RX123 Preshow: Kamen Rider Ghost 06 Reactions and Questions

UPDATE: RX 123 is out now. You can here it HERE.

The unKamenCrew wants to hear your thoughts, comments and questions on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 06 Destiny! The Comeback Melody!

You can leave a comment on the blog send us an email tweet your answers, submit them on Tumblr or add your thoughts in a reblog.


Akari is so amazing in so many ways, that I’m not sure where to begin. She carried a ton of weight this episode and got to do so much good stuff! Her relationships with Takeru, Onari, Ganma and the ethereal plane keep changing and growing and it is a joy to watch.

Besides Akari’s awesomeness though, Onari really shone this episode and the way Takeru worked through his issues was fantastic. The writing and directing feel like they have congealed into a consistently pleasing form and I want more NOW!

Best episode of Ghost yet!


Now it’s your turn. Share your thoughts on:

Bones To Pick

What issues did you have with Ghost 06?

Greatest Woah-ments

What were some of your favorite thing is this episode? Please keep it to no more than 3 Woah-ments.

On Eyecons


Do you think Sweater will give Makoto back the Edison Eyecon?

Makoto and Sibling

Makoto speaks with his sibling who is in his Self Soul Eyecon. How do you like that?


Hat is socially engineering people to make them fertile ground to produce Eyecons, given Sage’s words to the monolith do you think he is doing the same?



How do you like Beethoven aesthetically and functionally?

Forcing Perspective

What message did you get from this episode?


Do you have questions for us? Do you have any comments for us regarding Ghost?


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