Punch Everyone -Drive 21-22-RX! 099

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

21 What Do The Strange Victims Reveal?

22 How Do You fight With An F-1 Body?

Even Shinnosuke has had enough of your crap at this point, Gou.
Even Shinnosuke has had enough of your crap at this point, Gou.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Lt. Otto says he’ll be unable to help the SCU for a while because of 5 murders that happened simultaneously across the city. The one lead he has is a blurry picture of Chase from a security camera.

-In the Pit, Gou tells Shinnosuke they’ll race to find Chase, but if he finds him first he’ll destroy him immediately. Shinnosuke calls him out for being insensitive towards Kiriko about Chase, but Mr. Belt agrees and we get Team Save Chase vs. Team Destroy Chase discussing Chase’s fate and the fact that Medic has likey changed hi programming to make him a killing machine.

-One of his Viral Cores let’s Chase know he’s being followed. He goes to get Gen and his partner to leave him alone, by attacking them.

-Mach, Kiriko and Shinnosuke show up. Kiriko can’t shoot Chase even as he’s advancing to attack he rbrother, Otta sees that there are two Riders, white and red, Mach and Drive and the case goes under SCU jurisdiction do to the monster attacks.

-Medic attacked a team of Shift Cars Mr. Belt had sent to investigate one of the murder suspects, all of whom have been copied by Roimudes in the past.

-Medic and Heart separate Gou from the fleeing Chase so that Heart can have a good time fighting him.

-Medic has caught and is now controlling all 25 Shifts Cars Mr. belt had sent out earlier.

-Chase says Medic has set the stage for him and Drive to have their final confrontation.

-Chase unleashes his new power, an even heavier DS, in which Drive can’t move. Mach hears Heart and Medic talking about it and sends him Dead Heat so he can have 1 Shitf Car ally to assist him in this desperate time.

-Dead Heat can only somewhat counter the increased DS, but Shinnosuke appealing to Chase’s humanity does slow him down, just long enough for Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt to banter about a secret Shift Car.

-Chase Triple Tunes his Bop-It! ™ and is about to kill Shinnosuke with it’s attack, but Type Formula shows up to save Shinnosuke at the last possible moment.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Mach remarks that Chaser seems even stronger

-Chaser projects a wave of energy that makes Mach sluggish.

-Brain observes that Medic can change and augment Roimudes on the fly and sees that she must have augmented Chase

-Kyu went home and used Ro-Kyu’s traces left behind on his computer to find a new way to track Roimudes in addition to checking for Density Shift particles.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-The 5 murdered people were actually just recreations designed by Medic to infiltrate the SCU office and kidnap Kiriko so Chase could destroy Drive.

-Medic comes with her Reapers to take Chase back. She leaves Mach to use Dead Heat to barely beat one Reaper. Gou de-henshins and collapses.

-Chase angrily goes after Brain who Medic realizes weakened his Firewall with that neurotoxin from before. Medic has added components to Chase to make him kill ANYONE she orders. She belays the order to attack Brain and tells Chase to go kill Drive.

-Chase goes on a vague rampage to draw out Drive. After he shoots at Kiriko, she concedes that the Kamen Rider spirit Tomari possesses is now gone from Chase somehow. Shinnosuke implores her to help the civillians in the area while he confronts Chaser.

-Rinna having scarfed down all of Professor Harley’s treats, sees the formulae hidden on their packaging and is able to complete a new weapon that will allow Drive to effectively use Type: Formula. A trailer Shift Car transports Formula to Shinnosuke who transforms with ease this time.

-With Formula, Shinnosuke can move at blurred speeds even in the Hyper Density Shift generated by Chaser.

-The trailer becomes a Trailer Canon, which he can load formula into to shoot a powerful blast. To finish Chaser, Mr. Belt instruct Shinnosuke to load Shift Speed and Shift Wild into the Trailer Canon.

