Weather 2.0 -Drive 29-30 -RX! 106

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

29 What Really Happened During the Robbery?

30 Who Can Expose the Culprit?

+ The Tokujou Stuff

Special edition question zero:  Why is the special episode a mystery about some people I don’t care about exploring some lore I double don’t care about which I can’t imagine adds anything to the main story when we could be finding out why it is that Kiriko and Krim are incompatible as Rider and Belt?

Q1-What are your thoughts on Chase lying to Kiriko about Gou?

Q2-Does the alteration of Gou’s memories justify his recent actions, such as pushing Kiriko or trying to kill Chase when under 050s hate spell?

Q3-Is Chase being noble or foolish in not ending things with Gou? What would you do in his shoes?

Q4- What do we all think of this? Is this an excellent moment and great question for the show to ask? How many of you have been waiting for the show to do something like this?

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Brain offers Gou sympathies about being upstaged by a newcomer and invite him to join him in going to visit 001. Gou’s response it didn’t thrill him, he transformed and tried to kill him, but he stopped after Brain shows him his NOT-iPad.

-Negishi Itsuro age 36, who just finished a 12 year stretch for similar robberies in the past wherein he killed his father, is the fused-with-Roimude (067) bank robber with a special ability to open near anything.

-Shinnosuke pleads with the Captain Nira to be allowed to work on the case but Nira just insults him. Even when Honganji appeals to Nira’s sense of pride, he continues to insult their young detective and his cohorts by putting them to the task of menial labor instead of using their resources to combat the criminal at large, who happens to also be a cybernetic creature which is the specialty of the SCU

-Honganji tells Kiriko that Tomari Eisuke was not killed in the line of duty but died protecting a little girl from being shot during a bank robbery. That is the official story anyway, but Honganji says there are some details that just don’t line up.

– Brain assigns targets for Roimude 067 to kill. Shinnosuke noticed that the last three victims had all been at the bank 12 years ago. He and the others wonder if 001 really is involved with this case and he hopes that he can find out the truth about his father’s death by pursuing it.

-The shift cars are sent to protect the other potential victims who I assume saw something that 001 wants hidden.

– Maruya, Negishi’s accomplice from 12 years ago had gotten a 6 year sentence and reformed himself. Gen found him and spoke to him about his former criminal pal and he was surprised that he was now killing people. Otta says Maruya remembers now, contrary to his testimony at the time, that his friend didn’t kill the Tomari Eisuke but his memories are foggy.

-Shinnosuke runs off declaring he knows what the mystery behind the case is. He talks to Maruya some more, but finds nothing interesting except for the fact that Maruya says he feels as if he can’t physically can’t remember what happened the day of the robbery.. OH. Also,Maruya and Eisuke have the same scar behind their right ears, shaped like a snowflake.

-Rinna  gives Kiriko Chaser’s repaired shift car, but isn’t sure the data recovery will work.

-Negishi was sent to kill Mayura and Shinnosuke is glad to beat the truth out of him. Fortunately Chase shows up to deal with the Roimude more properly and Kiriko is there to help, too. Unfortunately Brain shows up with Gou and sicks him on Drive and Chase.

-Gou is super-effective for a bit, but Chaser bursts back into action to save Maruya and reminds Shinnosuke that his job is to protect people, not serve himself with his power [PERIOD!] by find answers regarding his dad’s death.

-Shinnosuke escorts Kirko and Maruya to safety and Chase splits after doing his finisher,  leaving Brain miffed, 067 blood lusty and Gou possibly gassy.


-The SCU is going over the case and Chase lets them know that there is a Roimude who uses threads of ice to rewrite memories, leaving behind a snowflake mark behind the ear of anyone altered.

-Gou attacks Chase. Chase beats him and sees the scar behind his ear and leaves him because Kiriko would be hurt if he killed Gou, despite the fact that Gou says he’ll keep coming after Chase.

-Shinnosuke calms Kiriko down when she, as he was with Maruya, is too forceful in attempting to get information out of Yukari. He reminds her that the police are to first do no harm when protecting people.

-Yukari’s mother comes to speak to Kiriko and Shinnosuke and thanks him for his father saving her daughter.

-067 goes to the hospital to kill Yukari. Shinnosuke triggers Yukari’s memories by saving her the same way his father did and runs off to defeat 067. Chaser and Drive tag team the Roimude, Chase pulls Negishi out and Shinnosuke destroys the Viral Core.

-Negishi’s unrepentant response to Shinnosuke about why he turned back to crime is probably a lie as he has the snowflake behind his ear, but he still goes off to jail. As Otta takes him to a police car Shinosuke asks himself, “If Negishi didn’t shoot my father, does that make him just as much a victim in this as everyone else?”

-Yukari lets Shinnosuke know that she remembers seeing 001 at the bank robbery 12 years ago.

-Chase lies to Kiriko about Gou’s scar because he doesn’t want her to worry. She assumes Gou is playing the Roimudes and thanks him. She hands him the Drive System Shift Car and he Tunes it. He is staggered by his memories and projects a scene of 001, 002 and 003 standing over him talking. They all change to their human faces and begin their operation on him.

-Shinnosuke is shocked when he recognizes Makage as 001.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time



-Where is any of this going?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


– Is Chase’s theme a cross between Kikaider and Stairway to Heaven?


Best Line?


NEXT| 31 why were the Precious Memories Erased?

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