Vibrating Hearts- Sailor Moon Crystal 18 -MS 16

Sono and Ammit discuss the latest Sailor Moon Crystal. There is a deeper level of humanity to this set of alien invaders. What are Wiseman’s secrets? How did he emasculate Prince Demande? Is he some sort of traitor or infiltrator? What’s the deal with Mamoru and his ghost guys? How is Mamoru suddenly super-powered?

That certainly is a name for an attack. I'd like to know the reasoning behind it.
That certainly is a name for an attack. I’d like to know the reasoning behind it.

SMC 18 – Invasion – Sailor Venus

Meat and Veggies

-Minako feels responsible for not protecting Jupiter.

-In the base, Mamoru says he’s sure Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are alive.

-Venus is furious at the idea they’re being toyed with and says regardless of who Black Moon are they should just ask Chibi-Usa to find out more about this mysterious enemy.

-At the Tsukino house, Chibi-Usa has a friend over. Minako gets friendly and asks to play with them. Everything is going well until Chibi-Usa sees the MBC earing Mamoru is holding and freaks out.

– Name dropped for Esmeraude and Black Moon source of strength, which is the planet Nemesis, from when the MBC has come.

-Saphir, the Prince’s little brother, says that Demande has already damaged the Earth and they should stop wasting time and energy on it. Prince Demande says he won’t stop until he sees Earth’s ruler dead. Wiseman appears and says the MBC is vulnerable to the LSC and that they must use the MBC to crush the LSC, only then will they be invincible.

-Rubeus and Esmeraude discuss the fact that Wiseman just appeared suddenly and began influencing the Prince, giving him ideas about the LSC and even giving him a power of unbeatable “evil sight”

-Rubeus wants to find out who Wiseman really is and says Wiseman “emasculated” the Prince.

-Calaveras (that means skull/s in Spanish) the Medium of the four Spectre Sisters, says she’ll borrow her sisters powers to defeat the Sailor Guardians.

-Mamoru comforts and protects Chibi-Usa as Minako and Usagi are trying to get any information out of her regarding Black Moon. She almost says something about her mother, but stops. Usagi tells her that her refusal to cooperate will drive a wedge between them and leaves upset.

-Artemis and Venus see Calaveras on TV. She is saying that the people form the White Moon will bring destruction, but the Black Moon people will help protect Earth. She plans to hold a public “channeling” and Venus vows to stop her and reveal the Black Moons plans.

-Mamoru opens up his jewel box and gets a visit from Jadeite, Nephrite, Kunzite and Zoisite. The tell him the sense a time warp around the MBC earing, but can’t give him any firm answers. They tell him to protect the Princess with his power. Mamoru remarks that his lack of powers makes him wonder why he was even reborn. Kunzite vaguely reassures him by saying he and Usagi will become King and Queen.

-Mamoru hits Rubeus as he’s about to kill Usagi and Chibi-Usa, then hears a voice telling him to concentrate and attack Rubeus who is gathering a powerful fire attack. Mamoru shouts Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber and blasts a white energy from his hand that blows through Rubeus’ flames and hits him.

-Chibi-Usa gives back the brooch and Sailor Moon saves Venus by killing Calaveras with Moon Princess Halation.

-Usagi asks Chibi-Usa why she stole the brooch and the LSC. Chibi-Usa responds that she was trying to use the 20th and 30th century LSC together to try to the Earth of the 30th century.


– Luna and Tuxedo Mask find a devastated Usagi and upset, but calm Minako just after Jupiter has been taken.

-Somehow Mamoru knows what the Malefic Dark Crystal is, despite it not being identified by the Black Moon folk.

-Artemis sends Luna a specimen holder BY TELEPORTATION to take Petz’s MDC earing for further examination.

-Minako feels responsible for not protecting Jupiter.

-Venus is furious at the idea they’re being toyed with and says regardless of who Black Moon are they should just ask Chibi-Usa to find out more about this mysterious enemy.

-At Juban, Naru tries to cheer Usagi up. Umino comes along and the three go to watch a Channeling video, on which Calaveras is being interviewed and “Channels” Rubeus of Black Moon. The message is that Black Moon is coming to guide humanity. Usagi is upset and tells her friends that Calaveras is lying before leaving quickly.

-Naru is sad that she can’t help her friend. For some time she’s known that Usagi has a part of herself that Naru just can’t see or get to, but she has steadfastly tried to help her friend anyway.

-The girl from Rei’s school and Asanamu are reminded of Rei and Makoto when the see Calaveras. They seem unsettled.

-Calaveras has gone with a Dark Kingdom throwback and decided to hypnotize as many people as possible to get them to find and destroy the LSC.

-Venus uses her Rolling Heart Vibration attack have no effect against the apparitions of the three dead Spectre Sisters channeled through Asanamu, Naru and Rei’s classmate. Calaveras uses her sisters’ power with her own to attack Venus and taunts her that she’ll soon die while Rubeus gets Usagi and Chibi-Usa.

-Sailor Moon broke Calaveras’ attack with a Moon Tiara Boomerang!

What was the best line of the episode?

Ammit’s Best Line “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber.”

-Tuxedo Mask

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The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

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