GP Stands for GOLGOM PLOT!!- Drive GP -RX! 114

Today we’re putting SHOCKER’s time travel, but not-time travel, history alteration Rider/Sentai Crossover that barely features  Ninninger to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

(Is this the title?) Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider #3

Q1-Does the Kamen Rider #3 design succeed as a Showa era design in form and function? What breaks or sells it for you?

Q2-How did Kuroi and Great Leader’s plan work for you?

Q3-Did you enjoy seeing busload of Riders in this movie?

Q4-Do you see any way for another Rider Taisen movie where Riders fight each other, like here in GP, to work? Did it work this time?

Q5-Was there enough Minami Kotaro, Inui Takumi, Yuuto and Tachibana Sayuki in this movie? Was there too much Kuroi?

[OrangeLion] Super Hero Taisen GP - Rider #3 SD [003C4160].mp4_snapshot_00.12.38_[2015.08.25_05.54.34] [OrangeLion] Super Hero Taisen GP - Rider #3 SD [003C4160].mp4_snapshot_00.12.46_[2015.08.25_05.54.49] [OrangeLion] Super Hero Taisen GP - Rider #3 SD [003C4160].mp4_snapshot_00.12.50_[2015.08.25_05.54.57] Save As to Download

Ammit’s Notes

-Seeing Rider 3 defeat the Double Riders had a surprisingly hefty impact on me. Was it shot particularly well? I wonder if anyone else felt the same, or did it just fall flat for others?

-Rider 3’s design is a thing of beauty and seeing both the Ishinomouri-derived tech within his body activating as well as the manga-Rider 1 belt-side rockets going was really something special.

THE SCU introduction felt a little cheesy…

-How long does green fog take to travel through time and space?

-The subtlety of one of Mach’s Bikes saving Kiriko’s mind from the effects of the green… tie fog… is fun. I almost missed it, but was rewarded for paying attention.

-I apparently really like Ryouma. He is a talented young man and his shift from our Shinnosuke to SHOCKER-nosuke was really fun to watch.

-I appreciate the outfit changes, but his looks less than official…

-OK… so with the turn they made on the SCU being reintroduced as a group that deals with Kamen Riders in the Shocker world as opposed to them dealing with monsters in the normal world of Drive, I like the introduction. This is a good way to start things off.

-Shocker’s Japan is like North Korea.

-OK… so it isn’t North Korea, it’s Nazi Germany… or Nazi Japan… it’s Nazism alright. Shocker is a totalitarian regime that uses Nationalism as their tool to control the population by stratifying society into segments that seek to avoid notice of authorities and those who seek to seize control so that they can do their part to keep their country strong.

-That was sickening to see Black Shogun telling those kids that they’ll be just like Rider 1 if they are good enough and strong enough, especially because they just eat it up.

-Minami Kotaro makes me cry. From the time he shows up on screen at the racetrack to the time he gets taken out, it’s just beautiful.

-Minami Kotaro and the Chief’s death opening Shinnosuke’s eyes is interesting. Also, the implication that Kotaro had been under control for some time is nice and sad. So Shinnosuke just bought into the Nationalism but had his scruples.


-Is it possible that only being so close to the upper echelons of Shocker’s totalitarian state would afford someone the ability to see the truth behind the lies? I’m not sure. There were some terrified looking people in the crowd during that parade earlier.

-Shinnosuke fights with Gen who becomes CheetahSnail and Kriko jumps off the SCU building to her death after being caught by Black Shogun/Chamellion Guy.

WTF did Kiriko just jump off the building?

-Before CheetahSnail can kill the distraught Shinnosuke, Rider 3 drifts onto the scene and bids him escape

-Kyuoichiriou Kuroi introduces himself to Shinnosuke and tells him that he awakened to Justice just like Riders 1 and 2. He explains that 1 and 2 are still alive and that ehy are still fighting Shocker.

-Kuroi tells Shinnosuke that Riders 1 and 2 are in Rider Town where all the other Riders who want to fight against Shocker are gathering to stand against Shocker.

-Kuroi asks Shinnosuke to go with him to Rider Town, but V3 and Riderman try to stop them. Rider 3 beats them and scoffs. X, Amazon and Stronger join the fight, as does Gou who comes along to beat the 3 Shocker Riders at mach speed.

-Shinnosuke pleads with Rider 3 to stop beating X before he beats him to death.

An unknown Rider guy was watching them from afar.

-““I don’t care about winning” those are the words of a loser.” So says Kuroi.

-More from Kuroi:

“Win, and you represent justice. Lose, and you’re evil.”

