Don’t Bother -Ninninger X Drive-RX! 101

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

Ninninger X Drive 1 Hour Spring Break Special

This Dick is no Holmes. Wait, I guess Shinnosuke doesn't technically count as a dick. Or does he?
This Dick is no Holmes. Wait, I guess Shinnosuke doesn’t technically count as a dick. Or does he?

1- How well was the crossover executed?

    Are you motivated to pick up either show after seeing this?

    Did you enjoy the villain interaction?

Introducing the Ninningers and the Conflict

-Some Kitsune lady tells a dude with white hair thanks for helping her make a powerful Youkai, Shivering Spirit Buruburu.

-The Ninningers show up, transform and fight Buruburu

Ninninger Pink Kasumi
Ninninger Red Takaharu
Ninninger Yellow
Ninninger Blue
Ninninger Silver/White
Ninninger Mentor Grandpa
Not-Cameron Dad
Ninninger Mech WTH?

-Buruburu starts acting like a car, complete with smoke coming from tail pipes and wheels turning as he charges the Ninningers

– Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong, the Youkai are formed with the use of a “Sealing Shuriken”

-Buruburu escapes the Ninningers by using Density Shift, which Drive senses and blindly shoots Red

-So the Ninningers use cute little Ninja’y techniques, like countering the Midnight Shadow shurikens with straw men.

-Red and Drive talk, expositing that there is this misunderstanding: Youkai aren’t real to Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt; The Ninningers don’t get what a Roimude is, Kasumi figures out Drive is with the cops and the other Ninningers abandon Red when Shinnosuke arrests him.

-Takaharu further exposits that he and the Ninninger are the grandchildren of the Legendary last great Ninja and they fight the Kibaoni Army who control the Youkai.

-After some… comedic interaction between the chief and Takaharu’s grandpa, where each is denying the other worldy elements germane to each other’s lives, Buruburu attacks the Ninningers and causes a DS somewhere presumably very near to the SCU’s office. Takaharu and Shinnosuke go to deal with the combination Youkai/Roimude, partly just cause, and partly to exonerate Takaharu from being charged with being a Roimude.

-Deflated, Shinnosuke goes to the Pit. Mr. Belt tells him they should let the Ninningers disappear and contain them until that happens, because their bodies are different and they don’t belong in that world. Rinna expounds that it is likely the world is erasing foreign objects in an attempt to keep homeostasis.

Villain Interaction

-The Kibaoni rep is hanging with the Heart, Brain and Medic. Medic doesn’t know how roulette works, Heart calls the demon a friend and Brain flips when she calls them mechanical puppets. The white-haired guy is also there with Buruburu at his side.

2- Was GP Set Up Well?

-Ominous VO form Shinosuke says that from that point on the world and even the people they know began quietly changing.

-Gou tells of his encounter with Three and that it somehow led him to knowing about Doctor D and the lab. Shinnosuke puts together from some old photos of the Double Riders and Great Leader posing with a bunch of Combatmen as well as the information about Doctor D, that their real enemy is an organization whose goal is world domination. Bazooka Turtle attacks and interrupts the moment.

-Shinnosuke, Kiriko, Gou and Takaharu join with the other Ninningers and confront their true enemy- the one using Fear as a weapon to strip humanity of freedoms- Shocker. Somehow Shinnosuke knows to call great Leader by title and even knows that his group is Shocker. Great Leader exposits that he was able to use Roimude 089 with some of Doctor D’s cells to resurrect him so he could complete his dimension distortion device which is integral to his body.

-Doctor D casts Terrible Pressure which is like a Density Shift caused by oppressive fear.

-Drive uses power of will and Formula; Mach uses power of will and Dead Heat and the Shinobi sibling use sheer power of will to set up Buruburu for a Fromula’s and Mach’s  finishers. The Viral Core is destroyed and Red gets the Sealing Shuriken. UFOmaru returns and all is well.

-Gou somehow concludes that Three wasn’t part of Shocker and wonders if he is good or bad.

-Three steps out of his car, which has the Tachibana Racing Club logo on it for some reason, and takes off his mask to enjoy the ocean air and exposit that 089’s body was just a test run for the History Correction Device and that unbeknownst to everyone Shocker’s “true terror has already been unleashed.”

3- Is there a moral conflict between being a Cop, a Rider and a Human?

-Kiriko is silent as Mr. Belt refutes Shinnosuke’s desire to help send the Ninningers back home by saying, that as a public servant and a Kamen Rider it is best to protect people, if it means letting the Ninningers die.

-Shinnosuke rolls up in Tridoron. Mr. Belt equates Shinnosuke’s duties as a cop to that of Kamen Rider and says he should arrest Takaharu, but Shinnosuke wants to help him and the others whose days are numbered. Shinnosuke sets Mr. Belt down as he expresses the apparent moral conflict between being a Kamen Rider and a human being.

– Kiriko rescues the two in her police van with a little help from her revolver. She says his speech inspired her to buck the system and do what is right.

-Mr. Belt rescued the four from an ugly recreation suit that’s apparently supposed to be Bazooka Turtle’s deadly attack because he realized that Shinnosuke was right and says he should have trusted his intuition. (God Showa monster recreation suits are horrible)

4- Cannibal Sarracenian, what do you have to tell us about GP?

If you don’t listen, his thoughts you’ll be missing.

5- What was your favorite moment?

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