Two Tomaris With the Same Gun-Drive 35-36 -RX! 110

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

34 Who Killed Tomari Eisuke?

35 Why Are They Imprisoned?


36 Where on the Side of Justice Will the Bullet Fall?

Q1-How does episode 35 work for you? Are you satisfied with the fact that so much focus is being put on the SCU? What do you think about Sanjou, through Nira, making the SCU members appear part of a conspiracy by having provided instances where they were in close contact with Roimudes?

Q2-Does anyone have anything to say about lying to Kiriko about AI-Banno?

Q3-Did you enjoy seeing the dynamics change in Heart, Brain, Medic relationship?

Q4-Is it a contrivance that Shinnosuke apparently chose to untransform while chasing Nira, who granted had no more ability to transform as far as Shinnosuke knew, to arrest him? Should he have been dehenshined by Brain’s attack instead?

Q5-What do you think may come from this new alliance with AIBanno?

Q6-Has Gou been redeemed?

Q7-Did we have too little Krim as Tridoron this episode?

Q8-Is it a failing that only Kiriko showed up at the end of the episode and not the entire SCU?

Q9-How do you feel about a Kamen Rider holding a gun on a civilian, no matter how jerky they are?

Q10-Was Nira a worthy foe or just a distraction?

Caption Fodder-SCU - RX110-A

UPDATE: There was an issue with the audio falling out of sync at about 90 minutes in. It has been corrected.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-The little lady and the Super Cup go to a metro police forensics lab where a crime has occurred. There they encounter Minowa Mariko a Kamen Rider fan and unorganized forensics scientist who wants to behold Shinnosuke’s transformation.

-After a short encounter with hybrid Roimude 106 and it’s person, Shinnosuke let’s the suspected thief evade detention when people are put in danger. He managed to beat a document out of 106 though and uses that as a lead to find out what is going on.

-Brain helps 106 escape and pushes the hybrid Roimude to keep working for him, then says something about wanting to be a shiny Roimude too.

-Gen tells Kiriko and Shinnosuke about Shigeta Shizuo the 59 years old head of the forensics lab’s physics department who went missing a few days before the theft. Mariko says that the stolen item is old evidence Captain Shigeta was looking into from an old case.

-The document the Roimude had was evidence, a ballistic report from Tomari Eisuke’s shooting. Captain Shigeta may have had his memories altered after working on that case 12 years ago.

-Apparently since Makage was defeated people’s shattered memories are starting to return, but ALSO Honganji and Nira are spritzing as many cops as they can with Rinna’s anti-Freeze spray.

-Nira gives Shinnosuke a list of places Makage used for various reasons and he and Kiriko go to investigate them to see if they can find Captain Shigeta.

-Heart interrupts their search to increase his JOY by tangling with Drive. He uses the Hyper Density Shift ability Machine Chaser used just before reverting back to his original programming. Drive counters with Type Formula and tells Kiriko she should get out of the frey.

-Kiriko sees Medic and Brain watching the fight in their monster forms and Medic humble brags about having worked so hard on Chase and how she was able to pivot those efforts to helping out Heart.

-Brain is jealous about his apparent lack of utility and attacks Kiriko demanding to know where Gou is. Kamen Rider Chaser stops him and calls for a reteat. They all wonder where Gou is and how exactly Heart found them right away. Chase is confident Gou is just trying to figure out what to do next and Shinnosuke suspects Heart found him somehow through the use of Nira’s list.

-The Dr. Banno AI asks Gou if he knew who he was when he “rescued” him from Brain’s possession. Gou’s response: “Of course, dad.”

-Brain and 106 questions the captured Captain Shigeta. They want to find the gun that shot Tomari Eisuke as the one that is in evidence isn’t the right one. Makage had Shigeta hide the evidence. Honganji shows up and baits the Roimude to attack him. Drive counters and knocks the Roimude and Nira separate from each other.

-Shinnosuke and the others tracked Nira with a transmitter in the bottle of Anti-Freeze 2.0 they gave him as a ruse to find out his true involvement with the Roimudes

-Brain listens to a delicious tale of jealousy as Nira explains why he hated Eisuke so much and how his envy over his colleague led him to murder him when Negishi and Maruya failed to shoot him during the bank robbery.

-Makage covered up Nira’s involvement in the shooting and took his gun as a surety that Nira would work for him.

-Nira laughs at Shinnosuke for still not getting it and brain sends 106 to go merge with him again… while he is holding the Red Viral Core… So Shinnosuke shifts into Turbo and uses Type Tridoron.

-Brain and Nira aren’t enough but Brain takes Nira with him as Shinnosuke has to deal with 106 who has turned into a giant bat car.

-Back in the Metro PD Forensics lab they find that the gun is missing, but Minowa assured everyone that is should be easy to find out what happened because they’re in a forensics lab. She proceeds to check Kiriko with an elbow nudge.

-Brain embraces Nira and tells him he wants to merge with him and be reborn as the Thief Roimude. Nira holds up the (red) Viral Core and they merge, but Brain quickly comes out hot, and glowing yellow

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-HOW exactly do the Viral Cores and Roimudes work again? I thought the human was possessed by a Roimude that came FROM a (red) Viral Core, but Nira was holding one when 106 was leaving with Brain. Has something changed with the way the Roimudes work?

 Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Best Line?

Nira: This is human Nature, boy. Every person has a monster on the inside!”

Shinnosuke: don’t assume everyone is like you.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Nira is trying to kill Yukari and ensure that he is legally able to slide on murdering Eisuke.

-Gou pushes Chase away when he asks him to help him out by using the dr. Banno AI like he did with Shinnosuke and reminds him to keep Kiriko from learning about AIBanno

-Brain mocks Medic and tells her she has to respect his authori-tay and brutalizes her when she refuses to.

