Burger Jump- Rider Jump 7

4-Rider Jump -B

We’re not JUST talking about food this week as the title may suggest, but the show does start with Tater Salad and end with banana burgers. Again, there is some serious discussion in the middle of all that about fans creating on a thing they love. Are fan creators good or bad? Does it depend? What can fan creators do to ensure that they are making a derivative work the original creator would enjoy or be proud of? Is that the point?

We want to hear from you in the comment. We don’t know everything, so please share your thoughts with us on this topic. What do you think about fans working on properties they hold dear?

You can reach us through @unKamenRX or the show’s inbox to submit any questions, suggest topics for future shows or just let us know how we’re doing.

This episode’s hosts can be reached @TrialOfHeroes for Ammit, @NeedsMoreAleph for Aleph and @SonoyourFace for Sono.

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One thought on “Burger Jump- Rider Jump 7

  1. That bit about kids Japan being too confused about Decade to pay attention in class – I really want that to be true.

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