Breaking Formula -Drive 23-RX! 100

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

23 Who Can Stop That Wicked Smile?


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Brain and Medic are vying for primacy with Heart.

-Kiriko takes Mad Doctor to a shady place where she has taken Chase and uses it to heal him.

-Dozens of police in riot gear are stationed around a shopping mall (right) courtyard. The one in charge is furious when an explosion takes place just after he ordered his officer to move to safety.

-Someone in the crowd, whose face is hidden, smiles at the explosion.

-Gen tells the SCu about this serial bomber. The bomber has set off explosions at a high school, a train station and, most recently, the mall from the beginning of the episode.

-Gen tells them the bomber sends warning notes, but when the bomb squad clears the area, an explosion happens anyway, which is why he thinks the SCU should take a crack at the case.

-Gou is sublimating in the gym because he couldn’t beat Machine Chaser. His telling internal monologue is cut short by Kiriko and Shinnosuke coming to ask him for help with the fourth bombing threat.

-The latest bomb threat is against Kuruma Leisure Amusement Park on April 3 at 3 pm

-Mach and Drive are suited up looking for the bomb even after the police have pulled out. Shinnosuke notices someone filming the Ferris wheel and de-henshins to go talk to him. The guy leaves in a hurry. Before Shinnosuke can react much the, the Ferris wheel pod Mach is on explodes and he falls off.

-A Roimude shows up and is frustrated that the attraction is still standing. Drive tries to fight it, but can’t because he is getting snipped by an unknown attacker. Mach sort of helps, the Roimude flees and Shinnosuke picks up a purple dart.

-Back at the Pit, the guys are getting patched up, Kiriko leaves to go “find” Mad Doctor and Rinna is frantically working to develop a support system to help Type Formula be used more safely.

-Shinnosuke brings Mogi Takoru, who had wanted to see the explosion, in for questioning at the Metro Police Division with Otta.

-The kid is a high school student and witness to all four bombings. He says the Ferris wheel was a lucky guess and that of course he wanted to see the bombings, who wouldn’t?

-Another bombing note comes to the police station, delivered to Otta. Mogi is excited about the bombing, but says he’ll just stay in police custody to prove his innocence.

-Shinnosuke figures out that the Roimude can launch projectiles at unseeable speeds. The trick to the four simultaneous bombings is that the Roimude will have to attack from a location in between all four. Drive and Mach counter the strikes and fight the Roimude.

-Shinnosuke uses formula to run after the projectiles and neutralize them but is unable

to handle the G-forces, until Mantarn Jacky and Spanner, the Pit Crew Rinna created for Formula arrive. Jacky and Spanner refresh him and Mantarn allows him to go even faster.

-Dead Heat has gone into the red for Mach and the Roimude uses the opportunity to get the upper hand on him. The Roimude breaks the Mach Driver and almost kills Gou, but Shinnosuke uses Type: Formula’s super-speed to save him from the darts.

-Otta, Kiriko and Shinnosuke watch a gloating and exuberant Mogi Takoru leave the MPD station, declaring he is free of charges as he obviously wasn’t involved in the bombings.

-Kiriko goes back to the shady apartment building or closed down hospital and asks Mad doctor how chase is. He grabs her arm and intensely asks if she is the one who saved him.

-Abrupt ending.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Somehow Brain has gotten his hanky back. Do you suppose it was a three-pack?

-When Medic says Chase isn’t one of the promised number, she said he wasn’t going to live forever. Does that mean that the Roimude of the Promised Number will not or can’t die?

-Brain saves the Roimude 091/097 by pulling it into his iPad. I wonder why?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


NEXT Episode| 24 The Drive Nininger 1 Hour Combination!

Questions Raised By The Case

  1. What do you want to see happen with Mach and his belt?
  2. How do you feel about Formula’s Pit Crew?
  3. Is Mogi Takoru going to come back?


Thanks Jo and Chris Lee for answering our questions this week.

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One thought on “Breaking Formula -Drive 23-RX! 100

  1. I’d say Agito is about how THE SYSTEM is inherently arbitrary and smothers people, and at worst hinders human development and evolution out of fear for losing power over those it rules over.
    Also add in that Fourze has the undercurrent of generational conflict, and Faiz’s theme of monsters getting disillusioned by humanity.

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