One Bad Dad-Drive 39-40 -RX! 112

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

39 When Will the Tornado Kidnapper Strike?


40 Why Did the Two Brilliant Scientists Collide?

Q1-What did you think of the decoy/fake couples in 39? Was it exciting, irritating, should there have been more to it?

Q2– I thought Gou was changing and becoming more nuanced and less blinded by hate for Roimudes, have I just been reading him wrong or is Gou written inconsistently?

Q3-Do we did Tornado insulting Rinna and Shinnosuke? Was it weird that Shinnosuke went so nuts after being called undateable?

Q4-Is Señoirnado too skeevy for anyone? Did the stuff with him and the abductees, including Kiriko, go too far for anyone?

Q5-Did anyone else think it was weird that Shinnosuke slams Tornado for turning George Shirogane’s dream into a twisted reality? Wasn’t it already twisted?

Q6-So… this show is all about family then? What are your thoughts on Chase observing the family dynamics and wanting to devote his life to protecting humanity after seeing the lows and heights of humanity in Gou, Kiriko and Shinnosuke?

Q7-Do you still feel like Krim isn’t to be trusted?


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Uhhh…. I guess I should actually do this then. 008, Mr. Tornado is kidnapping women in a certain area inorder to further some goal Heart has which may or may not be his own Ultimate Evolution, which is definitely a goal he has. It is hard to tell if that is what Heart wants him to do as well.

-A quick aside, Shinnosuke and Gou talk about Roimudes and gou reaffirms that he is a hateful bigot, I guess. IS THIS JUST POOR/INCONSISTENT WRITING?

-Hearts asks Medic to restore Brain so they’ll be halfway to the Promised Number and encourages Sr. Tornado in pursuit of his Ultimate Evolution while in the Sonozaki’s Museum from W.

-Since Señornado is abducting women who are part of a couple, leaving behind the man to report it and I’m sure feel some emotion, the SCU decides to go undercover as couples to catch him in the act.

-In order to pull off the sting, Chase is getting a motorcycle/car driver’s license, which sort of has Gou jealous, since his license is only for motorcycles.

-The evil Evil Hot Wheel approaches Gou as he is watching Chase go through his accelerated driving course and asks him if he might happen to have a god-dad in something like an ipad and when he pulls AL-Banno out of his bag the two have words, but Krim jets when he senses danger.

-Rinna and Gen pair off. She is thrilled and he is a bit flummoxed by her enthusiasm for the operation.

-Shinnosuke and Kiriko are in a cute red VW Bug.

-Gou tries to follow after Krim to help out as Señornado is attacking Gen and Rinna, but 006 and his Gunfinger Gangsters show up to stop him. Gou flips himself off a balcony to finish his transformation and Chase joins after glimpsing it in his rear view mirror.

-Señornado catches Rinna after she struggles with him for a bit and says he made a mistake. She attacks him for the slight and Shinnosuke shows up to help. He asks what the deal is and Tornado introduces himself and really sets Shinnosuke off by saying that a loser who couldn’t get a date could never understand someone who is carried by the winds of passion like him.

-Krim tells Shinnosuke to use Formula instead of Wild to fight Tornado because Tornado can control wind. I don’t get it, but. OK. Shonnsouke gets dizzy so they switch to Tridoron so Krim can take the wheel and Señornado leaves calling them weak, btu saying he needs his Ultimate Evolution first, at which point he’ll beat them.

-Kyu makes an appearance and let everyone know that 008 took his look from George Shirogane, a globetrotting fashion designer.

-Krim suggests they continue their meeting in the Pit and they find AL-Banno has placed himself there and is accessing the equipment.

-AL-Banno introduces himself to Shinnosuke and Honganji as creator of the Roimudes and Gou and Kiriko’s father.

-Heart visits Tornado where he is storing the abducted women and encourages him again to reach Ultimate Evolution. He mentions that no one knows where 004 is, so 006 and Tornado are their best bet to reach the Promised Number.

-Kiriko, Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt have a very uncomfortable conversation where Shinnosuke says he trust Mr. Belt without question and he wants to see if AL-Banno can earn that trust to. He also calls Mr. Belt sketchy and Krim doesn’t really apologize to Kiriko for keeping her in the dark.

