Drive In the Hearse- Drive 47-48 -RX! 117

[UPDATE: 09-06-2016 See below]

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

47 Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

48 The Ghost Incident

Q1- Heart believed Shinnosuke was his friend. Do you?

Q2- Which Roimude was Heart saying surpassed humanity? Did Heart? Who was it?

Q3- How do we feel about the total elimination of the Roimude?

Q4- Were the text epilogues good for you? Were they necessary?

Q5- Repeat question: Was Kiriko involved enough in these episodes?

Q6- Did the endings feel earned?

Q7- Was the show off on its entire premise? What was this show about? What was the point? Did it have something to do with defining true evil as being part of humanity?

Q8- Did episode 48 get you excited for Ghost?

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The most Übermensch of all the Übermensch in the world.

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Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Heart throws Drive at Sigma which seemingly is the key it it’s defeat, because the critical hit makes her vulnerable to an ALL OUT Attack where in Type Tridoron uses all the Tires to pummel Sigma and then Drive and Heart both hit Sigma with finishers.

-Sigma’s destruction reverts all the people from their data state and in the backup Drive Pit, people are making merry.

-Mr. Belt tells Shinnosuke he has done EXCELLENT work, but he is so drained he only smiles weakly and then falls out a whole in the wall. Heart sees it and tries to stop him, but Shinnosuke has a bogus journey afterall.

-Shinnosuke wakes up in a forest, not wearing Mr. Belt and wonders what is going on. A black haze appears before him and Ghost floats into the scene behind him. He introduces himself and tells Shinnosuke to stay away from the haze, out of which comes Freeze, Thief and Sword. Kamen Rider Ghost motions for Shinnosuke to run, which he does with a thanks.

-Ghost fights with some very soft… traditional sounding music in the background, possibly with a samurai flavor? He destroys these ghosts from Shinnosuke’s past.

-Shinnosuke wakes up on rain spattered asphalt wondering if his Ghost encounter was a dream.

-Heart calls out to him. Shinnosuke is a bit surprised that Heart saved him. Heart remarks on how twisted Banno’s plan was and wonders why he wanted to make humans more like Roimudes when they were designed to mimic and surpass humans. Heart vaguely suggests that one Roimude did become like a human, but transcend them. Shinnosuke walks over to Heart and offers him his hand and says that Heart is the one who became most human, but better.

^Is Shinnosuke watching the same show? How could he say that?^

-Heart refuses his hand and says “Medic is dead” and that because he is the last Roimude left, they should finish their fight as promised. He slugs Shinnosuke and proceeds to beat him for a while.

-Rinna and Otta are so thankful Gou is  alive they hurt him a little by jostling and squeezing him.

-Kiriko enters the room where Sigma was destroyed and learns from Krim that Shinnosuke fell after the fight.

-Shinnosuke begs Heart to stop because the true evil was in humanity’s hearts and Banno is the greatest manifestation of that. Shinnosuke says that Roimudes were victims too and that Krim and people in general will understand that so humanity can NOW coexist with the Roimudes…. oops, the one Roimude left, Heart.

-Hearts winds up for a finishing blow that will kill Shinnosuke. Kiriko throws him Mr. Belt, but he refuses to henshin and Heart dies from a fatal wound he apparently sustained in the Sigma battle.

-Shinnosuke, the guy who had fallen from a skyscraper and survived thanks to the chivalrous android who was pummeling him after he woke up, somehow knew that Heart was at death’s door and that is why he didn’t fight him. He let himself get beaten so that Heart could die fighting him.

^How did Shinnosuke know this? Also doesn’t that remove the moral power in the “sacrifice” of letting Heart beat him if he knew Heart was just going to die anyway? What could have been a stance against senseless violence becomes a cool guy moment without merit because in the end it feels like he is making a mockery out of Heart. He is Korean, I mean, subhuman after all, so who cares right?^

-Shinnosuke calls Hearts time of death and he and Kiriko salute Heart.

^WTF is this pile of offal?^

-A rainbow shines above them because Heart and Shinnosuke almost made out during their fight.

-At the back up Drive Pit everyone is happy, except Chase is dead. Shinnosuke wonders where Mr. Belt is and when Kyu says something about maintenance at the Drive Pit, Shinnosuke goes Uber Mensch with his tie and the go visit Krim who is locking himself and the Shift Cars away because the Core Driviar tech is too dangerous for humans currently.

-Krim says a little something to everyone and somehow has the audacity to tell Gou that he has overcome Banno’s sins, but says nothing about his own sins towards Kiriko and Chase.

-Krim makes a Batman reference and tells Kiriko to take care of his idle partner. She agrees and Shinnosuke gives back the Shift Brace to a hologram….

-Krim descends into Sh’ol with his captive Shift Cars and the SCU salutes them as the are sealed away.

-The SCU is splitting up at their office, save Gou, Kiriko and Shinnosuke.

-Professor Harley comes across Gou and the ride off together because they are family. Because families can be non-blood, REMEMBER THAT!

