*Clears Throat* -Drive 33 -RX! 108

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

33 Who Killed Shinnosuke Tomari?

Q1-Did you enjoy how the revelation that Freeze didn’t kill Eisuke was played? Does it make sense in context of the series?

Q2-What do you think about Gou’s long con? Is this a Rider-y thing to do, like with the Double Riders in OOO X Den-O? What about his apology to Kiriko and her affirmation of ardent faith in him?

Q3-What do you think about Chase telling Gou he is finally a Rider because he put his life on the line to protect people? What did he mean by putting his life on the line, when did that happen after he joined the Roimude?

Q4-Do you feel the scenario with Shinnosuke and Krim is too similar to Fourze or W? Does it bother you? Specifically regarding: death and resurrection, two minds in one body?

Q5-How did the Type Tridoron debut go for you from Jump start to the end of the battle? Was there enough tension and drama, did you like how the whole SCU had a part in it?

Q6-Do you take issue with Chase, Shinnosuke and Gou all being very concerned about Kiriko smiling and/or being happy? Is she a proxy for civilians or the world? Should she be?

FULL DISCLOSURE:  Ammit actually REALLY enjoyed this episode of Drive. He might even buy a SH Figuarts Tridorn, despite wanting to boycott all merch from Drive.

We had so much great feedback from listeners this week. We’re thankful for this solid episode of Drive and all your comments on it.

NEXT EPISODE| 34 Who Killed Tomari Eisuke?

Thanks , Cannibal-Sarracenian, Guavant, Jo, PassingThroughStranger, Star-gear and Swirrlyjiffy for sharing your thoughts with us. Chis Lee we’ll get to ALL your feedback in the next -RX!

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