-Shinnosuke, Kiriko Gou and Mr. Belt arrive at the place where AL-Banno predicted Señornado’s abductees would be. He rejects the three women and says they can have them back, but “Wows” at Kiriko, but the fight moves outside before he can do anything.

-UE Heart X Type Tridoron + Mach dead Heat X Tornado, but Gou leaves Tornado alone so he can help Shinnosuke. They double team Heart, but fail to defeat him. Tornado abducts Kiriko and god-dad ipad rides the Rider Boosters and uses them to attack Gou and Shinnosuke.

-Type Tridoron fall down a mountain on fire and Roimude 004 steal Mr. Belt from Shinnosuke and kicks him, knocking him out.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Gou has more than two lines and his prejudice comes out again in full flower as he tells Shinnosuke he is naïve for thinking the Roimudes are anything more than machines set to be scrapped by the Riders.

-Krim specifically sites AL-Banno stealing his belt design as a reason not to trust him. How many scientists were researching consciousness transfer?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-WTF! At 90 seconds into the episode? “This girl is too good for a slob like you.” SHE looked happy to me. Isn’t her choice to be with a schlub if she wants?

-WTF Count: Number 2: THEY’RE in the MUSEUM of MUSEUM. That is not OK. I get that Toei reuses shooting locations, but this is going a little far, putting the Villains of Evolution in in a museum and Heart telling Medic to bring back the childish guy made of data. It’s too much!

-Chase is ADORABLE with how serious and… robotic he is regarding the driver’s license test

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Gou and Heart find Shinnosuke and they have a big conversation that leaves Gou hating Banno and clears up a lot of the back story from Heart’s perspective.

Banno is pretty much evil

Kiriko remembers asking her mom about their father and her mom getting really sad, but Gou was likely too young to remember

He and Krim worked together quite openly until Krim left when Banno was torturing 002/Heart after having him assume the visage of an entrepreneur who didn’t believe in his work, it looked like for moral reasons

After Krim left, Banno started programming negative emotions into the other Roimude

Heart had his human form 15 years ago and has kept it to show Banno and the world that he is a really swell guy who will rise above what happened to him

-AL-Banno is instructing 004 to 3D print the Drive Driver and insert a piece of tech into Mr. Belt, so that Krim will know that the world belongs to AL-Banno.

-Chase pursues Kiriko and Señornado, but fails to stop him.

-Shinnosuke encourages Gou to get up and help him save Kiriko and Mr. Belt, then he leaves him saying he knows he’ll get up because he is a Kamen Rider.

-Shinnosuke finds AL-Banno’s ad hoc lab thanks to Rinna’s smarts and recovers Mr. Belt, but only after AL-Banno has transferred his consciousness to the his Drive Driver. 004 takes it and runs.

-Back at the Pit Kyu has found information on George Shirogane which leads Shinnosuke to a church where Señornado is trying to force a handcuffed Kiriko to marry him while she wears a necklace he designed.

-Shinnosuke wrecks the necklace and triggers Tornado’s defeat flag by getting him to monologue about the real George Shirogane who he killed because his shallow and empty dream resonated with him. I guess tornado is vapid and empty, so that makes sense.

-Gou shows up to help Shinnosuke when Tornado blows on Shift Car Tridoron, disabling it for a bit. Gou vows to destroy everything that threatens humanity, even god-dad ipad and they do a cool team up to beat Tornado. It only kind of works.

-Chase frees Kiriko then proudly presents his driver’s license and says that he’ll help the guys in Tridoron. He uses Tridoron with the boosters and they defeat him with some ridiculous flying Tridoron action.

-Gou and Shinnosuke have a brofest while Heart laments his failure to protect Tornado.

-Kiriko, Gou and Shinnosuke celebrate their reunion and Chase reflects on the nature of family and how he will dedicate himself to protecting humans and families.

-Brain has his body back, 006 is itching to kill Banno and become the third Ultimate Evolution and Medic REALLY wants to be the fourth, no matter what.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-008, 006 and Chase are all called executioners. Heart says that 006 and 008 are the best bet the Roimude’s have to reach the Promised Number. Brain told Chase he’d play a role in the Promised Number. Does being of that executioner status, so to speak, mean something special that puts those in that “class” closer to Ultimate Evolution?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative



Best Line?

“That narcissist was as shallow as a kiddie pool.”

-Tornado RE: George Shirogane

NEXT| 41 How Was the Golden Drive Created?

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