Killing Our Darlings- Drive 45-46 -RX! 116

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

45 What Does is a Roimude’s Final Dream?


46 Why Do They Have To Fight?

Q1- Was Kiriko involved enough in these episodes?

Q2- How did Chase’s death work for you?

Q3- How did Medics death work for you?

Q4- How does Gou destroying Banno in the Gold Drive Driver feel to you? Was it appropriate? Too vengeful? Was it a Just act?

Q5- How did you like Chaser Mach on an emotional level? On an aesthetic level?

Q6- Did the events of these episodes change Gou and/or your perception of him?

Q7- What did you think about Hayase’s return?


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Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Gen, Honganji, Kyu and Rinna think that Riders as well as Heart and Brain, until the are saved by the Riders from enforcers who attacked them in The Pit.

-Gou saved them all by using DeadHeat’s finisher to hit them all…?

-Chase tries to help up Gou who seems to be injured, but denies it and the three of them destroy the enforcers, but Rinna reports to them that The Pit was destroyed.

-In The Pit, Kyu brings everyone the bad news that Banno is set up in the Special Defense HQ with a force field and the ground spikes from the opening credits. Mr. Belt says that they’ll need to modify Tridoron to get through, but Shinnosuke frets because the Pit is wrecked.

-Honganji takes everyone to the emergency back up Pit which HAYASE helped put together.

-Gou smirks at Chase’s observation that true friendship must be what drove Hayase to work so hard to help Shinnosuke despite his injuries.

-Shinnosuke calls Kiriko and tells her to stay out of the fray and struggles to tell her how he cares for her as a person.

-Gou comes in and mocks him, then reacts when Shinnosuke gives him a rebuttal tap. Before Shinnosuke can probe further, one of the Backup Pit crew calls him to take a look at Tridoron.

-Chase interrupts Gou’s unheard pleas to Shinnosuke to take care of Kiriko because he’ll likely die fighting Banno while injured this way. Chase has confirmed the injury and asks to take Gou’s place in the fight, so that he isn’t putting himself at undue risk. Gou refuses saying if he asked the same of Chase, he would fight anyway, so that is what he will do.

-The SCU plans to have the Riders enter the building while Gen and Rinna cut off it’s power to allow them to pass the force field… which Tridoron was being modified to do anyway?

-They drive to the Promised Land and burst through the spires coming up from the ground to stop them until they finally make their way into the building, at which point they hit an energy field and are knocked from their transformations.

-Banno reveals his master plan is to basically Apotheosize himself by turning all humanity into data so he can control them as he does Roimudes.

-Gou laughs at Banno’s plan, saying he thought it’d be more mad scientist-y… which it is. Anyway. Banno says Gou is his most disappointing creation, even though he said he had been much more useful than Kiriko a few episodes back and throws a gold energy bolt at him which Heart and Medic catch before it can hit him in thanks for Gou saving them.

-Heart tells Banno he wants to destroy the Sigma Circular to get back at him which flusters Banno. He calls them science fair projects and then rambles about his divine providence.

-Heart and Medic join the Riders in fighting Banno and the enforcers. Gout tells Heart that if he really wants to thank him, they should let him destroy Banno. Heart agrees and leaves to destroy the Sigma Circular with Medic and Drive. Chase stays with Gou to fight Banno.

-Drive, Heart and Medic are stopped by the Sigma force field and attacked by three enforcers

-Kamen Rider Chaser takes out three enforcers by himself while Gou’s injuries slow him down enough to give Banno an advantage. Banno Kicks him through the floor into a parking garage and Chase runs over to help Gou.

-Banno beats Chase and destroys his Driver. He then picks up the Signal Axe and insults Gou some more as he positions them so that he can kill Gou. Gou silently begs Kiriko’s forgiveness and accepts death.

-Chase transforms with the Brake Gunner and takes the hit to save Gou. Chase takes the opportunity to get in another shot at close range, but is fatally wounded. He gives Gou his Singal Bike and Driver’s license, mementos of his friendships that he wouldn’t want to be destroyed with him in his explosive death.

-Chase charges Banno and refuses to let go of him until he blows up.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Best Line?

 Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Gen is ridiculously nervous about his first official mission with Rinna, but she salvages the scene by adorably, if stupidly, grabbing his finger so they can simultaneously come down on the ENTER key, cutting the power to the FORCE FIELD in the building that was protecting the Sigma Circular.

-Banno mocks Chase’s sacrifice, saying that the efforts of fools are always wasted.

– Gou praises Chase for his kindness and says that he can’t imagine anything more thoughtless or twisted as Banno’s mind and he henshins again to avenge Chase.

-Kiriko is running in the rain, but pauses a moment, recalling the day of the Global Freeze, she is apprehensive that they are on the precipice of a second Global Freeze.

-Banno knocks Mach down. As Gou is falling he recalls his interactions with Chase and curses his foolishness for not allowing him to be a friend to Chase. He calls Banno to face him as the man who was once his father is walking away to let him die.

-Gou gives a rousing speech to Banno about how he could never forgive him for all he has done, especially for killing his friend. Gou asks for Chase to fight with him and uses Signal Bike Chaser to access a newish form, Chaser Mach.

-Chaser Mach makes Mack faster than Banno and Chase’s/Machine Chaser Shift Cars (Spider, Bat, Cobra) even protect Mach from a devastating blow dealt b Banno.

-Gou yells at Banno to give “us” back “our” weapons, referring to Chase still being with him. Mach turns the fight around and when Banno has had enough the do a Rider kick showdown, in which Kamen Rider Chaser materializes and Banno is destroyed.

-Kiriko finds Gou just after his transformation breaks and is elated to see that he beat Gold Drive, but she sense something is wrong with Gou. He tells her that Chase is dead and laments that he “couldn’t… have known” Chase would die and should have told him he was his friend.

-Drive, Medic and Heart destroy the enforcers. Medic tries to heal them but can’t. She and Heart remark on the fact that this is Banno’s fault and they regret not being able to do more and, but are grateful for Brain’s sacrifice.

-Heart tells Shinnosuke that once Banno’s scheme is dealt with, the will have to settle the score with humanity. Shinnosuke tries to rebutt but is cut off by a call from Kiriko. She tells him of  Chase’s heroic death and implores him to stop the Sigma Circular. Shinnosuke tells Heart and Medic what happened and their grief and parting words are interrupted by a Density Shift wave emanating from Banno’s device.

-The Density Shift from Sigma is so powerful it affects the Shijima siblings despite the fact that they are wearing their Core Driviar accessories. Evil Belt Dad who it seems was only mostly dead laughs at his success and tells his children that Sigma will inherit his will and continue his machinations.

-There is an awkward cut to Gen and Rinna suffering the effects of Density Shift, then right to shinnosuke transforming.

-Medic is somehow no longer able to deal with the Density Shift and tells Heart to go with Drive to stop Sigma.

^Is this a case of woman as incompetent?

-Banno is excited about continuing his life by transferring his data, but gets nervous when Gou looks over him with the Signal Axe and readies it to destroy Banno. Kiriko watches this all in her frozen state until Gou gives her DeadHeat and the Mach Signal Bike. He tells her to go help Shinnosuke.

-Heart and Shinnosuke get to Sigma too late and she/it is ready to start the Global Freeze and the conversion of all people into data. They try to fight Sigma, but it is too fast and shoots lasers.

-Mr. Belt says they don’t have enough power and Shinnosuke’s big idea is to just do simultaneous finishers at Sigma to see if that works.

-Sigma stops them, stabbing Heart in his external heart with one of those Black RX homage spires and then she does Constrict on both of them and throws them down. Shinnosuke’s transformation breaks and Sigma declares it has eliminated the threats.

-Medic crawls into the room and as Sigma is gathering power for a finishing blow, Medic cries out that Shinnosuke has to get up. She desperately cries that she doesn’t care what happens to her and her body disintegrates, but she appears in front of Shinnosuke as the Angel she was on the night of the Global Freeze. She heals him with the last of her strength and says she understands what Brain must have felt. She tells Shinnosuke she has FAITH in him and Mr. Heart to not let her sacrifice be in vain. She dies and they cry out in pain.

-Sigma attacks him, but Shinnosuke transforms into Type Tridoron and is saved from the deadly blast.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Best Line?

NEXT| 47 Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

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