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Bad Timelines and Poorly Constructed Histories

This topic came out of a question regarding Drive’s timeline from episodes 27 and 28, but Drive Secret Mission-Type SCU-001 How Was the Special Crimes Unit Assembled?

ALSO has these issues it makes things even more complicated as far as Drive’s timeline goes.

I suppose the thesis here is why do so many shows do the long, complex history and start in the middle or some part way through the story, since so many writers seem to have a hard time doing that properly? Specifically I’m referring to W, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Faiz, Ryuki and Kiva.

Kamen Rider Double/W

W does OK with starting in the middle of things, but it really leaves so much dissatisfaction after finishing the show. I.E. Why no Kamen Rider Bomb? Why not a lead female cast? Things were mostly left very vague.

Kamen Rider OOO

OOO gives us scraps about the past king and the creation of the Greeed. We get flashes of the alchemists and see how Ankh helped the King destroy them in the past. We even get a fuller explanation of what happened with Maki and his sister, but for some reason that treatment wasn’t really given to Eiji’s past and i don’t feel like the Greeed’s issue was ever established well enough either. Sono isolated it as the Greeed were mad they didn’t have senses. I won’t argue with her on that being the fact, but I don’t see how that really explains their motivation. The crew of the Black Pearl doing their raids to reclaim all the gold and break the curse makes sense because they wanted to reclaim mortality and its benefits, chiefly sensory experience, but you can’t miss what you never had. An alien doesn’t miss Christmas because it has never experienced it before and lacks the cultural context to yearn for it. Had the Greed been made as whole creature and then stripped of an essential element that left them intact but desperately yearning for that missing thing, that would make sense and be more comparable to the human experience, but the show’s handling of that aspect left me wanting.

Kamen Rider Fourze

Fourze doesn’t suffer as much from this as much. I can’t think of any real gaps left by  the fact that the story starts years before the series. The Virgo, Utahoshi, Gamou relationship works well. It just took forever to get to the Horoscope’s plan and I don’t that is the fault of the narrative time gap, though it feels silly that it took Gamou all those years to set up the school etc, but maybe it makes sense that he had to line up all those assets to make the school under the Hole, tailored to be a breeding ground for potential.

Kamen Rider Wizard

Wizard’s six-month gap (like W before it and Drive after it) doesn’t seem to have any reason, other than perhaps to show Haruto as a competent fighter from the start? It’s funny too because they kept flashing back to the days shortly after the Sabbat and doing important character things there for Haruto and Koyomi, but why not do them chronologically and then call back to those things? Nitou and the Beast Driver are another area where there is a lot of fertile ground for exploration of how long Phantoms have been around, how the Driver was developed, how Chimera came to be. There are so many unanswered questions there that could have helped fill up the show’s slower times. Also Section Zero. I would have preferred that maybe Section Zero made their own thing if possible, had hired Nitou, or had held on to the Beast Driver from generations past and secreted itself into the Japanese Government to stop the Phantom threat. So many possibilities.

Kamen Rider Faiz

Faiz has some thing with a school and Takumi has a dark past and I believe those two things are connected. I haven’t finished the show (dropped it at episode ten because I had shows to make and my life is busy) but I’ve gleaned that from snippets of discussion online. There’s some lore about how the Orphenocs are created and I get the feeling it’s held until very late in the series.

Kamen Rider Ryuki

Ryuki, which I also haven’t seen is has the whole genesis to the conflict way in the past. As I understand it it is a White Wizard and Koyomi sort of situation and I just don’t understand the utility of leaving something like that unexplained for so long. Although to be fair I don’t know all the details (or any of them) and execution is important. Eden of the East for example has a mysterious puppet master but isn’t frustrating about how it deals with him.

Kamen Rider Kiva

Kiva has its issues outside of the timeline, which isn’t an issue in my opinion, except for the fact that at some point the 1986 story should have stopped or gone past the paralleling of 2008 and let more of the aftermath of things unfold so that things could be more clear about 2008. The stories would have been less related, but I think it would still have been more satisfying. Kiva leaves a lot unanswered too, like how did Wataru actually get the belt, lineages are a little fuzzy. The thing with the Fake Fuessles on IXA doesn’t make sense unless the Blue Sky Part had access to either Dark Kiva or Kiva. Are the Kivats a species? What’s the deal with these other monster clans? There might be more. honestly Kiva made me so happy that I don’t really care about most of those things, but it’d be nice to have the answers folded into the content of the show and not to be found in extra material.

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