A Tale of Two Fathers -Drive 27-28 -RX! 105

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

27 What Is Shijima Gou’s Reason For Fighting?


28 Why Were Families Targeted?

Q1-Is Gou a victim or a villain?

Q2-Does the narrative justify keeping Kiriko in the dark about Dr. Banno? Is she being punished for hiding Chase while he recovered?

Q3-Is the narrative telling us the Dr. Banno is evil, that he was a mad scientist?

If so, why was Steinbelt friends with him? Did he only change his hair to the mad scientist do, when in front of Gou?

Q4-What do you think is the detailed relationship between Kiriko, Gou, Dr. Banno and their mother, Sumiko?

Q5-Do you think the narrative has properly alienated Gou from Shinnosuke and Kiriko and anyone else, to the point that it makes sense for him to go over to the Roimude’s side?


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-While debuting the Ride Boosters, which will enable Tridoron to fly when they attach to it [and would likely serve to carry an individual on them when not attached to Tridoron] Gou and Kiriko have a disagreement over Chase that leads to him pushing her and her slapping him [while Shinnosuke’s actor is not paying enough attention and Rinna’s is]. Kiriko immediately looks remorseful and Gou seems shocked, but Otta runs in with an announcement ending the uncomfortable incident without closure.

-An assumed Red Viral Core Roimude 050, who looks somewhat like a wizard seems to be a spreading Red Viral Cores in a suburban neighborhood. Otta had called the SCU to a meeting where they are to act on Cybernetic crimes expert advisors and help investigate the injury of 37 people at a single housing tract who all became hurt simultaneously earlier that day.

-Kiriko and Shinnosuke get uncomfortable when Brain is brought in under another name by Nira. Brain taunts Shinnosuke in the hallway and uses his father’s memory and talk about 001 to bait Drive into appearing as if he is trying to kill an innocent person, Brain’s alternate identity, Noumi.

-Shinnosuke is suspended and told to stay in the SCU office and not transform. The police also impound Drive, but the SCU plans to work together to help solve the case anyway, so Shinnosuke sneaks out to go with Otta and Rinna to spend time in [another?] neighborhood to see if they find the Roimude. Honganji and Kyu stay behind with a hologram of Shinnosuke, courtesy of Colorful commercial, to trick Nira into thinking Shinnosuke is still there.

-001, or Secretary of Defense Makage [DIDIN’T HE HAVE A DIFFERENT NAME LAST TIME?!?!?!?!] uses his Gamou inspired tricks to mess with the police commissioner’s mind and get him to go away when he starts asking about not being kept up to date on Roimude attacks.

-Gou is helping a lady find her brother. They met when everyone else left to police HQ because she had come to the SCU to get help from them, convinced her brother had been taken by a Roimude. [In going over some of the basic information, Gou talks about how he just wants to see people smiling]

-Kiriko goes to Chase for help and he agrees, but asks for her to repair his Shift Car from when he was Proto-Drive.

-Gou and his client go to the same neighborhood the SCU has honed in on and tells Shinnosuke that he hates Roimude because they are ALL evil and they just ruin people’s lives, which is why he has to destroy them. Giving weight to his point, the evolved Roimude appears and explains that the spell it cast on people, which amplifies their base emotions and causes them to fight, was a test to see if ordinary people, not just violent criminals could be compatible with the Red Viral Cores. No one passed the test, so the Roimude is content to move on.

-Gou fights the Roimude, but it calls in reinforcements and the Ride Boosters and Chase save the day because Shinnosuke doesn’t want to transform and lose his job as a cop. Chase defeats the two, but gets attacked by Mach. Chase dehenshins and in Gou decides to attack him anyway, but stops himself as Shinnosuke rushes in to protect Chase. Gou wonders why Shinnsouke protected him and he basically tells him it’s because he loves him and was stopping him from doing something he’d regret, just like Kiriko would have done.

-A while later, Shinnosuke actually questions Gou on his hatred for Roimudes and Gout tells him that Dr, Banno, was his father and he is running out of time to make amends for all the people who died in the Global Freeze.


-Gou pleads with Shinnosuke to keep hidden from her the truth about Dr. Banno and it seems he and Mr. Belt agree.

-Makage tells Brain he has developed the emotion Envy and that he should use it to increase his power.

-Yoriko Souma is a Roimude using the story of her brother Ryo to ensnare Gou and draw the darkness out of him with the evil red spot thing.

-Shinnosuke has his suspension lifted when Chase agrees to scare Nira in the SCU office.

-Chase stops Gou from giving in to his rage and further attacking the Roimude and Gou almost kills him, becoming especially angry at Chase for asking if family is really that important to him.

-Shinnosuke stops Gou, breaking his transformation, then uses Formula to beat the Roimude… and tells Gou and Chase that Yoriko is really Nishihori Reiko, the daughter of the crazy criminal psychologist whose Roimude (005) Chase destroyed as Proto-Drive and Shinnosuke had arrested. She wanted to get Gou to murder her because he’s Batman and she’s the Joker?

-Shinnosuke tells Gou he is OK now that 050’s mark is gone from him.

-Makage tells Heart and Medic that he is laying the foundation to get Shijima Gou, the ultimate weapon to destroy the Kamen Riders, by giving him a place to belong.

NEXT| 29 What Really Happened During the Robbery?


Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time



-Brain reference’s Makage’s “grand design” and Makage says they will strick ruthlessly and decisively to counter Belt and Honganji for going public with the Rider’s identity.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-Rinna giving Otta the yoga mat to the head and his continuing to try to say Roimude correctly was funny


-The light and wind in Yoriko’s face mad me think: Deadite.

-What’s the Roimude, Witch? Come on, really?

-The cackling throughout the beatdown was really unsettling to me.

-Rinna teasing Gen in the hospital was adorable!

Best Line?

“Family… Humans…”


What is that even supposed to mean?

NEXT| 29 What Really Happened During the Robbery?

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Questionable Content

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