Pluto: Surprisingly Warm- Sailor Moon Crystal 19 -MS 17

Sono and Ammit discuss the latest Sailor Moon Crystal. The Sailor Guardians gets lost in Time, as they accompany Chibi-Usa on her way back to the future. Pluto almost kills them, but changes her mind when Small Lady fesses up to swiping one of her keys. For their trouble, soon-to-sprout story seeds are planted and the Guardian of the Underworld sends them off to near certain doom. Mamoru saves the day by talking to himself while Esmeraude indulges in a childish, child-mocking monologue. finally Chibi-Usa introduces everyone to her mom and dad.

The mighty Esmeraude! Her lackeys do the heavy lifting while she mocks a scared child. Honestly, that's not a terrible set of traits for a villain. It may be low hanging fruit, but it does its job.
The mighty Esmeraude! Her lackeys do the heavy lifting while she mocks a scared child. Honestly, that’s not a terrible set of traits for a villain. It may be low hanging fruit, but it does its job.

Sailor Moon Crystal 19 – Time Warp – Sailor Pluto

Meat and Veggies

– Chibi-Usa tells Usagi, Luna, Minako, Artemis and Mamoru that she came from the 30th Century after Crystal Tokyo was dealt a sudden and powerful blow. She says nothing of her mother being struck or killed, but we see an ambiguous flash of something happening to Queen Serenity when she briefly mentions her mother.

-Minako reasons the Ami, Rei and Makoto have been taken to the future and asks Chibi-Usa I she can get them there.

-Chibi-Usa is overwhelmed by the exposition, so Mamoru comforts her and says they ought to let her recover before getting more information from them.

-Mamoru takes Chibi-Usa home and puts her to bed. He asks about her mother, before lights out and tells her SHE is strong because of how she bravely travelled through time to help save Crystal Tokyo.

-Mamoru and Usagi share an awkward exchange about Chibi-Usa muttling their relationship dynamics, after which the really open up to each other and about their insecurities and their desires to be together always. They embrace, kiss and don’t stop there.

-Luna has a dream while sleeping on Minako’s bed, wherein she remembers a time Queen Serenity told her to forget a closed forbidden door, protected by a single Guardian.

-Chibi-Usa asks Mamoru and Usagi to go back to the future with her, so the meet up with Minako at the fountain in the park and she explains that her Space-Time Key will allow them to travel to the 30th century.

– Something does go wrong, Chibi-Usa is separated from her five guests (Luna and Artmeis were going too) and Prince Demande and his court see the time-warp. Wiseman appears and says the time has come to smash the LSC and its heir/ess. Esmeraude volunteers to handle it.

-Sailor Pluto, Guardian of the Underworld, Controller of the door of Space and Time says she will not let them pass, because “those who commit a taboo will be eliminated.” In an earlier flashback, Pluto told Chibi-Usa that in the 30th Century time travel is the last taboo.

-Pluto tries to kill them for breaking the law but relents after she realizes that they have brought Chibi-Usa back safely. She has been missing for some time, having stolen the Space-Time key from Pluto.

-The Moon hangs seemingly thousands of feet above Crystal Tokyo, a wasted and deserted city which seems to be strewn with dead bodies. Chibi-Usa was the only one not affected by the attack that ruined the city.

-The Boule Brothers of the Black Moon appear as the group is attempting to go to the Crystal Palace. They and Esmeraude lock the group in crystal. They can’t escape and Esmeraude mocks Chibi-Usa for saying her mom, in the real Crystal Palace is unbeatable.

-A white clad man who looks and sounds like Tuxedo Mask, tells Mamoru to pray the trap away. He does, so Venus and Tuxedo Mask destroy the Boule Brothers who Esmeraude used as a shield.

-In the Crystal Palace, they find Chibi-Usa’s mom, Neo Queen Serenity on a dais, sealed in Crstal shards.

-Diana is pet by the man in white who looks like Tuxedo Mask.


-Minako moves in her sleep. Great detail!

– ANOTHER great animation detail, we can see Chibi-Usa’s little silhouette through Mamoru’s shirt.

-Esmeraude gets a nasty look from Demande after boasting that she’ll get him the castle’s sleeping beauty who he so desires. Rubeus scoffs at that and she summons twins Chiral and Achiral defiantly.

-Usagi and co. decide their lost, possibly between times, and after Mamoru saves Luna from falling a LOOOOOOOOOONG way, Usagi sees the door from Luna’s dream.

-Pluto explains to Chibi-Usa that the LSC is unchanging and she can’t currently use either. She embraces her and thanks the uninvited guests for bringing back the princess.

-As Chibi-Usa and Usagi are being a couple of goofs, Pluto says the pair has always given her trouble.

-A white moon kitten, Diana comes along and Chibi-Usa cheerfully greats her.

What was the best line of the episode?

Ammit’s Favorite Line

Comical: “We won’t get beaten her by some henchmen!”

-Sailor Moon


Sentmental: “This place can’t be destroyed! Because my mom’s inside!”


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The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

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