Contradictions – Sailor Moon Crystal 21 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal 21 – Complication – Nemesis

Almost everything in Act 21 is a faux-contradictions and subversion. By faux-contradictions I mean things that are plausible, but we don’t quite have the right information at this point to really understand how they all fit together. These things subvert my expectations of how the world should work, but don’t break it and some of the characters share my experience.

Neo-Queen Serenity is an aloof goddess, who seems to be distant from her daughter, despite her magnanimous heart. King Endymion doesn’t sense that he should tell Small lady to believe in herself, though she seems to need it. Small Lady has heard tale of her mother’s greatness but doesn’t seem to know how she was able to accomplish all she did, or how she herself ever could. The Legendary Silver Crystal’s power is and isn’t invincible, yet somehow it was able to preserve Neo-queen Serenity, and those she loves most. Certain people reject the near-perfect world of Crystal Tokyo and though the petty cruelty of children is alive and well, so is boldly destructive evil.

Mamoru and Minako must have been as surprised as I am to learn that Small Lady is 900 years old and while most of the surprises delivered this episode were positive, this marks a huge negative for me. I want to know the whys of the above apparent incongruities because they intrigue me, but this 900 year old kid just has me flummoxed. What am I supposed to do with this? Unless she’s been a baby for around 890 years, I have a hard time believing that she could be so immature and unsophisticated. Even if her parents aren’t doing the best job, I don’t think her situation makes any sense. Was she not going to school of any sort? Shouldn’t she have graduated by now? Surely Small Lady must have had an education and learned about sociology or at least how to sort out her feelings. It feels impossible that the Queen and King could maintain the same dance with their daughter for centuries and not helped her to develop a greater emotional intelligence! I feel sympathetic towards her because she is a child, but it is difficult to not expect a 900 year old to act their age. This age debacle might be the most disappointing thing in Sailor Moon.

In Conclusion

For giving me so much doubt about how Takeuchi can stick the landing on Chibi-Usagi’s story during an otherwise decent set up episode, I give Sailor Moon Crystal Act 21 a 3 out of 5.


3 thoughts on “Contradictions – Sailor Moon Crystal 21 Review

  1. I actually agree with you about the majority of your review. I felt really bad for Chibi-Usa a majority of the time during this episode since she was feeling so ignored and unloved. I also hate to see that Usagi would be like that towards her daughter. But I did like the backstory and the set up for the next few episodes that happened. Especially since a certain character is going to make an appearance soon. But great review!

    • Thanks for the comments. Poor Chibi-Usa, I didn’t imagine her story would be so sad! Maybe Usagi and Mamoru were free-range parenting? ;D Were you a Chibi-hater back in the day I’ve heard a lot of people were in that camp.

      • You’re welcome! Actually back in the day I was kind of on the dense about her. I did find her annoying during certain parts of the show but she also acted a lot like Usagi. Once I found out who she was to both Mamoru and Usagi I started to like her more. Especially once she got her powers.

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