Counter-Cultural Jerks- Sailor Moon Crystal 20 -MS 18

This week, Sono and Ammit discuss:

Sailor Moon Crystal 20 – Crystal Tokyo – King Endymion

Q1- What is Black Moon’s problem with long life and relative peace? When did Wiseman get to them, before they went to Nemesis or after?

Q2- Prompted by this review on io9, do you feel that Crystal is sticking too closely to the manga and having a bad showing because of that? Do you feel you’re judging the show fairly?

Q3- What do you think the theme of this arc or this part of the arc is?


Meat and Veggies

-Apparently as Queen, Usagi is a bit of a home body. King Endymion tells Usagi and co, that one day she suddenly ran from the Crystal Palace and was engulfed in Crystal which protected her while (at least) Crystal Tokyo (if not the world) were destroyed. The Queens Guardians, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter were stricken after the LSC protected Usagi. Only Diana and Chibi-Usa were left unscathed. The Malefic Black Crystal is warping space and absorbing everyone on earth.

-King Endymion takes Sailor Moon and co to a situation room after Minako question who the Black Moon are. There he shows them Planet Nemesis and tells them of a human criminal, from centuries in the past, who was banished to Nemesis (Wiseman?). Just as Nemesis had been rediscovered, the Black Moon, a mass murdering terrorist group who hates… long life spans, and thus snuffs out as many as they can to end them made it their HQ.

– Usagi and Mamoru start disappearing because Time is not ok with people violating the Time-Stream and having past and present selves together. King Endymion explains that Pluto is 1. LITERALLY Chronos’ daughter 2. She is the original/oldest Pretty Guardian and 3. a really awesome person all around. Pluto gives them the time Key and they promise to come back to stop the Black Moon.

-Mamoru talking to himself and King being sweet to Chibi-Usa along with Mamoru vowing to protect his future daughter to his future self was all kinds of sweet.

-The next day, Chibi-Usa has snuck off to the 30th century to be with her parents and she laments that she hasn’t been able to wake up her mom.

-On Nemesis Esmeraude is watching Prince Demande looking at a hologram of the Queen when Rubeus sneaks up on her and gives her a hard time. She gives it back and asks Prince Demande to give her another go at Sailor Moon with some new power she got from Wiseman and -SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Code Extra. Operation Re-lax. With her creepy hula-dancer arms she guarantees that she can get Sailor Moon, Chibi-Usa and the LSC set for Demande to do with as he pleases.

-Esmeraude happens upon Chibi-Usa and attacks her just before Usagi, and the others arrive to find the runaway-princess. She has baited them into a trap as she knows Moon Princess Halation won’t work because the power of the LSC is time-bound, hers won’t work in the 30th century. King Endymion helps Tuxedo Mask blow away Esmeraude with Tuxedo La Smoking bomber and Prince Demande teleports to them with Wiseman.

-Demande tells Sailor Moon and co that he can change the world even more, depending on them. His Third Eye appears after he recalls a moment with Neo Queen Serenity and Usagi is captured in an orb of energy, limp and looking comatose.


– The  20th century kids have such great reactions of shock and surprise at King Endymion; from their faces, to Usagi noticing he has no reflection, to being uncomfortable about the fact that Usagi and Mamoru have a kid together… It’s all fantastic.

-Endymion asking Chibi-Usa to introduce herself properly and her reticence was absolutely precious. And that name, too. Wow. What a name. Usagi Small Lady Serenity, daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, and the first princess the of Silver Millennium. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be funny, but it amuses me.

-Diana tells Chibi-Usa that the King has been watching over her. That’s so sweet, but does she mean in the 20th or 30th century or both?

-Fun Fact: Silver Millennium folk can easily live 1000 years. And since Usagi was crowned and became a mother at 22, the LSC’s power has spread throughout the earth so that just about everyone has these wonderful long lives.

-Usagi’s reaction to, which I read as positive, was a touching blend of “Mamoru is so sweet and MMM… I want him.” But not really because I read that way incorrectly. I see her point when she wonders why Mamoru didn’t say they should protect Chibi-Usa together. Good drama.

Ammit’s Favorite Line

“How could I be jealous of chibi-Usa at a time like this? Why am I being so stupid? Chibi-Usa is our child. it’s only Natural Mamo-chan would really care about her. but why couldn’t he say, “Let’s protect her together”?”

-Usagi in her bedroom after acting rashly regarding Mamoru and Small Lady

A chronicle of Sailor Moon Crystal’s animation failings.

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The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

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