Week-Old Takeout-Drive 37-38 -RX! 111

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

37 Who Pursues the Ultimate Flavor?


38 Why Does the Devil Seek Out Evolution?

Q1-Did anyone else feel sympathy for the guy who turned into that Red Core Roimude Shinnosuke destroyed at the beginning of the episode? Wait, did Shinnosuke kill him? Where did the guy go, the 068 Core blew up, but what about him?!

Q2– Did it feel like Shinnosuke was saying, “it’s time for genocide?” when he spoke of wiping out all the other Roiumudes?

Q3-Is Mad Doctor being applied to liberally and without consequence from Type Tridoron?

Q4-Has some of the unKamenCrew’s confusion about timelines and the like come from the fact that we are relying on an unreliable narrator or outright liar in Mr. Belt? What with 37 making Krim look less than good from AlBanno’s perspective and the preview for 37 questioning the absolute evil of the Roimudes, he really may turn out to be the bad guy.

Q5-Did the Miho X Okumura revelation and interplay seem really overtly sexual to anyone else? Between the way she made him come alive more, flavors were multiplied and made more intense, the way she was grabbing on his arm and asking him to fight for her, his exposed tongue, etc.

Q6– When Gou said he is just there to destroy Roimudes, did it feel any different from before to you?

Q7– The focus on “evolution” in this and Gaim is feeling more and more jarring and it feels almost like it’s gonna turn out that Belt is another Sagara in some way.

Q8– Y’all, for all Heart’s got vague and kinda-silly ambitions whose implementation I sorta question, I sorta feel like he’s been the most consistently-written character in the show (which isn’t saying much).  More, he’s actually one of the more likeable.

Q9-So Chase is gonna be the #4 of the finally-explained Promised Number, right?

38-Just Like HeartA Hero who aspires to be like the chief villain of the series. That sure is something else.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Shinnosuke dispatched a red Roimude just moments after the young man with whom the Viral Core had fused stumbled through a market and collapsed, which led to him basically spontaneously combusting into a Roimude which wildly attacked the people in the area.

-Drive Type Tridoron uses the People Saver combination to put out the fires and heal people.

-Shinnosuke boasts of his renewed vigor to destroy all Roimudes after their co-creator praises him for being so on point after solving the mystery behind his dad’s murder.

-Shinnosuke notices a burnt flyer and the ground and takes it from the site of the attack.

-Honganji proudly presents the SCU with the fact that they are now an officially sanctioned Major Crimes task force.

-Rinna unveils her Roimude hit list, which keeps track of the Roimudes destroyed and ye tto be destroyed. There are 45 left. Kiriko reminds everyone they should probably be concerned about the fact that the last 3 or 4 have been setting fires.

-Kyu calls Shinnosuke about the singed paper from that morning’s fire and tells him and the others to help him find the Restauraunt Supreme, an exclusive eatery whose chef, Okumura Matsutarou, remembers seeing the man who was host to 068. The chef sends out directions to people who make reservations to the restaurant, and brings a list of addresses to the police so they can discover the man’s identity.

-The Chef is so flattered by Kyu’s exuberance for the restaurant that he asks his Sous Chef Masukawa Miho to prepare a table for them all. Itakagi Yuu, another Sous Chef is cowering in the kitchen when Chef Okumura calls him for help serving their guests.

-A very… Western appareled man, apparently 008 meets with the potentially Yakuza Roimude, 006 because heart has called them back from overseas to help him with a few problems. He lays out their agenda:

FIRST: to defeat the Rider and their police assisstants.

SECOND: recovering Banno Tenjuurou or destroying him if recovery is not possible.

THIRD: completing the Priomised number by gathering enough Ultimately Evolved Roimudes.

006 says that’s all great, but brings Heart’s attention to the string of fires. Heart is displeased.

-After a minute or two of food porn, we see Medic hanging outside Supreme looking tense. Brain keeps begging for a body and saying Heart wouldn’t approve of such secrecy, but she quiets him and says she running out of time,

-Chase interrupts Gou hanging with his ghost dad/Ipad in a warehouse by coming along to offer thanks for the assistance and ask Al-Banno to work with Krim. AlBanno doesn’t want to work with Krim because that would crush Gou’s efforts to keep the secret from Kiriko. When Gou was in America he learned THE TRUTH and vowed to destroy all the Roimudes before Kiriko could find out.

-006 shows up with his boys and they fight Mach and Chaser. 006 doesn’t transform at all, but still beats Mach enough to almost get the tablet.