-Kiriko is FEEDING Shinnosuke his milk chocolates while he drives and talks about having a hole in her heart…

-He can’t get in gear despite the fact he has to go to Special Crimes soon and he gets pulled over b a bike cop who looks like Chase. His name is Kanno Kouichi and he is a firm believer in rules being followed, so he checks Shinnosuke’s registration anyway as the car he is in was reported stolen.

-Shinnosuke mocks Kanno saying he probably has no friends, but he will be his friend. He’ll stop by some time and talk to him.

-Shinnosuke tells Kiriko she has the best smile and they start driving again as the move toward their future, one Krim, Chase, Heart and the others entrusted to them.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-Shinnosuke begs Heart to stop because the true evil was in humanity’s hearts and Banno is the greatest manifestation of that. Shinnosuke says that Roimudes were victims too and that Krim and people in general will understand that so humanity can NOW coexist with the Roimudes…. oops, the one Roimude left, Heart.

^I’m sorry? When was humanity ever the major aggressor here? Banno was a bastard and when they killed him the first time that should have been enough. I’m going to take this out of the real of “the other” and into the realm of another more commonly abused class who sometimes lethally retaliate against their oppressors. It is perfectly legal for a woman who is being abused by her husband to kill him in defense of herself. Knowing the full context of Heart’s relationship with Banno and Krim I totally accept and understand why he would want to get a crew together and snuff out these two who had tormented him and let the abuse continue respectively. As a nascent human with a lot of power, I think we can all let it slide.

Heart’s plan from then was to prove superiority to humanity is a militant action, but to the end of reaching Ultimate Evolution and a Promised Number to do the Second Global Freeze? And the First Global Freeze was what, a shot across the bow of humanity? Roimude’s have indefinite life spans, are more resilient, versatile and have vastly superior methods for absorbing and retaining knowledge, how are they intrinsically inferior to humans? What did Heart MEAN when he referred to one Roimude surpassing Humanity? Was it Medic in her selflessness and sacrifice to save Shinnosuke? Was it Brain sacrificing himself to save Medic? Was it Chase who was working to integrate the full spectrum of human emotion, before he nobly died fighting the monster Banno, so that another could complete what he had started?

This doesn’t make any sense. This show really breaks down completely at this point and embitters me towards it. What was the point? Nothing makes adequate sense under scrutiny. BESIDES the HERO spent the whole show eradicating the baddies without ever finding out if there was a better way.^

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Shinnosuke is at the SCU HQ at the driving school looking through some case files with Kiriko’s help.

-He is wrapping up one final case which had a Roimude doing bombings and was somehow related to Neo-Shade.

-The leader of Neo-Shade used an Eyecon (from the upcoming Kamen Rider Ghost) to evade capture when Shinnosuke, Gou and Chase went to capture him 1 month ago when he was working with Roimude’s.

-Honganji tells Shinnosuke that the Eyecon taken into evidence was stolen from the lab and asks him to find out what happened. Honganji encourages Shinnosuke to close this case with no regrets, at which point he will issue his transfer.

-Shinnosuke, Gou and Chase find Neo-Shade’s leader in a factory with some Roimudes who they have to fight to get to him. Chase tells Shinnosuke to go ahead while they deal with the Roimudes.

-On his heels Shinnosuke hears the word “Eyecon” as Neo-Shade’s leader is sitting on the floor holding something. Shinnosuke then watches in wonder as he undulates and moves about wildly until he is thrown several meters and it becomes clear that something is doing all this to him.

-The invisible entity then turns on Drive and attacks him thinking that he is trying to get the Eyecon. Before things go too far, Kamen Rider Ghost arrives and, as he fades in and out of sight fights the invisible foe and takes it away from the factory.

-Mr. Belt declares that what he is seeing is beyond the bounds of science!

-The Eyecon is left behind and Shinnosuke picks it up.

-Gen comes into the room just as Shinnosuke finishes telling the surprised Kiriko about what got this case started.

-Rinna who had been given the Eyecon to do some research on it had placed a tracking device with it, which they are using to track down OKAMURA KEISUKE a former member of Neo-Shade who was caught on security tape stealing the Eyecon.

-Thanks to Rinna and Kyu helping them from a lab, Shinnosuke, Kiriko and Gen arrive at the building where OKAMURA KEISUKE, or at least the Eyecon is.

-Shinnosuke tells Kiriko to stay outside the building, while he and Gen go in to apprehend the likely armed suspect, so she can catch him if he tries to escape. He warns her to stay safe and she tells him he should do the same.

-Gen tells Shinnosuke he can drop his front and relax doing this sort of work without Mr. Belt, since the whole SCU has his back. He should let himself be nervous and work through it without denying it, because they are doing something dangerous and only have each other to rely on.

