Future Imperfect- Sailor Moon Crystal 21 -MS 19

This week, Sono and Ammit discuss:

Why’s everything so messed up?!

Where in we forgo our usual structure of breaking down Crystal into two linear blocks of discussion we call the Meat and Veggies and the Frills


Forgotten Youth

From what we’ve been shown in Crystal, do you see Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion as fairly different people?

Neo-Queen Serenity

Neo-Queen Serenity is characterized by prince Demande as somewhat aloof. Endymion said that she rarely left the Crystal palace, but we see she did centuries before to deal with Phantom. Phantom is called a ruler and Demande is a prince. I’m assuming they are both from the earth, except for the fact that Phantom looked very non-human and they could be dealing with other planets at this time, presumably.

  • I can see Usagi being content staying home with her friends and family, but is that such a bad thing?
  • In a time of relative peace does this monarch goddess really need to be up in everyone’s business?
  • Is Demande lying about her?

Neo-Queen Serenity also seems a bit like an absentee mother, maybe? We do see that she cares for Small Lady, especially when she sees the Legendary Silver Crystal is gone and she gets no response from her daughter, she seems panicked and leaves the palace to find her. All that is good, but it doesn’t seem like Chibi-Usagi is really able to talk to her mom.

King Endymion

Much as Mamoru has, we see in this episode that King Endymion spends time with Chibi-Usa. The scene of them walking together seems like one of many and I don’t think that this is the one time he told her about her mom’s glory days. That’s sweet and nice and we even see him complimenting her for doing what she can to save the 30th century. I just don’t get the sense that there is enough involvement from him and Serenity.

King Endymion has faith in Chibi-Usagi’s awakening and knows she’ll be alright, partially because of the Usagi in her, but why isn’t he telling her to believe in herself?

Did he run out of roses or decide to stop saying believe in yourself? Am I being too hard on these two?

Like Mother, Like Daughter, but Not Quite

Usagi aspires to her own greatness, confident in the words of Queen Serenity as Small Lady aspires to Usagi’s greatness, but that can never be. As similar as they are, they are different people and Small Lady needs to see for herself that she is worthy of the same glory because she has the ability within her to rise to challenges just like her mother did. They will be different, but the key to unlocking her potential will be the same, to believe in herself. The circle formed between these three is well constructed in that it gives each autonomy and distinct identity, but serves to tell Usagi’s story at this time.

Bullying in the 30th Century

What does it say to you that Chibi-Usa is being bullied by these guys in Crystal Tokyo?

What do you think it means that she is being bullied by boys?

Do you like the imperfect utopia?

Am I assuming the world is nearly perfect and it really isn’t?

Why isn’t Chibi-Usa telling her parents?

The Illusion of Power

Prince Demande has the power to control or at least affect Usagi’s body, but even after he has conquered her with a kiss and left her to sulk in her inescapable prison, he cannot defeat her. Usagi’s sadness and introspection are the keys to unlocking the power of her heart. Freed of responsibility and given the time to think, she realigns herself and forms the resolve to keep fighting.

What does this say to you about the true nature of power and strength?

Phantom Pain

The Insane Ruler, Phantom is probably Wiseman, right? I think King Endymion has made that connection. Does this feel like too much of a repeat to you that the daughter is dealing with the repercussions of the mother’s mistake or failing again? Queen Serenity didn’t fully seal Queen Metalia and Usagi had to deal with it centuries later. Now Chibi-Usa is stuck in a terrible situation because Neo-Queen Serenity banished Phantom to Nemesis centuries ago and he bided his time and struck back with Black Moon.

Does this work for you or is it too derivative?

Ammit’s Favorite Line

“Our planet, the Earth, was infected with illusions of “long life” and “infinite power” became slothful… We didn’t like that.“

-Prince Demande

Sono’s Favorite Line


– Sailor Pluto

Pluto was super cute in this episode. Seeing her get to be silly and funny and seeing that she has mastered these weird little illusions to amuse herself in her infinite time guarding the Door of Time is precious.

A chronicle of Sailor Moon Crystal’s animation failings.

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The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

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