Fangazon Rocks! – Rider Jump 4

4-Rider Jump -B

Fangazon Rocks and a Wide Array of Topics

The 5 segments found herein were cut from the recording sessions for -RX! episodes 99 and 100 and touches on lady villains in Kamen Rider, the ages of phase two Hesei Riders and how they effect the shows and their reception, Zyuranger DVDs, super pose-able dolls, Urobuchi’s anime, the truth about Magical Girls and the deconstructions thereof, the excess of Riders with blue and yellow suits and custom S.H. Figuarts.


Drive 21-22 Tangent 1: You Don’t Know Narumi

-People often characterize Soukichi Narumi incorrectly and should look at Message to Double from W X OOO: Movie War Core to change that.

-Lady Villains. Rose Gronghi FTW.

-Kuuga and a few other shows had huge worlds full of narrative gaps that allow viewers to enjoy the spaces in between episodes instead of being bothered by them in certain shows, like Drive.

-The age trends in Hesei and Hesei Phase 2 or why did some peole have a problem with Gentarou being so young.

-Hibiki and a few other Riders are really into having a focus on training, discipline and commitment to being a Rider that Drive lacks.

-More on Riders and their ages

-How exactly is Shinnosuke an uber-cop? How does the police infrastructure and hierarchy work in Japan?

Drive 21-22 Tangent 2: Migrating Actors

-Merch! Zyuranger DVDs and big ball jointed dolls

-DR. Gill in the Kikaider Reboot is the same actor who played Gamou form Fourze!

-Toei actors showing up all over the place in different Tokusatsu and dramas is so fun!

-Super Sentai hand-offs

-Everyone gets tired

Drive 23 Pre-Show: Custom Figuarts

-Killer headphones


-NOT Mach, but Kamen Rider Chaser brief discussion of scans and his look

-NO MORE blue and yellow Riders, PLEASE!

-Luna X Trigger was awesome though!

-Fang X Trigger

-A smattering of SH Figuarts talk leading to

-Fangazon the Great!

-Kamen Rider Witch by dezet08

-Kamen Rider Kivala

-Gou’s Face

-Sailor Pluto

Drive 23 Urobuchi’s Anime, Magical Girls and Deconstruction

-Urobuchi: boring, incompetent, what is he?


-Magical Girls are already DARK

-90s Sailor Moon got really dark every final leg of each season

-Magical Knight Rayearth

-Smugness about deconstruction

-CLAMP! Tsubasa and XXX-Holic

Drive 23 After Party

-The truth about Macs and PCs, including the shocking fact that Touch Screens make life hard sometimes

-Science VS Art and other difficulties concerning #StudentLife

-Gingaman VS Wildforce

-The confusion that sometimes comes from watching certain shows dubbed, then subbed.

-Ninninger and how do you pronounce “kitsune” (and other words foreign to you) anyhow?

-About W. Watching and re-watching the Sonozaki saga.

-2007 was a gloriously painful year for Rider and Sentai

-Hair cutting comedy

You can reach us through @unKamenRX or the show’s inbox to submit any questions, suggest topics for future shows or just let us know how we’re doing.

This episode’s hosts can be reached @TrialOfHeroes for Ammit, @NeedsMoreAleph for Aleph, @WheresMyHenshin for Jonathan and @SonoyourFace for Sono.

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