Hairpin Turn -Drive 25-26 -RX! 104

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

25 Why Has The Battle Changed Like This?


26 Where Is Chaser Heading Toward?

Q1-Have your feelings about the Roimude changed based on what we’ve learned this arc?

Q2-Does Gou have a legitimate gripe against Kiriko regarding Chase or anything else?

Q3-Are Shinnosuke and Kiriko wrong in asking Chase to help them fight the Roimude?

Q4-How do you like Kamen Rider Chaser in looks, fighting style and weapon, execution overall? Is Chase the true Rider of the series?

Q5-What do you hope to see come out of the Secretary of Defense’s double identity as 001?

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


– Nira Mitsuhide, Metro PD 1st Division – Captain surprises the SCU in the middle of a card game.

-Kyu calls Captain Nira and Authoritarian and Rinna says he is like a corrupt politician from an old movie.

-He asks the Captain (whose surname is Honganji?) to leave Otta out of the SCU’s activities and is a general pain in the ass, mocking and deriding them all in general. He even threatens to shut down the SCU if it doesn’t produce results… despite the fact that it’s closed several cases as Shinnosuke points out.

-Captain Nira tells Shinnosuke that he owes much to his dead father and that he’d better get on his good side in preparation for the SCU’s closure.

-Gou snatches a picture of Shinnosuke and his dad from him and they talk about the pressure coming from 1st Division by way of Nira. Shinnosuke says he wanted to tell him about Drive and Belt shuts him down when he asserts that it should be ok at this point.

-A Bat Style Roimude trips Rinna’s Slow Down sensors when it breaks Taga Hajime who lauds him as a necessary element to the Roimude’s evolution, by calling him violence incarnate. The Roimude gives Taga a Neo-Viral Core and tells him to wish upon it that they would merge together as one entity with unstoppable power. With incarceration his only likely future, Taga takes the Roimude’s offer and they merge into Sword.

-Sword advances on Taga’s police escort to “carve up some pigs,” but Drive and Mach strike first. Shinnosuke and Belt notice the Roimude seems to be talking to itself and figure it must have a situation like them going on. Sword leaves saying it knows show it’s next target will be and fires a barrage at the police, who Mach and Drive protect.

-The cops mill around Drive, wowed by the Kamen Rider, but seemingly not Mach for some reason and Kiriko notices Chase watching from a roof top. Chase leaves muttering something about the Roimude’s evolution. Kirko has Justice Hunter follow him.

-Medic tells Heart about Sword, created with a red Viral Core he presumes could only have come from one individual, who isn’t Brain, a notion he gives up at Medic scoffing.

-In the Pit, the team discusses what to do about Sword. Gou leaves to find his suggestion that the kill him is shot down b everyone. Shinnosuke specifically declares his job is to apprehend, not punish.

-Rinna suggests that with a sample from the Roimude 2.0 that she could modify the finishers to target only the Roimude parts, leaving Taga intact and ready to face a jury of his peers. Kiriko wonders to herself about a sample from an advanced Roimude and Mr. Belt object to being modified, but Rinna grabs him and gets to work anyway after the others leave.

-Otta tells Shinnosuke that Taga is a cop killer, which helps him piece together that the target Sword alluded to earlier is Hayase… who is still in the hospital. Shinnosuke calls Hayase to tell him about Taga and asks him to evacuate the patients.

-Kiriko and Chase chat in the woods where he insists he’s not on the side of humans because he is a Roimude. Kyu, who Shinnosuke had sent to keep an eye on Kiriko, freaks out at seeing Chase in his Roimude form, but Kiriko’s assurance that Chase is a friend puts him at ease. Chase transforms and shoots a part of his armor off leaving with the words, “I am an upgraded Roimude, after all.”

-Hayase confronts Sword hoping he’ll leave the others at the hospital alone. Sword scoffs at that and proceeds to kill Hayase, but Shinnosuke shoots and hits Sword with Tridoron, saving his friend.