-in the Drive Pit they exposit that the Roimudes who eat at Supreme must go all flamey for some reason, but that it is the common link between them.

-Kiriko and Shinnosuke go to the restaurant and pursure Itakagi Yuu who seems to be stealing some of Chef Okumura’s special golden sauce, which is what makes his food so delicious.

-Krim takes the wheel and is about to finish off the hybrid Roimude, when Medic shows up with an enforcer. She snatches the golden sauce from Cook and throws it in her enforcer’s face, making it spit flames. Shinnosuke takes the wheel again and douses the enforcer in the fountain.

-Medic clarifies that she was hoping to spark one of the Roimude victims of the honfleur sauce to achieve Ultimate Evolution to expedite the extinction of humanity. She orders Cook to kill Drive and the Reaper holding him to help stick the shot.

-Heart shows up and helps the Reaper then turns his anger towards Medic for hurting their friends. He tells her Ultimate Evolution is so much more meaningful when you wait to achieve it with the right person and he calls out Shinnosuke to fight him.

-Heart tells Shinnosuke that his power is that he can surpass any enemy once he has borne their attacks. He requests Type Tridoron’s big canon finisher, and meets Shinnosuke with a firey punch that knocks Mr. Belt loose when Shinosuke refuses to give him the canon.

-Heart is in good form while Shinnosuke is on the ground, just about defenseless.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


– Where did the man hosting 068 go? Did Shinnosuke kill him? Where is his body?

-006 is an overseas Executioner, like Chase was in Tokyo, then, right?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative



Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Heart tells Tomari he need not worry, that he wouldn’t do something as barbaric as fight him when he can’t transform and he exposits that the Rimude will fight to evolve and rule over humanity, not destroy them. They will not destroy humans because then who would witness there greatness and there are some interesting specimens like Shinnosuke.

-Shinnosuke tells Heart that he did always seem different from other Roimudes and that he and chase are similar.

-Hearts leaves to find Medic and give her the cold shoulder.

-Brain taunts Medic about losing Hearts trust and demands she give him another body.

-The SCU stakes out Restaurant Supreme to see which chef is the Roimude and stop them from taking the Golden Sauce to Medic. After a short fight Head chef Okumura is beaten out of his transformation along with Masukawa Miho who is the Roimude he fused with.

-Gou sees Medic transformed and in possession of the Golden Sauce and wants to join the fight to help Chaser and Drive, but Banno tells him that he shouldn’t reveal their positon. Gou shoots Medic and transforms to help out, telling Shinnosuke that he is just there to destroy Roimudes.

-The three Riders defeat the two Reapers, 090 and Medic temporarily. Shinnosuke arrests Okumura while some male voice whales in the background.

-Medic says she was doing all this to give the Golden Sauce to Heart so he could reach his Ultimate Evolution. Gou doesn’t care and tries to kill her while she is on the floor crying, but Shinnosuke saves her.

-Shinnosuke says that because she cares SO deeply for Heart, she is like Chase, like a human and so are the others and he wants to face them on even terms, head to head like Heart.

(But what about those 3-4 Roimudes she was basically willing to kill for Heart’s evolution?)

-Heart hugs Medic when she asks him to execute him for her failure. He tells her he doesn’t want her dwindling their numbers anymore because they are so few. She promises not to betray his wishes again and leaves so he can fight Drive, his honorable foe.

-Shinnosuke says he just did what Heart would do, but he will defeat him as long as he threatens humanity. Heart is overjoyed at this and reaches his Ultimate Evolution. Heart dehenshins and gets a hug form Medic. He tells Shinnosuke that once four Ultimate Evolutions have been reached they will have the Promised Number… then they leave.

-Apparently Dr. Banno saved them from a devastating blast from Heart which allowed them to survive the encounter. He wonders what Krim will think of that and I wonder why this was edited and directed so oddly in this section. I was confused by the cut from Heart and Medic to Shinnosuke and the others.

-Surprise future Krim was apparently watching and … I don’t even know what to think.

OK, UHHHH… Episode ¼ What Are Krim Steinbelt’s True Intentions?

Apparently Krim was just using Shinnosuke to get himself a body and rule the world with his android soldiers…?

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Heart says they fight to evolve just as humans have throughout history. This opens them up to be more grey, doesn’t it? Sure they’re immature, but that is a mercy to them, because they’re like children.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative



NEXT| 39 When Will the Tornado Kidnapper Strike?

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