-Chaser’s Triple Tune attack is no match for the Canon and his Core is destroyed.

-In the Pit, Rinna is looking at Chase’s bike quietly, Gou comes along and says a few melancholy words.

-In the SCU office, the team is being goofy about evil spirits, and the Shift Cars, while Shinnosuke sits quietly. He tells Mr. Belt they’ll have to carry on Chase’s primary mission for his sake.

-In the rain, Kiriko finds Chase laying on the ground.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Gou’s “I’ll never believe you, you’re all evil!” is an expected affirmation of his shallowness. He has blinded himself to the truth for reasons.

-Chase malfunctions when called out on acting so underhandedly and his programming gets muddled to the point where he remembers he’s supposed to protect humans.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


NEXT| 23 Who Can Stop the Wicked Smile?

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6 thoughts on “Punch Everyone -Drive 21-22-RX! 099

    • Ipes! Apologies on that front. I think I took a few too many liberties with my paraphrasing ’cause it was inspired by your rundown of some stuff you’d written about SHTGP and will do what I can to make that clear when next we record. Very sorry there.

  1. I understand why you guys don’t like Gaim, I wasn’t super in love with it either, I did like the show though but can see why you maybe don’t. I will disagree on it “ruining Kamen Rider” if I understood correctly. I wouldn’t even call Gaim the worst Rider series not even close.

    I will agree on Drive being pretty lazy in terms of execution. I think it has some really good ideas but it’s kind of being forced to stay stagnant. I think Sanjo shouldn’t be completely at fault since the producer here is the same guy that was producer on Kyoryuger.

    • If you listen to the latest show (102) Aleph presents his opinion that Gaim is now his solid demarcation line for bad Kamen Rider.

      I had taken to rejecting it outright as a Kamen Rider show, but that’s something I’ve backed away from saying out loud, but still rings true in my heart. If listeners are careful, they’ll see in the case/show notes I write and in the words I speak while discussing Drive, I try to avoid calling Drive and Mach Riders. I’m uncomfortable just throwing the term around because of all it used to mean and still truly does.

      How dare I say that I can declare who and who isn’t a Rider? Kamen Rider has certain essential qualities that are clear and I feel Gaim strayed furthest from them, from what I have seen and heard of other shows. I fear Drive is operating at the outer edges of that Kamen Rider spirit as well, so I treat it’s Roimude fighters with due reticence. By the way, Jaes, you’re right Sajou isn’t solely responsible for Drive’s failings, but I see shallow echoes of things he’s done before. I wonder how much of that is from poor execution of uninteresting and uninspired directives?

      Jaes, which show do you think is the worst of Rider.

    • It’s a fair cop that we shouldn’t lay it all on Sanjo; there’s a whole behind-the-scenes team that’s responsible for making Drive what it is and we should absolutely lay the blame on the lot of them.

      That said, hey, we’re all just folks having opinions at each other. I sorta feel like Gaim and Drive are bad examples of the franchise because neither of them feel as if they embody the aspects of the series which resonate strongest with me and because I feel like both of them suffer from having bad production teams. I maintain that the central moral I took from Gaim (side with power/love power/become power and be thankful it wrecked your life and the lives of everyone around you) is just awful but its presence puts it one above Drive which, as of the first 25 episodes, has yet to display any coherent moral expression.

      And I think “ruining Kamen Rider” might be a bit of a stretch (one I think I made in my frenzy of rhetorical passion), but I think it was bad at being a Kamen Rider show and I fear it might be a harbinger of things to come for the franchise, which is particularly frustrating for me as, comparatively speaking, I just got into it.

      I hope like burning that I’m wrong, of course. If Drive can pull it out in the latter half, I’ll gleefully admit I was wrong.

      Out of curiosity, which series did you not like? You made reference to Gaim not being close to the worst Rider series and I’m curious to know which series you’d put up as the worst and why.

      I know that sounds really confrontational but I’m seriously just really curious.

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