-Gou stops his finisher at Shinnosuke’s insistence and Kiriko shows up in the police van with Kyu, Rinna and Mr. Belt. Rinna is told not to give Shinnosuke Belt in a public setting, but with a rampaging Sword, Shinnosuke convinces Mr. Belt and transforms to save everyone.

NOTE: The Italicized text are Ammit’s annotated comments on the otherwise “objective notes” that are usually recorded in the “casebook” and copied to these show notes.

Though he specifically mentions saving Hayase and that seems to convince Mr. Belt, I think this is where my feelings towards the show are going to change. At minimum, I like Shinnosuke way more now. Even Rinna, who assumes she should pass him Mr. Belt in front of all the people there, has gone up a few notches. She has Kamen Rider spirit and it looks like Shinnosuke now has it in fullness.

-Shinnosuke uses Type Formula to run circles around Sword and asks Mr. Belt is they’re ready to try their new ability. Belt tells him the data is downloaded and that he has to use Type Speed. Tridoron shows up and they use the finisher from the debut to separate Taga from 007 which Shinnosuke destroys.

-The Viral Core remains and Mr. Belt sees 001 snatch it before anything can be done. Mr. Belt seems to know who it is, but has to deal with it later, as Taga still needs to be arrested.

-Captain Nira is shocked to learn to Shinnosuke apprehended Taga… and is the Kamen Rider.

-Kyu and Otta visit the Pit and Captain Hoganji socks Rinna and the others by calling Mr. Belt Krim-chan. Shinnosuke is relieved that his double life is over. The whole team is shocked and dismayed that Hoganji himself leaked to the media the fact that Shinnosuke is Drive.

 Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Belt’s issue with letting Drive be a full part of the police isn’t how THEY would abuse it, but that the Roimude use the police to find a weakness in Drive.

-Was Taga a slasher? I mean was he a murderer or attacker of people who favors using knives.

-The synchronized attacks between the suit actors for Mach and Drive were nice. It seemed like an odd paralleling of them with the Roimude and Taga, but it sure looked pretty.

-Does Heart think or know that Dr. Banno is still alive?

-It was actually kind of scary when Chase transformed after pushing Kiriko away. I’d say that was well done directing and acting all around.

-Again, we have another well executed scene of tension and drama as Gou and Shinnosuke struggle with how to stop sword without killing Taga and Shinnosuke has to make the choice whether or not to transform in front of dozens of onlookers.

-“Kiriko found it, that’s good enough for me.”

Shinnosuke to belt RE: whether or not they can trust Drive’s new ability to target only the Roimude based on the sample Kiriko obtained is beautiful in that it shows that he has so much trust in her.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


The changing of the crest/name plate on Swords chest between blank for Taga and 007 is a cool touch.

-Otta, Kyu and rinna cheering Drive on and doing fight pantomime like Short Round was adorable.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Captain Nira tells Shinnosuke, who is being mobbed by the media on his way to work to watch his back or he’ll end up like his super cop father.

-In discussing why Honganji went public with Shinnosuke’s identity, the idea that the Roimude are operating from within the police force comes up. The revelation about Drive being involved with the Police was a move towards transparency, so that the Public will know of their activities, so that it will be “safer”.

Safer for who? The SCU, so they can’t be disappeared or the Public so that they can make the police accountable

-Kyu geeks out over Rinna’s work and Gou leaves in a tizzy because everyone is on Team Chase after she and Mr. Belt let everyone know that he’s alive.

-Kiriko and Shinnosuke visit Chase who aimlessly tries to wander off before admitting he doesn’t know where he is going or what he is doing. Heart shows up, arresting their attempts to get Chase to join them against the Roimudes, saying the Roimude will be victorious, especially with 001’s help.

-001 appears in/as Medic’s reflection and thanks her for reviving 007 and says he’ll continue to help charming, charismatic Heart from the shadows.

