Ethereal Takeru goes to the school where Akari meets with Onari and their new client, MISS KIMISHIMA YOUKO. Her brother seems to be the epicenter of a strange occurrence where sounds cease to be heard by all within the area.

-Takeru is on alert and ready to deal with the Ganma, when MISS KIMISHIMA YOUKO says that her brother has been in a slump lately and unable to come up with any new compositions in the run up to the competition he is set to take part in.

-Takeru phases into the mortal plan and spooks MISS KIMISHIMA YOUKO as he excitedly tells Akari that they must be on the verge of getting the BEETHOVEN Eyecon.

-Onari assures MISS KIMISHIMA YOUKO that Takeru is a friendly ghost and Takeru demands that she take them to her brother.

KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE is madly tickling the ivories and yells at his sister when she tries to introduce him to the Supernatural Phenomenon Laboratory’s team. They question his rudeness and warn him that he could die, but KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE says his life wouldn’t be worth living if he can’t break through and finish his composition.

-Takeru slips from the mortal plane and Akari chides KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE for regarding his life so lightly. He yells at her and smirks at her silence as she is muted.

KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE goes back to playing his piano which is audible and Akari gesticulates to Onari that they need the Shiranui Blaster. It reveals Takeru and the Ganma.

-The Ganma blocks out all sounds but its voice and KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE’s playing. The Ganma taunts Takeru about how hard it is to fight without being able to hear and hits him with a Do-Re- Mi-Flame attack that brings sound back.

-Akari watches the fight and quietly tells Takeru she believes in him. Takeru fights desperately to dispatch the Ganma before Spectre shows up, but it is too late.

-Spectre comes along, transforms and attacks Ghost. Akari tells them that the Ganma is getting away, but the Riders’ focus is elsewhere. Spectre uses Edison and knocks Takeru from his transformation and causes him to drop Musashi.

-Spectre yells at Takeru to leave the Eyecon and he vanishes and runs off. Spectre is surprised and goes to grab it for himself, but Akari snatches it before he can. He demands that she give him the Eyecon and points his ShotGan at her.

-Akari is firm in her resolve and relieved when Spectre says he’ll let it go for now and leaves. Akari calls out to Takeru who is out of sight and nearby, but leaves instead of answering her.

KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE has finished his composition and assures himself that his name will go down in history for it. The Ganma has other plans, as KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE runs his fingers over worn pages scribed with Beethoven’s work and glows with the Ganma’s light of influence indicating that he could soon die and yield a Beethoven Eyecon for the Ganma.

-The Ganma tells KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE that his genius won’t be appreciated until he is dead and KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE runs from the room carrying the notebook with Beethoven’s sheet music.

KIMISHIMA KOUSUKE knocks down Onari on his way out which startles KIMISHIMA Youko, who calls to her fleeing brother.

-Spectre is sitting by the river, wondering when it all means when his Eyecon glows and calls him brother. Little Sib asks Makoto if he is thinking about Akari. Makoto doesn’t answer and the conversation is interrupted by Sweater the Kid who asks Makoto if he can expect his help this time.

-Sweater asks Makoto if he is only after the Eyecons and receives the Edison Eyecon and no insight from Makoto who tells him the Edison Eyecon is a loan and then rides off without saying another word.

-Back at Daitenkuu Temple, Onari desperately calls for Takeru, but Akari tells him that he likely isn’t around, so Onari shifts focus and learns what he can about KOUSUKE from YOUKO. YOUKO recounts that KOUSUKE was a nice person, but that changed shortly after she saw him talking to a man in a black hat. KOUSUKE became obsessed with composing as if he were possessed. This is when the silence began as well.

-Hat gave KOUSUKE Beethoven’s sheet music along with a Ganma Eye paper and a vial, then exhorted KOUSUKE to become like Beethoven, to embody his spirit and reach the same level of greatness.

-Onari assure YOUKO that they will save her brother. Akari leaves to find Takeru, saying she knows where he will likely be found.

-Akari calls to Takeru under the house and says that she isn’t sure he is there, but she’ll keep talking as if he is. She recalls that when they were kids, he would hide there when he was upset or worried about something. Akari says that she is having a really hard time processing everything that is going on and the she knows Takeru has the shortest end of the stick, but that she can only do so  much to help him and isn’t sure what to do.

-Onari receives a package and information from a deliveryman (IS THIS THE SAME GUY FROM EPIOSDE 1 WHO GOT HIS BIKE CUT IN HALF AND DELIVERED THE WHITE EYECON TO TAKERU!?!?!?) who tells him that someone is threatening to kill himself while waving around sheet music on top of a building.

-Onari, YOUKO and Akari follow the deliveryman to the scene. They join KOUSUKE on the rooftop and he tells YOUKO that he is doing all this so that history will remember him. Onari challenges KOUSUKE on how to leave his mark on history; Takeru affirms that Beethoven too considered suicide when he lost his hearing, but decided to live on and work and that is how he left his mark on history.

-Akari challenges the whole concept of leaving one’s mark on history and clarifies that just being a living person in this world is enough, that because we are here and we are connected to others we should go on living, for its own sake, not to accomplish some grand purpose.

-Akari’s words stir Takeru, KOUSUKE and Makoto who is watching from a roof across the street. Takeru becomes corporeal again and KOUSUKE steps down from the ledge and embraces YOUKO, but OH NO! The Ganma exerts it influence on KOUSUKE and he tries to jump!

YOUKO clings to her brother to stop him and Takeru grabs the both of them and REDEMPTION HUGS KOUSUKE! Takeru henshins to unlock the BEETHOVEN EYECON and Akari Shiranui Blasts the area to reveal the Ganma who tries to nab the Eyecon.

-Takeru gets the BEETHOVEN EYECON and uses it to neutralize the Ganma’s discordant attacks. The Ganma is overwhelmed and Akari throws Takeru the MUSASHI EYECON which he uses to dispatch Ganma.

-Takeru thanks Akari for her help.

-Little Sib tells Makoto that they are glad things worked out so well. Makoto says he’ll let Takeru enjoy himself this time.

-Back at Daitenkuu Takeru relaxes and Onari observes that perhaps Takeru needs more training. Akari pokes fun, saying he caused quite a fuss. Takeru asks what happened with KOUSUKE. Onari answers that YOUKO has sent them a :thank you” letter saying that KOUSUKE is starting over, focusing on enjoying music, not so much on “being great.”

-Takeru asks Akari what she said about not being able to process everything, which she vehemently denies. She cuts off Takeru and says the Shiranui have worked to reveal the Ganma and she will keep working to figure out everything else.

-Sage in his… afterlife gear speaks to the Monolith saying “He made it through that one, I suppose I should prepare for the next step…” he chuckles and vanishes.

NEXT| Kamen Rider Ghost 07 Bullseye! The Legendary Gunman!

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