Formula IS an Emotion! -Drive 31-32 -RX! 107

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

31 Why were the Precious Memories Erased?


32 What Waits Beyond Evolution?

Q1-Are we witnessing Shinnosuke 2.0? Has he always been like this? There has been a change in him and how he is presented, right? If you’ve been disappointed by him thus far does he seem much better to you know?

Minor spoilers there be in Q2-What are your thoughts on Humiliation and therefore defeat being Freeze’s key to Ultimate Evolution? Is this too similar to Warsome Hakase collecting DATA with every defeat; Wiseman wanting Wizard to be really powerful for an actual reason; Gamou letting Fourze and Meteor run free as agitators that would catalyze the student body and Ryubei letting W operate for the sake of DATA <insert evil laugh here> and to unlock Philip’s XTREME capabilities for a legitimate reason.

Q3-What do you think could be the key to the 22 people having a resistance to Freeze’s ability? Why wasn’t Shinnosuke part of the virus/inoculation hoax? When were these people kidnapped? Is the anit-Freeze ability partly genetic, but then strengthened by epigenetics i.e. Eisuke and Shinnosuke being trained as cops?

Q4-Do you accept and enjoy the payoff of Otta’s inability to say “Roimude” and having denied their existence so adamantly early on in the series as well as the police generally laughing at the concept being a result of Freeze’s memory manipulation ability?

Q5-Is it a problem that Kiriko didn’t try talking to Gou when she saw him with Makage and then fighting Kamen Rider Chaser?


Gou is feeling so formula right now. Good thing he has a friend like Shinnosuke to help him with that.
Gou is feeling so formula right now. Good thing he has a friend like Shinnosuke to help him with that.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Shinnosuke and Brain meet at the docks where the two go against their colleague’s advice and fight: the human sans Belt and the Roimude against civilian… err non-transformed Shinnsouke. Mr. Belt comes along and helps out Shinnosuke with a henshin and Gou comes along to stop Drive from hurting Brain. Gou essentially beats Shinnosuke shooting him into a body of water.

I am really enjoying Shinnosuke here. And I’m not sure why. He just feels like such a BADASS! Did he use Rinna’s anti-Roimude rounds against Brain?

-Mr. Belt is mad at Shinnosuke for recklessly going after the Roimudes, especially because, as he tells Kiriko, how frightened he is of 001. 001 was very involved in defeating Proto-Drive and menacingly handled Mr. Belt when he’d been knocked off of Chase.

-Makage exposits to Heart and Medic that they, Brain and he will evolve again from integrating a single human emotion fully into themselves. They have each gravitated towards an emotion: Heart has Joy, Brain has Envy, Medic has Adoration and Makage REFUSES TO SAY until Shinnosuke won’t stay down at the end of the episode, it is Humiliation. Once they achieve their evolution, they will cause a second Global Freeze.

Is Krim part Roimude at all? Will he evolve by owning and integrating FEAR or does none of this apply to him.

-Shinnosuke tricks Nira into revealing to his little friend, Midnight Shadow where Makage is and together they got to confront him. Makage uses Slowdown to hide his identity and sends the two enforcers he got from Medic to attack Shinnosuke. Chase shows up to deal with the enforcers so Shinnosuke can deal with 001, but he gets iced instead.

-Kiriko and Krim arrive just in time to see Shinnosuke fall. 001 mocks Krim and says he’ll never be free of the nightmare of being so powerless the night of the Global Freeze. 001 sends out a flurry and return to his human form and goes on like everything is normal, as do all the people who had just experienced SlowDown.

Did the flurry alter everyone’s memories?

-Chaser defeats the enforcers but is attacked by Mach unexpectedly.

-Shinnosuke just gets up after a minute or two and says he’s going to go after Makage, that he has 001 cornered. Makage tells Shinnosuke he has only met one other person who was unaffected by his ability to alter memories: Tomari Eisuke. Eisuke found out that the Roimude’s activities were being covered up from within the police 12 years prior but 001 became intimidated by his resistance to the memory manipulation and killed him at the bank robbery when the opportunity presented itself.

HOW? All they needed was drive I suppose. Makage sites unshakable will as the factor. I guess it is genetic?


-Freeze leaves Shinnosuke alone after beating him out of his transformation because it isn’t time for his great movement, err… MOMENT.

-The gang reasons that Freeze must have used the keyword “ROIMUDE” on the cops which is why Otta can’t say the word. Kiriko gets irritated with Chase for not yet having shared this valuable information.

Where is Otta’s scar then? Do all the police have the snowflake scars?