“History is written by the victors, after all.”

-Kamen Rider J attacks them in his Jumbo form at night in the forest!!! This is AMAZING!!!!

-Shinnosuke is rescued by the floating space-train tracks of Yuuto Sakurai, Kamen Rider Zeronos.

-Yuuto tells Shinnosuke that Rider 3 doesn’t actually exist in any history, but that on October 2, 1973 Rider 3 killed Riders 1 and 2. Yuuto says that he’ll keep his eyes on Kuroi.

-The shot at the dam where Kuroi fights Chalice to let Yuuto, Gou and Tachibana go through those two doors was really cool… I think. It had to be an edit because there’s no way that could have gotten out of that door so fast, but it seemed really cool.

-Rider 3 coming in and saving Gou and Yuuto was really cool- busting through that wall.

-I enjoy Mach/Gou so much more in this movie than in Drive proper.

-Yuuto seems really cool, too. But darker than I suspected. I can’t believe Kuroi had to stop him from killing Tachibana.

-The chemistry between Gou, Kuroi and Yuuto is really nice.

-Mach V Faiz Accel was super cool. I like them speed effects.

-Takumi tells Gou that Rider 3 is a Shocker Rider, but we see him apparently sacrifice himself to save Yuuto.

-Shinnosuke shows up after the big reveal that Rider 3 is with Shocker and that the whole Rider Town idea is bait to get all the good Riders to get trapped and killed in shocker Town. Shinnosuke does a good job of using Shocker’s and Rider 3’s own words against them to bait them into deciding who lives and dies based on a race.

-ALSO, Kiriko is alive. Gen has her. He says she is too valuable a hostage to let die.

-The production Shocker put into this race is ridiculous and I kind of love it.

-Showing the race tracker was really cool to let us know about where everybody was on the track relative to each other.

-I like how Takumi starts off saying he doesn’t care about the world, but then says if he’s going to be a Rider he has to at least care about children’s smiles. He’s suck a loveable jerk.

-Shinnosuke confronts Kuroi saying he still has a human heart and regrets killing Riders 1 and 2 and that’s why he feels he has to beat all the Kamen riders- it is all he has left. Rider 3 slugs him and says he will win despite Shinnosuke’s insistence that what is done in the present is more important than how it is remembered in the future.

-Kuroi races to the finish line attacking others along the way. The Shocker Youth kids are shocked to see that Drive is saving his enemies even as he works to win the race.

-A lone child in a crowd of spectators call out support for Kamen Rider and is defended form Shocker’s soldiers by the crowd of civilians around him who work together to overpower the agents of the state.

-Shinnosuke narrowly wins the race and talks to Kuroi about how losing earlier helped him learn and beat Kuroi in the race.

-Shocker’s Great Leader captures Rider 3, the strongest and fastest of the Shocker Riders and merges it with his own soul which somehow inhabits the the History Changing Machine, which is a giant Rider looking robot which can apparently change history and which he intends to use to erase the concept of Kamen Rider from history.

-Deneb, along with the former Shocker boys frees Yuuto and Kiriko.

-Riders 1 and 2 come back, using the Great Leader’s revival abilities and free the other Ridees from his mind control and an all Rider vs Shocker fight breaks out. JUMBO Kamen Rider J even fights the Great Leader mecha until the History erasing beam or whatever destroys him and Rider after Rider, until Rider 3 breaks free from the History Changing Machine and agrees to defeat the Great Leader alongside all the Riders even though it will result in his unmaking.

-Asweome Rider X Nemesis bouts breakout everywhere while, Let’s Go rider Kick! plays.

-The Ninningers show up and I check out… at least they’re there to take care of the Shocekr mech

-Why ins’t Mach as cool as this in the show? His fight against the Chameleon guy with yellow boots is so cool, with all the speed effects. We need more of this in DRIVE!!!

-Rider 3’s Rider Punch was awesome!

-Awww. Poor Gou dies. Ok. Whatever.

-At least Black RX was mad about Gou’s death. That’s what a Rider should do.

-It’s funny that Gou stays dead in this timeline from the movie, but then he is back in the show.

-How does this fit back into the show with the Ninninger crossover? It doesn’t really, does it?

-I love the manga ending credits. They do a really decent solid job of emulating Ishinomouri’s hand. The Ninningers probably came of the best, followed by Black and RX and the Double Riders + Rider 3. Who did the end credits art?

Thanks GourdCaptain, Jason, GameraSith and SwirrlyJiffy for sharing your thoughts with us?

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