-OKAMURA looks absolutely terrified as Shinnosuke and Gen find him and demand to know what he is doing with the Eyecon. After he tells Shinnosuke he is delivering it to Neo-Shade’s leader and the cop roughs him up, OKAMURA goes quiet about where his old boss is while Gen cuffs him and Shinnosuke checks out the Eyecon.

-Another unseen assailant attacks Shinnosuke to get the Eyecon. Once he is holding the Eyecon, Shinnosuke can see the black clad attacker, but still gets trounced by it.

-Okamura sees this and marvels at the power of the Eyecon and decides that perhaps he doesn’t need the Roimudes. He sees a pistol on the floor, grabs it and runs. Firing back at Gen as he pursues.

-Shinnosuke uselessly fires at the figure and gets only mockery in return and retorts that he’d never be able to face Mr. Belt again if he didn’t do all he could to stop the Eyecon seeker.

-Ghost appears and fights the attacker. Shinnosuke picks up the Eyecon he had dropped and watches the fight and sees Kamen Rider Ghost defeat the figure.

-Shinnosuke recalls seeing Kamen Rider Ghost before, but Ghost doesn’t seem to register it. Ghost’s little friend, a white and orange ghost puppets thing with a single eye asks Shinnosuke for its Eyecon back.

-Shinnosuke gets a call from Gen which Kamen Rider Ghost listens to. Because he hears that Okamura is holding Kiriko hostage and wants Shinnosuke to bring him the Eyecon, ostensibly, in exchange for her, Ghost tells Shinnosuke to hang on to the Eyeson for now but bring it back.

-The uncanny Yurusen objects, but Ghost says Shinnosuke needs the power of a Kamen Rider and that if he hangs onto the Eyecon, a miracle might just happen.

-Shinnosuke recalls Okamura’s interest in the Eyecons power and figures that that is what he wants.

-Okamura is holding Kiriko at gunpoint. He laughs at Shinnosuke and drops his sacred act, when the cop tells him he knows that he is actually the leader of Neo-Shade and that he is trying to revive his dismantled organization.

-Okamura tells Shinnosuke that his goal is to raze the world and rebuild it in his own image.

-Shinnosuke says he definitely won’t let him have the Eyecon in that case and Mr. Belt manifests along with the Shift Brace as Shinnosuke holds onto the Eyecon and declares that he isn’t the same person he was one year ago in response to Okamura questioning whether or not Shinnosuke values Kiriko’s life.

-Shinnosuke tells Okamura that he’s learned that Peace isn’t derived from killing all the monsters because True Evil comes from within the hearts of humanity, so he’ll go on protecting and serving people as a cop and as a non-transforming Kamen Rider.

-He gives The uncanny Yurusen the Eyecon and pulls out his pistol instead of transforming and the Belt and Shift Brace vanish.

-Shinnosuke aims his pistol at Okamura and asks Kiriko to trust him. She responds that she always does and as Okamura points his gun at Shinnolsuke, he shoots the gun out of his hand and then runs over to cuff him.

-Shinnosuke calls out the time and declares that Neo-Shade’s leader has been captured.

-Kamen Rider Ghost watches the scene form above and tells the uncanny Yurusen he thinks they’ll be seeing Shinnosuke again soon.

-Shinnosuke reports back to Honganji and Honganji delivers a message to him from Kirm after promoting him to 1st Divison, major crimes. The SCU who Shinnosuke had just praised for helping him make the arrest of Okamura, spills into the room when the double door they had all been leaning against to hear falls open.

-Honganji chides them and Kiriko goes over to Shinnosuke to congratulate him about his promotion.

At this point some text show up on the screen and tells about how Kiriko goes on to marry Shinnosuke and have a few kids with him, including Eiji from the Surprise Future Movie.

-Krim’s message to Shinnosuke is: after he finds out about his promotion “Even if you stall for a little while, you can always get yourself running again. This is the starting line to the rest of your life. Now it’s time to roll out Shinnosuke. Start your engine!”

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Sooo… this takes place about 20 days after the end of the show? And the events of the show only lasted about 6 months, it seems because Hayase and Shinnosuke were close to catching Neo-Shade on the night of the Global Freeze, which happened one year ago.

-Does Gou not seem unfriendly enough towards Chase here or is there not enough time or it?

-Leaving Kiriko behind sure doesn’t feel right or good. It’s a drag in fact. Did Sanjou forget how competent she is? [UPDATE: 09-06-2016 Kilo of Midnight Crew Subs let me knoe that SANJO did NOT write drive 48. Ghost’s writer Nobuhiro Mouri wrote Drive 48. I let my rage over the series blind me. -Ammit]

-Shinnosuke looks like he is back to police brutality. Fortunately Gen called him on being rough, I suppose.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-It’s really funny how Ghost eavesdrops on the phone call from Gen

-It feels really noble and heroic that Shinnosuke stops and gives back the Eyecon when The uncanny Yurusen says something.

-It’s even cooler that Kamen Rider Ghost tells him to take the Eyecon for now and bring it back later.

Best Line?

NEXT| Kamen Rider Ghost

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