-Shinnosuke wakes up from his ice-needle removal procedure a little worn from Mad Doctors care, especially because he wasn’t transformed at the time, and is glad to hear that Rinna was able to make a sort of antidote for Freeze’s ability.

-Otta investigates the friends and families of the missing people and finds that Makage manipulated their memories. Rinna comes in with an antidote and sprays it in Otta’s face as he is prattling on about his duty and manliness to the take on the task. Otta has one of Shinnosuke’s brain blasts and can finally say the word “Roimude.” Rinna hugs him and they have a precious moment.

BTW folks, I’m not a shipper, but I can get behinds RinnaXOtta

-Chase sees Mr. Belt in the Drive Pit and asks why he isn’t with Shinnosuke. Mr. Belt asks Chase if he is afraid of the escalating situation, but Chase doesn’t understand Fear for he is a only a machine.

-Chase reminds Mr. Belt that it is a Kamen Rider’s duty to protect people and Krim asks him to take him to Shinnosuke.

-I’m fairly certain Shinnosuke laced Toruu’s pastry with the anti-Freeze, but they make the claim to Freeze at the secret lab that though memories may be erased, the emotions never really go away.

Did Shinnosuke spray Tooru’s pastry with anit-Freeze?

-Freeze tells Shinnosuke that he thought Eisuke was perhaps superhuman, but discovered through the virus/inoculation hoax from 10-12 years ago that the ability is rare and most potent so far in Eisuke and Shinnosuke. The kidnapees all have the ability to resist his memory freeze, but it doesn’t work so well for them.

-Mr. Belt jumps onto Shinnosuke and says he’s cast aside his fears and doubts and together they’ll beat Freeze.

It’s almost too bad Krim didn’t say “I’m done thinking about it!” This would have been a good time for that line, even in that form which feels ever so slightly problematic to me.

-With Type Formula Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt defeat Freeze causing him such distress and humiliation that he reaches his Ultimate Evolution. He claims invincibility and kills Shinnosuke by shooting him through the gut with an ice blast.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Shinnosuke takes up the case of a young man (Tooru ) who is looking for his father who went missing either one day or ten years ago. Makage is actively messing with the guy and he is accused of having done a sloppy kidnapping job, so what is going on here is purposely hard to follow

-Shinnosuke asks Krim to help him fight. Mr. Belt reluctantly agrees and they are beaten by Freeze who keeps egging them on to power himself up, perhaps.

Makage said earlier that Shinnosuke would help him to evolve, just like Heart who is probably talking about Gou as he had previously gotten really excited at seeing the guy surpass DeadHeat’s limitations and achieve a greater power, but it is hard to imagine now how Heart could use Gou to evolve himself unless he orders him to attack him all the time so that he grows like the Proxy or Kato to his Starkiller or Pink Panther.

-Freeze wants to do a second Global Freeze…. why?


-Apparently Chase knows that 001’s ability utilizes keywords to manipulate people’s memories and somehow Shinnosuke knows that in the case of the machinist family, “Fujiki Iwao”, the father’s name is the keyword.

When did Chase learn this? Will this show up in another bonus DVD? Will we see more of his restored memories later?

-What is Rinna running on her neck!?!?!?

-Chase and Heart fight until Heart knocks Chase out of his transformation and tells him that he just doesn’t make him happy enough and that only “he” can take him to his apex of Joy in the heat of battle. Chase wonders exactly who it is that Heart wants to use to push his emotion (Joy) to the extreme so he can unlock his Ultimate Evolution.

Will more come of this? Should Chase be able to have an Ultimate Evolution too? What about Krim? Is it because of the Drive Coriar system? Recall that Banno constructed the Roimude but they did not animate until Steinbelt lent him the tech.

-Makage dissed Nira, so he went to the SCU to help them go after Makage. He gives them information on a supposedly abandoned building with active utilities. The Shinnosuke believes the 20 kidnapees are being held and experimented on. He leaves to see Tooru without Mr. Belt.

Honganji VS Nira for the switch throwing and go get em’ was cute

-Mach V Chaser Round 3 without a word from Kiriko as to why Gou is still playing along with the Roimudes.

Is it an issue that Kiriko only said “Gou!” when she saw him with Makage?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative





Best Line?

“I do not understand that emotion. What I do understand is that a Kamen rider’s duty is to protect humans. Krim, that is what you taught me.”

Chase after Krim asks him if he is scared of 001 and the others.


“001, no matter how much power and authority you wield, you’re still just a criminal!”


NEXT| 32 Who Killed Tomari Shinnosuke?

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