-Heart stops Brain from killing Medic by coming along and telling him how happy he is that he has achieved his ultimate evolution.

-Brain laps up Medic’s jealousy and says he’s out to got some from Shinnosuke next…

-Honganji and Shinnosuke talk on the roof, where Shinnosuke learns that his dad would look over the city the same as him and Honganji does it when he’s stuck on a case too. Honganji says he regrets that he neglected to tell Eisuke that his fortune was “Very Bad” on the day he got shot. The captain admits that he lost his way over the 12 years and warns that Nira will be very dangerous as Shinnosuke closes in on apprehending him.

-Nira holds a press conference wherein he tells of Makage being 001 and the killer of Tomari Eisuke AND uses the close interactions that the SCU has had with Roimudes as evidence that they have been assisting Shinnosuke in a power struggle over the Roimudes. He and brain lay out all the claims, then Nira vows that the police will restore their honor by dissolving the SCU and capturing all its members.

-The SCU members help Shinnosuke escape while they are all captured. While on the run he encounters Mr. Belt who has called upon the Shift Cars to make himself in to a slightly more mobile quasi-mecha. He encourages Shinnosuke to fight for his friends and Thief shows up baiting him to pursue.

-Thief starts getting the upper hand in the fight but Chase smolders his way on to screen and defends Drive. He even takes on evolved Brain so that Shinnosuke can catch Nira who has run into the SCU office.

-Nira lulls Shinnosuke into not taking him seriously by singing children’s songs at him while he is fleeing and aims a gun at untransformed Shinnosuke when they’re alonse in the SCU office.

-Chase asks on our behalf about the Promised Number and Brain responds by toying with him and leaving him prone with the cryptic message that he will serve a purpose to the Roimudes when the time is right.

-AIBanno asks Gou about Shinnosuke as he is about to leave to help him, but Heart shows up to take AIBanno and puts the brakes on his plan

-Yukari has fallen ill after the green glob on her arm grows when she hears that Shinnosuke is holding someone hostage at the Kurama driving school.

-Nira tells Shinnosuke that he has fallen right into their trap and that he’ll be dead in one hour after the police who are surrounding them close in.

 Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-When the chief yelled out arowana and all the cops freaked out, I googled a bit and I’ve decided the Yakuza may play into the final leg of the show… somehow.

-Are we getting a Final showdown between Brain and Chase and some point?

 Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-I love it when transformation apparatus is used defensively or offensively , i.e. the Shadow, Spike whateves Tridoron como being used to blow Thief’s gas back at him

-Kyu wincing at seeing that unattainable footage of RoKyu was kind of adorable.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Nira clarifies that he wanted to take everything away from Shinnosuke before killing him, with the same gun used on his father. As Thief, Nira and Brain poisoned Yukari and are using her imminent death to force Shinnosuke into a dilemma that will keep him from being able to take action.

-ProtoDrive Shift wakes up Chase so he can help Yukari, but Mad Doctor doesn’t work on her. Chase takes Yukari with him after seeing a countdown clock appear on her forearm.

-Heart fights Mach and says he’s not good enough even though Mach, not Drive, made the Dead Heat break through. It may be justified as he beats Mach, but AIBanno sucker punches him.

-Thief is able to just take off Mr. Belt, leaving Shinnosuke vulnerable.

-Medic wakes up Heart after AIBanno knocked him out and he exclaims about the power or Dr. Banno Tenjurou

-AIBanno ignores his sons thanks for saving him and responds that he can help Shinnosuke at the risk of irritating Krim. Chase rolls up with Yukari and AIBanno goes to work as the boys fight. They have minutes left until Yukari and Shinnosuke are supposed to die, but AIBanno silences them saying they should have faith in his power.

-Nira is alone with Shinnosuke. Brain went out of the SCU office as a hostage and spun the tale of Shinnosuke’s wrongdoing while Nira continues to provoke, taunt and bait him into drawing his gun. Shinnosuke has no weapons left beside his gun, his intellect and resolve.

-Nira tells Shinnosuke he brought Yukari into the affair to kill her and make Eisuke’s death have been in vain. Shinnosuke shoots at Nira after she is supposedly dead, but misses. Nira shoots him and calls a press conference to lay out the narrative.

-Kirko presents Yukari, Brain exclaims his poison should have killed her, Shinnosuke walks into the room and explains the situation, along with Gou, AIBanno and Chase and calls gor Nira to be arrested.

-Nira and Brain fuse to become Thief again and attempt to flee along with three Roimude henchmen, but the 3 Rider go in to action to stop them. Thief summons more Roimude and the Riders henshin to dispatch them. Nira separates from Thief and gets Brain slapped.

-Brain threatens to defeat the 3 Riders and knocks them all down with an Ultimate Evolution Brain Blast, but shinnosuke recovers and lets Krim take the wheel for a few seconds until the 3 are ready to Rider Kick him out of his body. The 003 Core flies away screaming.

-Nira is arrested and gets the last laugh by taunting Shinnosuke some more after he was able to say it’s all over to his dad. Nira says he’ll be watching the fight between the Roimude and the Riders with great interest.

-Medic finds Brain’s Core and starts messing with the terrified number as Heart waxes about dealing with AIBanno

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Yukari is going to become the big bad.

 Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-Uhhh… AIBanno ate and spit out another Yukari. Is that freaky to anyone else? Could she be the final boss or lead to AIBanno freeing himself from his tablet prison?

NEXT EPISODE| 37 Who Pursues the Ultimate Flavor?

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  1. I think there is a recording hiccup on Ammit side. In the later part of the podcast, he seems to behind everyone else.

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