      I’m not saying she’s a great thespian, but the eye rolling and attitude Medic emoted in the scene with 001 was sure enjoyable.

-Reminder: Heart and Brain are 002 and 003 respectively. Mr. Belt gathers that 001 was the one who created the Hybrid Evolution, which Heart confirms and then cryptically tells Shinnosuke he might have a decent connection to 001. Shinnosuke wonders if it has to do with his father then transforms to beat the answers out of Heart, even though Kiriko relays a message to him that 007 has reappeared and that drive has been “mobilized.”

Shinnosuke, you’re emotional, I get it, but it’s disappointing that you wouldn’t keep with your thing of saving people being priority number 1 from the other day. How long has it been, maybe a week? It doesn’t feel like that much time has passed yet.

-Mr. Belt call Shinnosuke out a bit, but keeps mostly quiet as the fight is on. Chase protects Heart when Shinnosuke is at the point of brutalizing him, but doesn’t go with Heart. Heart lets him go, seeing his hesitation and Chase is left directionless as Shinnosuke lays on the ground bleeding.

   Kiriko gets a “Tomari!” in but no one really tries that hard to stop Shinnosuke. I suppose that is ok, given the danger Heart represents, and while I’m upset about the backsliding he is doing, I appreciate the human weakness and struggle in Shinnosuke… if in fact there is a struggle. If he isn’t conflicted about vacillating between protecting people and the war on Roimude being his priority, I will feel let down.

-007 had rampaged at the Umezawa police station searching for Taga, who Nira gloats about having moved into protective custody. Shinnosuke volunteers to guard him so that no officers are hurt if and when 007 attacks Taga’s protective detail. Nira says no, insults him and leaves laughing and skipping like a maniacal villain.

-Kiriko and Gou head out to find 007, Otta leaves to beg his first Division pals to let him know where Taga is and Shinnosuke is left behind with Honganji. Shinnosuke recalls his father’s words, “Police carry the heaviest burden of responsibility.” and laments that he let his personal problems affect his duty as an officer, saying his father would be disappointed in him.

-Honganji and Belt have been investigating Eisuke’s death for some time now. Honganji tells him to worry about other things and they’ll take care of the investigation.

-Gou blames Kiriko for everything and she accepts it along with a mysterious package from Rinna who was working on a special project for her involving Machine Chaser’s armor and the duplicate Mach Driver.

-In the woods,  Chase receives his bike and the package attached to it. He rides to an abandoned warehouse where Taga was being stored until 007 find the place, merged with him again abs they caused trouble as Sword. Chase catches Kiriko saving her from death before a too injured Shinnosuke and beaten down Gou.

I feel the allusion to the night in the rain is a little much. I bet most of the kids watching get it and I don’t think layering on really adds anything.

-Chase admits he feels drawn to help people and says he’ll start over and choose to protect humans. He transforms and fights Sword, pulling out Taga and blowing up 007. Chase leaves and after hearing on the news that he is being called the third Kamen Rider, he wonders if he is worthy of the title.

Is that transformation an homage to BLACK? I hope so. Are they putting some type of a speedy effect on Chaser? His motions seem unnaturally fast in comparison with everything else in frame… at times. Oh,and the rear tire thing is displeasing to me in execution. Why go CGI when it isn’t necessary?

Also, I love how upset Gou is.

-Nira leaves the office of Secretary of Defense House of Councilors Shinei Souichi and Brain comes out of the shadows praising him for the Evolved Viral Core. Souichi says something disparaging about humans and reveals his Roimude form, he is 001!

NEXT EPISODE:… FINALLY! 27| What is Kijima gou’s Reason for Fighting?

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Nira’s cryptic message gets Shinnosuke wondering if there are secrets surrounding his father’s death.

-The Secretary of Defense/Councillor of something Defense or Other is 001. Why? How?  Does only Brain know his human identity?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-I really like Honganji. Let’s have more of him like this!

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