Cob-Ooh-Toe! – Rider Jump 5

4-Rider Jump -B

Dubbing the Path to Heaven

Today we’re covering a little bit of a general discussion on a few episodes of the Indonesian dub of Masked Rider Kabuto. It leads to us talking about G  Gundam and Gundam in general.

The above was made a few years back by Captain Holland’s Comic Vine page

This outline’s our discussion spared by Kabuto

  • Police Brutality? The worm lady apprehension in episode 3?
  • Clandestine Organisations with Lots of Power and How EVIL they are i.e. ZECT Lady to Kagami: We’ll kill the guy if he doesn’t cooperate.
  • Kagami (or Yuri Aso and Megumi Aso… or V3) is Shijima Gou done well
  • Tendou as Kenshin Himura- Not wanting to mess up his tofu and clowning his way through breaking a woman out of jail!
  • Dubbing thou art silly!- do you have a hard time taking the dub voices totally seriously? Who is the best and worst in these three episodes?
  • Self-Righteous Hypocrite or Person of Good Taste?– Is there a problem with me for disliking certain over the top, way too into themselves Riders, but so far REALLY enjoying Tendou who IS that to the Nth degree?
  • The Sun is a massive tool: Thoughts on the cast themselves and/or thoughts on how they were dubbed? (ties into earlier question)
  • The distance of text: Would you react to some of the cornier bits differently if you were reading them as opposed to hearing someone say them?
  • Overall thoughts on the episodes themselves?  Would these first three eps be enough to get you in?
  • Do you watch many dubs/personal opinions thereupon?
  • Paramilitary pay sucks: A member of an elite military organization needs a second job?  Ouch.
  • Tendou respects the eff outta food.  Seriously, don’t smoke after eating around him.  He will wreck your mess.  And in front of children?  Oooooh, you have messed up.
  • A touch of horror: The Worm’s whole deal as body-snatchers leaving their secretion-y lairs behind. Scary or cornball?  YOU DECIDE!
  • Narrator Powers Activate!: I love/hate how the narrator pops in to explain Clock Up

For some more information on Kamen Rider generally and WHERE to find that last movie or show you haven’t yet been able to find, check out this Kamen Rider Guide mentioned a few times in the episode.

If the above gets broken, here’s a link for it.

You can reach us through @unKamenRX or the show’s inbox to submit any questions, suggest topics for future shows or just let us know how we’re doing.

This episode’s hosts can be reached @TrialOfHeroes for Ammit, @NeedsMoreAleph for Aleph, and @SonoyourFace for Sono.

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